April 4, 1999


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What's New!!

April 4, 1999 -  Journal Entry (Grand Forks, BC)

Wow. Grand Forks. The trip is real.

Day 18. My 3rd rest day. How do people do these kinds of trips without
rest days? Inconceivable to me. Today is a great day of body rest and
mental rest. To do without would make me hobbled and insane. Both of
which would likely decrease my enjoyment. Well, at least the hobbling

Can you believe that I have seen only a few hours of rain? That's 15
travel days of mostly sunshine. Sure, there have been outbursts of hail
and snow but only just tidbitty in duration. Crazy.

My first day back on the road was the 18k, 900 metre rise out of
Osoyoos. Thta's all I have to say about that... Holy smokes. Not much
of a running opportunity, of course, but I struggled upwards enjoying
the workout. Holy smokes...

Setting up camp on the side of the road turned out pretty well. I
stretched, snacked, set up the tent, cooked dinner, did dishes, prepped
for the morning and was in bed in 70 minutes total. This level of panic
keeps me warm, but gets me into bed very early. I am then alone with my
pen and my thoughts. Lookout.

Spending this much time alone has been a unique experience that has
allowed me to see myself in new ways. I recall someone saying to me
once, "Wow. 9 months alone. You must really like yourself." I now know
what she meant, and I suspect she's done some travelling on her own.

My cassette deck is spinning furiously as it belts out the melodies
that accompany me on my visual feast of this fantastic scenery. It also
serves as a reminder about choice. Let me explain.

If you accidentally turn the volume way up, it can be a shocking
headache. So on this version, there is a switch to limit how high the
volume goes. The two settings of the switch as labelled "limited" and
"normal". This reminds me that the "normal" setting is "unlimited". It
goes as high as I could possibly handle it. I enjoy applying this
analogy to life. I'll let you put the pieces together for yourself...

I believe we all have a choice to make about our volume levels. Even
though something may seem extraordinary, the unlimited thought behind
it is actually the normal setting for our lives. It's only when we
allow that switch to be set to "limited" that we potentially deprive
ourselves of some incredible experiences.

Every enthusiastic person with whom I have made contact on this trip
has no "limited" switch set on their imagination. They are dreamers
themselves and love to see a dream fulfilled.

My dream is coming true and I am overwhelmed by the encouragement and
support from dreamers just like me. Thanks to everyone for keeping your
outlook on life set to the normal setting of "unlimited".

You are in my thoughts as I head out into yet another merry mountainous
moment. I'll be in Castlegar in 3 days where I will again enjoy a
wonderful rest day.

Hoping you are all enjoying a fantastic long weekend. Long may your
possibilities remain unlimited.
Go for it.

Coyote Kevin

PS. If you haven't sent a postcard to St. John's yet, what are you
waiting for? Holy smokes... Stop dreaming for a second and get some
mailing done! Holy smokes...


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