May 21, 1999


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What's New!!


Journal Entry - May 21, 1999 -  (Gull Lake, SK to Regina, SK)
Total distance to date is 1950 kilometres - that's 25%!

May 13-20th

Thanks to:
Tippee Reimer at Travelodge in Swift Current
Donna & Ken at D&K's Mini Ranch in Mortlach
Duane Kohl at Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw
Scott Tysseland at Landmark Inn in Regina

I'm sincerely flattered by some people's reactions to my little
journey, but I'd like to make something perfectly clear: I'm no
athletic marvel.

I'm just a regular fellow living his dream. I'm seeing Canada slowly
and meeting some wonderful people as I pass through the geography and
climate of this fantastic country. I'm no more fit than a casual
jogger. It's just that I'm applying that fitness in a unique manner.

However, if you're looking for athletic heroes, there's no shortage to
choose from. Maybe you've heard of Robert Garside aka "The Running Man"
( Robert is in his 4th year of running 68,000k
around the world. There's also the Argentinian, Jose Adrian Uruzuna who
is doing the same thing but using a rickshaw kind of device and only
travelling in summer months. He did Vancouver to Montreal in 1998. Same
summer, a Japanese tourist unceremoniously ran from Vancouver to Ottawa
in 88 days (4700k) toting a backpack to carry his food, water and

As far as complete crossings go, the record holder is Al Howie from
Victoria who ran from St. John's to his hometown in 72 days (that's
108k per day with no rest days). Al is a diabetic and was 48 years old
when he did the run.

And right behind me in Moose Jaw area is a 70 year old retired Regina
minister (Bob is the only name I have for him right now). He's walking
45k per day using a cane and he'll be passing me soon. So let's keep
this in perspective.

While we're on the subject of slow travel, I've stumbled upon some
obscure long distance efforts such as the fellow who dragged a cross
from coast to coast, the woman who drove from Winnipeg to Vancouver
using two cars (you figure out how she did it) and the Alberta woman
who left home abruptly to try to cross Canada with 5 house dogs pulling
her on a sled. She had $0.25 in her pocket when she began this past
January... Someone ought to write a book about these crazy Canadians...

But back to wonderful me...

I'm kind of a wimp. Anyone who knows me well will tell you so. I love
running, but this whole running thing is incidental to the trip. The
RoadRunner's purpose is to carry my gear and allow a running stride,
but even more importantly, it's to inspire people to talk to me. And
it's working.

If I was driving in a car, who would be inspired to approach me for a
chat? Would kids swarm me as I set up my tent? Not likely. As it
happens, I met some great kids in Pense recently. Ashlynn, Lea, Greg,
Adam and many others. They were genuinely interested in the RoadRunner
and the trip. Such happy kids. I was able to share with them a
real-life example of someone pursuing their dream. And when they came
to see me off in the morning, it was a trip highlight for me. This is
all due to a bright orange contraption we call the RoadRunner. It
works. Being unique works.

Even Max, who said to me, "Kevin, to me, your trip is stupid" would not
have had anything to comment on if I was driving. But since I am
visible and apparently approachable, he decided to speak his mind.
Certainly the trip doesn't make sense to everyone, but does it have to?
It's my trip, and someone thinking it "stupid" or "brilliant" will not
change anything about it. As it turns out, Max & I had a fantastic
discussion about just about everything and I concluded the conversation
happier to have met him and heard his opinions than if he had just
passed me by.

And now I am in Regina. Birthplace of my brother, Scott. It's a great
city. I'm so happy have made it this far. As I approached the city on
Day 65 it was a bit emotional. Holy smokes...Regina.

Now it's time for relaxation. Just met with the fine folks at City Hall
(Leroy, Gord and Councillor Bill Wells) and spent some time with Chad
from the Leader Post and now I'm off to the airport to meet Jane. And
Rochelle arrives later tonight. Life is good.

Next weekend, I'll be in Manitoba for goodness sakes and 3 weeks later
it's Ontario. Before I know it, it'll all be over and I'll wake up in
St. John's on January 1st, 2000 still with an ingrained function to
travel east, but there will be no more east available. So I'd best
enjoy my easterly direction while I can. It won't last forever. What

Love, friendships, ideas and memories. At least I'll have those.

Get out there and create some for yourself!

Thinking of you,
Coyote Kevin

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