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What's New!!

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It's March. The run is done and it's time to get
back into some sort of regular type of life. So
here I am in Vancouver, British Columbia,
watching spring take control of the city. The
mountains are covered still with snow, but it's
t-shirt time on the beaches. It's been fantastic
to be running again in the area I have come to
love as my home.

The book proposal for "Solo, But Not Alone" has
been delivered to a publishing company here in
Vancouver. It would be incredible to work with
them, but regardless the book will be published
even if I have to do it myself.

The Running Into 2000 Society had it's annual
general meeting and we have elected to rename the
society to "Creative Crossings Society" in order
to continue crossing Canada creatively. We are
planning the next crossing for May 2001 where a
team of 5 men will travel from Victoria to St.
John's in an attempt to break the human-powered
speed record. I am also intending to travel the
Trans Canada Trail by bicycle in the summer of
2001 while doing my book promotion and slideshow

In the meantime, it's reconnection time with
friends here in Vancouver. They have been having
some wonderful adventures of their own, and it's
incredible to sit down with them over a
refreshment to enjoy their stories.

Life is either a grand adventure, or it is not.
The choice is up to each one of us. That's all
live has ever been about and all it could
possibly ever be. Free will equals free choice.
Let freedom be forever!

Kevin Thomson

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