Sept 30, 1999


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What's New!!

Journal Entry - Sept 30, 1999 -  Update from Trois Rivieres, QC

I guess 'weekly update' should be changed to 'when
Kevin gets organized' update. It's great to be busy,
but it's better to be organized.

What a sensational visit in Ottawa with the Aubin
clan. My Mom's side of the world. What was to be a
semi-reunion turned into a semi-semi-reunion due to my
Mom and Dad being unable to make the trip. We were all
disappointed, especially Jane who has yet to meet my

But at least we were able to visit St. Mungo's Church
in Cushing, Quebec where my Dad had his first
preaching gig. There is now a tree growing out of the
steeple, but I do not suspect it is in any part due to
the quality of my father's sermons, fertile as they

Speaking of fertility, there's a growing trend for
growing back in the land of the Vancouver people.
Webmaster Rob and his fertile bride Carolyn have
produced a little person tentatively named Alexander
Benjamin. The amazing translation queen, Lisa has
ferried out number two in a brood thus far totalling
two. Any other fertility I should know about?
Congratulations to the smiling parents.

The only fertility I'm experiencing out here in
Eastern Canada is the aftermath of 'The Great Corn
Explosion'. Too much corn was ready at the same time
and now some of it hangs rotting in the autumn sun.
Autumn itself is going through a period of
self-analysis as well.

Last update had autumn in the advanced stages, but the
temperatures of the past two weeks have been in the
'Gadzooks!' Range. So all I can say is oops. September
28th had us in the 25 degree area east of Montreal.
That's a lot of people running around saying 
'Gadzooks!' (or 'Le Zooks Gad!', which is French, of

In Ottawa I was able to change into the new heavy duty
front forks that Bill Husada at YESS Frames built for
me. Our original concept did not consider that I would
be leaning on the front wheel all day, so that's why
the first forks didn't make it. Now I'm dialled in
with big beefy 'Lean-On-Me' forks and all is well…

After a lot of visiting and touring (7 days in
Ottawa), Jane opted to bicycle with me from there to
Montreal. Perhaps she was inspired by my cousin Diane
and her friend Elizabeth or whatever, but she cycled
172k over 4 days with no complaints. I, however, ended
up carrying gear for the both of us which was a great
way to re-introduce myself to the trip after such a
substantial rest. But it worked and we had fun.

I think we had fun because we chose to do so.
Sometimes I'm running along, not feeling too well
(shoulder conditions, traffic, weather, mood, energy,
pain or misery are symptoms that come to mind) and I
remind myself 'Hey, you could choose to enjoy this!',
and that usually sets me to smiling and soon I'm
jubilant. Choice is a powerful tool. Don't you think?

Now that we're in Quebec, I'm seeing yet again a new
side of Canada. Jane & I are having some interesting
dining challenges, but mostly it's just taking some
extra time to communicate. I quite enjoy the charades
of the French/English experience…

Everywhere in Canada has it's unique characteristics,
but everyone waves, honks and smiles in one language.
It's my favourite language. It's nice to have
something in common across this great land, even if
it's just a simple smile. For me that's a good start.

As you all know, we've got a lot going for us here.
Canada is a free country. We can choose what to do
with our lives. Sometimes we take that for granted. If
you live with freedom, it's hard to imagine life
without it, but if you live without it, it's all you

Let's be careful about our granteds.
Cherish it all.

Quebecally Yours,
Coyote Kevin

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