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What's New!!

Definition of Purpose:

My name is Kevin Thomson. I am a 34 year old Canadian born in Montreal, Quebec, raised in the Prairies, Quebec and the Maritimes, schooled in Ontario and currently living in British Columbia. My desire to participate in a celebration of Canada entering the new Millennium and my love for Canada has led me to this crossing. I want to reach out to Canadians in every province through the common bond of entering the new Millennium together. Canada enters the year 2000 first in St. John’s, Newfoundland, so that’s where I want to go.

Method of Travel:

I will be running from town to town using a running traveller called the "RoadRunner" to carry my gear. This self-supported running/walking tour may be the first of its kind, but it’s not a radical idea since many others have tackled the distance in far faster times. I am more interested in the journey itself, so a slow pace is easily achieved by such a method of travel.

Schedule & Route:

The trip will begin in Vancouver, British Columbia on Wednesday, March 17th, 1999. It is estimated to take 41 weeks and 2 days which will have me arriving in St. John’s, Newfoundland on Friday, December 31st, 1999 passing through 100+ communities along the way. This pace assumes 185 kilometres per week for the approximately 7800 kilometre trip. I expect to be running/walking for 2-4 days followed by a rest day. Most fit people could comfortably walk this distance in this amount of time, so the journey is not too difficult as I consider myself quite fit and qualified for this effort.

Reaching the Communities:

We have been contacting the mayors of 33 communities where I will be taking rest days. They have the option of showing me something unique about their community (I am willing to try anything new…) or simply letting me pass through to experience it on my own.

Sharing the Results:

It is my intention to document my experiences through words and pictures for the purpose of publishing an account of the trip. Local media will be informed about my date of arrival, and national media will be continuously updated with my progress. I will be handing out "business cards" with a mailing address in St. John’s, Nfld, and encouraging everyone I meet to send a post card with greetings to St. John’s as Canada enters the year 2000. I am included in the ceremony in St. John’s which will be broadcast live throughout North America where I will arrive on stage with the post cards from all across Canada.


I have experienced many different areas of Canada, but certainly not all. I never will. But there is a desire within me to seek out some of the unique people and communities across this great country while we still have it. To uncover and celebrate our commonalties, our differences and the ties that bind us, fragile as they may be. It is my hope to share this journey with everyone and hopefully give us pause to remember the greatness of this nation of Canada.


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