July 23, 1999


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What's New!!

Journal Entry - July 23, 1999 -  (Ignance, ON to Wawa, ON)

Writing from Wawa with Jane having just arrived for a two week visit.
Holy smokes, this will be a big change. This will also be a short

I've been generally doing long travel days (775k in 21 days) to get
ahead of schedule so we can enjoy Pancake Bay for 3 nights, so I
haven't had a day without travel since Canada Day in Ignace. But I'm
not complaining. Compared to many Trans Canada ventures this year, mine
is fairly casual. 

Near Rossport I met John Ryan who is hand-cycling from St. John's to
Whistler in support of spinal cord regeneration. He's doing almost 100k
per day with just his arms! Check out his website at
www.regenerationtour.org. Then in White River I met Bill & Desmond who
are walking across Canada pulling modified bike trailers. As we met I
was just finishing my morning run of an easy 28k and they were just
starting their day in the hot summer heat planning to walk at least
40k. Ouch. Their site is www.sharpsites.echelon.ca/sea2sea. They've
both had family members affected by Alheimers, so they're trying to
raise funds and awareness. (NOTE to Pat & Karen Roche in Medicine Hat:
I told them about you; please contact them via their website!)

This is in addition to the dozens of cyclists I've encountered, so it's
a busy season for transcontinental travel out here. For someone trying
to raise funds and/or awareness by travelling across Canada, it must be
frustrating to try to get media attention. For me, I'm not trying to
raise such things; it's not critical to the success of the trip; if the
media want a little bit of good news about someone celebrating Canada
entering the new Millennium, here I am. For others with definite
financial goals, I've sensed some feelings of discouragement. Some have
said it's like no one seems to care about their cause or their trip.
I've also received some media comments like, "Oh, so you're going
across Canada. Great. You're the third one today." There's no pleasing
some people.

All my life I've tried to please others. I'd be concerned about their
opinions and thoughts, so I'd try to make them happy. I'd try to make
sure everyone's happy. Now that I'm older and wiser (well, older for
sure...) I'm seeing how impossible that is, and I'm coming to grips
with it. If I run across Canada, some will say, "Wow!" and some will
say, "Whatever...". Some will say, "What a jerk" and maybe some will
say, "Hey, nice legs!" But whatever is said to me or about me is out of
my control. All I can do is be a true expression of my self and do what
feels right for me. I dare not put it off until another time, I will do
it now. "Now" is all I have.

Jeff Friesen sent me a cassette tape of a CBC interview with Harry
Gallant. In 1967, the Trans Canada Highway was mostly completed. It was
Canada's Centennial celebration and Harry was the first person to walk
from Victoria to St. John's. He's written a book called "The Walk"
which I am desperately seeking since it would be sweet to read it
during my trip. If anyone locates this book, please send me an email
and help me get hold of it.

Northwestern Ontario has been a bit rolly, but not too difficult. The
heat doesn't get into full swing until the afternoons, which I avoid.
The paved shoulders are good on the corners, but sparse on the
straights. With my mirrors, I have 20/20 behind me, so no problem.
Drivers are mostly encouraging with honks and waves. A fire truck even
gave me a siren greeting and so did a Brinks truck. I did not know they
even had sirens...

Still haven't tired of people pulling me over to take my picture or
shoot a wee bit of video. Kind of fun.

The grand webmaster Rob has been doing some computer upgrades so our
website has taken a pause the past couple of weeks. But details of each
day are generally available on the Daily Run Log if you're interested.

Jane says I should mention that my "hands & arms" tan is coming along
very nicely. Even have some blonding of the body hair to accompany
it...Now you know...

Well, I've spent far too much time sitting here writing when there's
things that Jane & I must be doing here in Wawa. Gotta run...

Oh, yes. This next section of highway to Sault Ste. Marie is dedicated
to my Mom. We travelled it together about 15 years ago as we drove to
Banff from Saint John. Mom had this section of the drive and dealt with
a snowstorm as I slept peacefully until we reached Wawa. Thanks Mom!

Next update from the halfway point in Sault Ste. Marie.

Tata from Wawa!

Coyote Kevin

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