Jan 1, 2000


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What's New!!

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January 1, 2000

St. John's Newfoundland City Hall
8078.6k total  0k remaining

As we advance through the beginning of the New Year,
Century and Millennium, we may find that all is as it
was before.

Perhaps the hype of the "future" was over-rated and
we're tired of being riddled with the media's review
of the past. Fortunately, that leaves us with one very
important tense remaining: the "precious present".

At this preciously present moment of writing, I am
lying in a cozy furnished apartment we've rented for
two weeks here in the city. The RoadRunner & I have
arrived on schedule and participated in the waterfront
ceremony at 10:11pm on New Year's Eve. The physical
journey from Vancouver to St. John's is now complete.

Asking myself, "What does it all mean?", my responses
are not altogether surprising. It means I have enjoyed
many moments otherwise unavailable to me in any other
pursuits. It means I have made some new friends and
seen Canada in a new way. It means I see my relatives
and old friends from a new perspective of
unconditional support. It means I have come to uncover
new aspects of my own personality and perhaps even
come closer to understanding my own soul. It means I'm
in pretty good shape, too. But it also means, it's
time to get on to the next dream.

We have just seen a co-ordinated celebration around
the world which demonstrates how very much we are
alike. Everyone engaged in the process of living has
something to be thankful for, something to look
forward to and some dream to call their own. It's a
fantastic planet with an unlimited amount of solvable
challenges and therefore an unlimited amount of things
to do with our lives to contribute to our inevitable
success. As always, it is up to each of us on how to

So many people across Canada have chosen to
participate in assisting me with my own dream, that I
am awestruck.

Over Christmas, Russ Newhook and his relatives took me
in to show me the spirit of love and sharing is alive
and well in Placentia, Newfoundland. Owen Davis &
Chris Mager arrived from Vancouver on a last minute
whim to be on hand for my arrival; where also Rob,
Cathy, Rochelle, Paul, Carolyn, Dave, John, Louise and
of course, Sweet Jane were waiting for me at City
Hall. A special moment on a very special day.

Mom & Dad arrived the next day to be here for New
Year's Eve which was a huge surprise for them as well
as me! These things always work out...

Bernadette Walsh at St. John's City Hall has been
incredible in making my arrival go totally smooth,
even on her holiday time!

With the generous assistance of my friend Rich Baker
in Vancouver, I will be wandering home on board an
airplane somewhere in the middle of January. But for
now, it's time to investigate this city that has been
my target for 12 months of planning and 9.5 months of

Travelling here these last couple of weeks has
provided a fascinating experience of winter and
unleashed some heretofore undisplayed determination on
my part. Webmaster Rob "Daddio" Chernenko has kept the
daily log up-to-date for those interested in details,
as usual... For those of you intrigued with details, a
list of "Stats and Stuff" will soon be posted on the

This being the final update for Running Into 2000
(until the announcement of the slide show and later,
the book launch, of course...), I wish to thank all of
you reading this, for your encouraging support. To
know that you were even a little bit interested in my
dream has made it feel even more exciting for me. For
those who took a moment to send a postcard or email, I
am overwhelmed by the impact of your gestures.

For my sponsors, family, friends and everyone who took
a moment to help me or talk with me; everyone who
waved, honked, nodded, smiled, shook my hand, hugged
me or even gave me a funny sideways glance, Thank You.
You are in my heart today, and always.

There are so many choices in this big wide world, but
obviously there is no "best" way to live our lives.
There is only our own unique way. For each of us. It
is our own way to express "Who We Really Are".

Find your own way, by finding your dreams, living your
dreams and encouraging others to live theirs. After
all, what else is there to do?

Have a Nice Millennium!

Dream On,
Kevin Thomson

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