Nov 7, 1999


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What's New!!


Update from Moncton, New Brunswick
November 7th, 1999

Forgive me e-mail listers, it`s been 700k since my last transmission. From
Riviere Du Loup to Moncton, I`ve been having a roller coaster ride of rolly
hills, yo-yo shoulders and pendulum weather. But I am still relatively
sane and stable.

It`s been a month of Sundays since Vancouver with only 3 more provinces to
go. New Brunswick has been a treat of familiar sights and souls. It`s also
the land of my father`s legacy. From Hartland to Sussex, I was more likely
to be asked, `Are you Ken Thomson`s son?` than any other question. He
certainly left his mark here and I was reminded how proud I am to be his son.

New Brunswick has also been an interesting mental challenge. The weather is
getting less pleasant and it`s difficult to maintain an exciting attitude
over the lengthy and sustained activity that this method of travel
provides. I am grateful to everyone who has sent emails of encouragement or
sent any good wishes via telepathy. It seems to be working.

I`ve been thinking about freedom these days. This is timely as we come upon
Remembrance Day to honour those who gave their lives so that we might enjoy
freedom. I hope they would be pleased to see the Canada we now inhabit.

It`s probably a much different Canada now. There are certainly more rules
than there ever was before. I think that`s because somewhere along the
line, we let go of taking responsibility for our actions. We elected
leaders who promised to take care of us, and we let them. Perhaps we
imagined we would have more security if the government is looking out for
us. But isn`t security merely an illusion?

An example : I am running across Canada by myself. The trip is privately
funded. Except for the incredible support of my sponsors across Canada and
my home team in Vancouver, which was all pre-arranged, I am capable of
sustaining myself on this trip without any random assistance. I am free to
do the trip, and I am responsible for whatever happens to me.

Along the way, Canadians have surprised me with invitations into their
towns, their homes and their lives by sharing with me some special moments
that I will forever treasure. The have added incredible elements to the
trip. It was done spontaneously, and out of joy. They were free to help me
if they chose it, and they accepted the responsibility for whatever happens
during their generosity. 

If helping me on this trip was made into a law, it would be far less
pleasing. In fact, it would be uncomfortable and awkward. Do we really need
more rules and laws to force people to do things that benefit others? I
don`t think so. If we can just enjoy our freedom and accept the
responsibilities that go with it, we`d be all right.

Is there a freedom you take for granted right now? Celebrate it! Is there a
law or rule that makes you feel uncomfortable or awkward? Change it! This
is still a free Canada, and it`s your country. What are you doing to
maintain or increase it`s greatness? Or have you given up that
responsibility to your elected officials?

Freedom to live our lives the way we want is the most powerful ideology I
can imagine. What if it were lost? Celebrate Remembrance Day.

Another thing to celebrate is the incredible Trans Canada Trail. It`s
really happening. Every once in a while I sneak onto a small section of it
and I hope someday to cycle it fully across. If you want to get involved in
the official opening relay next year, you can call 1-800-465-3636 (or go to For a $12 registration fee, you may be selected to become
one of 5000 official carriers to officially open this fantastic trail. If
you`re interested, register before December 3rd.

The CBC Show `Culture Shock` aired a segment on Running Into 2000 on
Saturday, October 23rd. Sorry we didn`t let you know about it, but no one
at CBC let me know when it was coming it goes...

So many people to thank over the past few weeks for their hugs and
hospitality. Names and details are in the Daily Run Log, although I cannot
ever hope to thank everyone enough.

Thanks to all of you who read these rambling updates. Your support means a
lot to me. I celebrate my new and old friends quite often as I travel. I
celebrate the frreedom we have to visit each other and speak our minds. I
celebrate Canada and what it means to me (which is more and more each day).
I celebrate freedom, and I accept the responsibility it implies. I remember
that freedom doesn`t come cheap and I am grateful for all who paid the
price for me.

Live your life as if freedom mattered.
Live it as if it was worth dying for.

Monctonily Yours,
Kevin Thomson

PS. If you know someone who know me, please give them a hug for me...

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