August 13, 1999


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What's New!!

Journal Entry - August 13, 1999 -  (Wawa, ON to Sault Ste. Marie, ON)

The whole trip was going along too smoothly, so the universe exercised
its option to add a new challenge. 5k out from City Hall, RoadRunner
fell down and went boom. His forks snapped clean off. Lucky for me it
was near Sault Ste. Marie. The next day I was most grateful to Sharon,
Valerie, Casey & Marie who had me back on the road by 1:15pm. Only 1
day behind.

Without people helping me along the way, I'd still be in Vancouver,
dreaming about doing this trip.

I had to pick up the pace a bit to be on track to meet Nicolas in
Massey. Nicolas Desrosiers is a part-time school teacher and a
videographer for CBC-TV's "Culture Shock" program (among other shows).
He & I hit it off right away over some refreshments in a provincial
park in Massey.

The next day we shot 2.5 hours of footage for a 5 minute piece to be
aired in the fall (we'll post an announcement when we know the date).
He's a very creative fellow, so if you watch it you'll see some unique
perspectives of running into 2000.

It's been 150 days since I started on March 17th. I've had 25 rest days
(that's almost a month - what a slacker!). I'm averaging 35k per day
for the 125 travel days to bring me to Sudbury at 4400k. Looking at a
map of Canada you'd think I'm almost done, but there's another 3600k
left. Still right on schedule, and feelin' groovy!

Ever since my Sony Walkman finally collapsed (it's been a gradual shut
down of functions, so now I'm trying a Panasonic to see how it fares),
I've been able to do a more than usual whack of thinking. I've been
thinking about fun.

As my demented friend Ted would say, "Fun is it. There is no more else.
It's what it is. Even Grandma knows the F-word!" I've come up with some
realizations regarding fun that I will now inflict upon you:

1) Fun is social. It cannot exist in isolation for any appreciable
amount of time
2) Yet fun cannot be perpetually sustained, it must be mingled with
unfun moments (sorry, but it's true...)
3) Fun need not be noticed until afterwards when you look back and say,
"Hey, that was fun!"
4) Every moment, someone is having fun, somewhere. And sometimes, it's

In general, this trip is fun only when I am sharing it with others. As
I'm running down the Trans Canada Highway, it might be interesting or
challenging or beautiful or memorable, but it's not fun until someone
interacts with me.

To wrap up this thought, I would have to admit that I am pretty excited
about getting to Toronto where there are many people I will have fun
with. I've had fun with Jane and fun with Nicolas. Now I'm spoiled by
it. I crave FUN!

If we remember to appreciate the fun people in our lives, they will
continue to enrich our experience of living.

I'm also having fun in Sudbury. Judy Courtemanche of the Civic
Millennium Committee has devoted oodles of time and energy to ensure my
stay is momentous. Her co-workers Kim, Mary and Maureen have been
outstanding. Suzanne at Best Western and Rolly Fuller of the Legion
have bedded me for two nights in Best Western luxury. Colleen and
Councillor Ted Cavanaugh at the Mayor's office have lavished gifts upon
me and the media has been most encouraging. I even got a chance to
speak with local kids at Camp Sudaca (after learning I was not married,
a small boy said, "I know why you have no wife; because you're

Sudbury has been supreme and has added some fun to my trip. I love
collecting memories and making new friends.

It all comes down to people. People who help. People who inspire.
People who care. People who are fun. It's been said that Canadians are
losing their sense of friendliness, but that's not the Canada I'm

Say hello to the fun people in your life for me. And cherish them as
you cherish fun. For they are it.

Sudburily Yours,
Coyote Kevin

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