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Kevin Thomson

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Date of Birth: March 15th, 1964

Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec

Place of Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia

Residence History: (Father was United Church Minister so the family moved a lot)

Lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan (2 years)

Lived in Sutton, Quebec (5 years)

Lived in Saint John, New Brunswick (14 years)

Lived in Toronto, Ontario (7 years)

Lived in Vancouver, British Columbia (5 years)

Education: High School Academic Diploma

2 years at UNBSJ – Business

1 year at Radio College of Canada

Work History: Pallet builder, youth camp counsellor, Navy reserves, gas station attendant, computer sales, computer service, product marketing, national computer service manager, bartender, restaurant management, outdoor guide, self-employed outdoor recreation business

Running History: Vancouver Marathon (1996 & 1997),

Chuckanut 50k, Wildhorse 80k, Diez Vistas 50k

Other Pursuits: Sea to Summit (100 mile 2 day adventure race – solo category),

mountaineering, rock climbing, triathlon, kayaking, hiking, speedgolf, inline skating, snowshoeing, skydiving & whatever else comes up

Television History: "Adventure Guy" on Rogers Daytime Show (Vancouver - 8 spots)

"Adventure Guy" on Vancouver Breakfast Television (6 spots)

Speaking History: M.C. for many running races in Vancouver of up to 2000 participants


You can send me email at : kevin@runninginto2000.com

and let me know if you want to be added to our mailing list where we keep you up to date on all major activities.


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