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What's New!!

Along the way Kevin will be performing "dares" submitted by you! ... Try to be wacky and wild and Kevin will attempt to do it and hopefully will get a picture of it!

If you would like to leave Kevin a dare fill out the following form :
(it will take a few minutes to show up on the website so be patient .... )

Your Name      :

Your Email      :

City/Province  :

Your Dare :

Nov 8 - From : Marc Hebert, St-Louis de Kent, N.B
You should maybe try running one day........ BAREFOOT!! :-) cheers!

Oct 24 - From : Sonja Hoyte Dancey, Edmonton, Alberta
Hi Kevin, I dare you to enjoy this experience and the people you meet. I just got back from Jackie & Jack's and voila you are on my t.v., (Culture Shock) looking more like Monsieur LaRoc than ever. Your looking great. Keep up the dream. Sonja    Carpe Diem

Sep 3 - From : David Fisher, Oakville, ON
Kevin, I dare you to shave your head! Please post picture. I bet you could raise awareness and funds if you sold your hair in each town you visited.   Cheers

Sep 2
- From : David Dorning, Winnipeg MB, Canada
Hey Kevin, David here. We met at the YMCA Camp Stevens. I am the guy who biked the 1000k race. Nothing compared to what you are doing! Keep trucken (or is that running). I dare you, just dare you... to eat the biggest, fattest Donut you can find WITHOUT your hands (you have to enjoy it too). Dave :)

Aug 20 - From : Scarlet Bareset, Toronto, ON

hey kevin i would like you to kiss the next dog you see right on the lips who knows if follow through you might get a kiss from me

July 9 - From : Candace and Chris, Coquitlam, BC
We dare you to kiss the next Mayor that you have a meeting with. Of course as proof you should get a picture of it and post it on this web site!

July 1 - From : Michael Chernenko, Calgary, AB
I dare you to run naked when you hit Newfoundland! Hahaha!

June 16 - From : Mike Hollands, Mississuaga, ON

Hey Kevin! Run drunk! Maybe save that one 'till August if you want company... Cheers!

June 14 - From : Jerrad Cann, MacGregor, MB

I dare you to get one of those broom sticks with the horse head and ride it across canada.

June 14 - From : John Lew, Toronto, ON

Kevin, two dares.
1) count how many steps to do per day, not KM's.
2) count the number of road kills you encounter per day from now til you reach toronto.
Keep on trucking.......John Lew

June 9 - From : Hedy Davidson, Burnaby, BC

1) I dare you to walk right up to strangers and tell them "Hedy said to say 'Hello' ". You should get some truly enriching experiences out of that one (especially if you actually encounter someone who knows a "Hedy"!) as well as heaps of giggles!
2) I dare you to think one FULL DAY's worth of truly silly thoughts - eg: what would happen if I unplugged the cables from every telephone poll that I run past? how many nose hairs does that horse in the pasture have? if everyone on the planet moved to the same side of the planet <like everyone on the planet came to North America> how many would I know? How many would forget their tooth brush?
Hugs & Much Love Hedy & Leo D.

June 6 - From : Ryan Kelly, Brandon, MB

go 1 hundred km in the buff. bet you wouldnt do it. good luck

June 2 - From : Owen Davis, Vancouver, BC

Here's one that others have probably thought of, but haven't got around to suggesting: Kevin, I dare you to run naked! And, supply a photo on this web site as proof. You can pick the place and time, as long as it's on your actual route (eg: Hwy 1) and during your regular running period for that day. What do you say, Coyote?

May 28 - From : Kevin Thomson, Trans-Canada Highway, SK

I dare Kevin to have a fantastic day, every day, and stop crying like a little baby every time things don't go his way.


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