Sept 4, 1999


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What's New!!

Journal Entry - Sept 4, 1999 -  (Vacation time! Toronto, Ontario)

I used to think I should "care" about the outcome of my efforts. Now I just
care about my efforts.

It's been frustrating to get the Toronto media involved in this
celebration. Granted, it's a personal gesture about the splendour of our
country as we enter a new Millennium, so it's nothing that really affects
people. But other cities have enjoyed it. Why not Toronto?

At least we tried. My sincere thanks to Monisha & Clive for their efforts
here in the big city, but we end up departing the area with no media
exposure whatsoever. Instead of caring about the outcome, I choose to
celebrate the effort made. It was a great attempt, but perhaps Toronto is
just too darned busy with other things right now…whatever…

This experience reminds me about Don Little from Kenora's philosophy: When
it's up to you to do it, it's possible; but when you rely entirely on other
peoples reactions, it's "Result Roulette". I relied on the media's reaction
to our efforts when all we could really do is what we thought was
appropriate and be pleased with it. Maybe next time, we'd do it
differently, but that's next time - nothing to get upset about now.

Anyway, it's still been breathtaking in Toronto. Mark & John Durst at
Patriot Computers have been incredible. From the private box bash at a Blue
Jays game to golf at Angus Glen to swimming to astronomy to spending time
with them and their families, each moment has been a fantastic experience.
They are going through a HUGE growth moment right now and for them to spend
that time with me was extra special.

So too Running Room, Pentax, Black's Photography & Stealth Energy Bars.
They've all been extremely encouraging and inspiring. That's a great bunch
of sponsors. Thank you so much!

Staying at the Hachey's Mansion resulted in a Mulweeny Reunion of friends
I've enjoyed over the past 15 years in Toronto. What a treat to be back
amongst my longtime laughter associates.

Speaking of laughter, some people think this trip is pretty funny. So I
volunteered for amateur night at Yuk-Yuk's in downtown Toronto. Holy
smokes. That was an experience. That's all I have to say about that, but
thanks for asking…

Had a chance to visit London, Ontario to see my Mom & Dad. Fortunately,
they remembered me. We did some hugs and laughs for awhile until they'd had
enough and escorted me to the Toronto area where I descended upon the
Hollands Gang. Nice family, but way too willing to allow me to hover in
their shelter.

Jane says her ears blew up the day before she was to fly out to Toronto to
visit, so she's apparently still in Vancouver trying to find the missing
pieces. I think she's just tired of chasing me all over Canada, but what
are girlfriends for, for goodness sakes? (no need to respond to this
rhetorical question) 

Today was back on the road for 40k with my host and longtime buddy, Mr.
Dean Hachey. He trained for this outing by running approximately 27
centimetres in the past 6 months. We experimented with some backroads
ending up on a miserable old skidoo trail that was ablaze in dusty dirt for
a repulsive (but memorable) 4 kilometres. Upon reaching a real road, our
jubilance was compounded hugely by our ceasation of forward motion due to
the arrival of his wife, Judy who escorted us back to Claremont. Dean has
always been a superior athlete to me, and I must confess to enjoying much
of today's progress. Still, kudo's to Dean for managing the distance. Let's
see how tomorrow goes (heh, heh, heh…).

It's time to focus my efforts on the next leg of the trip. I'll be in
Ottawa on the 14th for another little vacation. I used to think I cared
about reaching Ottawa on time, but now I'm focussed on enjoying each day of
the journey.

Results are great, but I do not think they outweigh the enjoyment of the
efforts put forth to achieve the desired result. But that's just me.

Cherish it all!

Coyote Kevin

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