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What's New!!

Other Log Books : March, April, May, June
April 29-30 (Thursday-Friday) - Day 44-45 - Barnwell and Taber, AB  (Rest Day)
Coyote Kevin performed his first school presentations at Barnwell School and Taber Christian School. The kids were from Grades 1-9, and apparently he survived the swarming...
April 28 (Wednesday) - Day 43 - Lethbridge, AB to Barnwell, AB  (37.1km - 6:00hr - total 1,305km)
Stormy, rainy, snowy, windy, 2 degrees was the warmest it got... Red sky at night, tents may take flight! Very exciting winds allowed
Coyote Kevin to start the day with an invigorating game of "Chase the Tent", followed by four sensational games of "Mr. Numb Hands" while packing up. Today was a very playful day as Kevin continued with games for the first two hours of travel. Some favourites were "Mr. Drippy Nose", "Mr. Legs Blown Out From Under Him", "The Try to Drink Water Game" and of course, "Mr. Whizzy in a Windstorm". After Mitch in Barnwell's gift of lunch, the horizontal whities escorted Coyote Kevin to Taber where there had been a tragic shooting at a local high school just a few hours earlier. Hence, there was no room in the inns due to the influx of media and camping was not an option. Oh-oh. Fortunately, Morice & Josie Pitre from Barnwell, took him in for shelter and cozy comforts! Hooray!
April 27 (Tuesday) - Day 42 - Coalhurst, AB to Lethbridge, AB  (32.3km - 4:50hr - total 1,267km)
Sunny all day, like summer ... As Coyote Kevin entered city limits, Julie & Ted from CFCN-CTV Lethbridge did a wee interview on the roadside. It was a short travel day so he explored the Galt Museum and visited the local newspaper (who were kind enough to put him on their front page the next day). Just a short hobble away was Coaldale where another reporter greeted him, prior to finding a vacant (meaning closed) Owl's Nest campground. After sneaking in through a barbed wire fence, he enjoyed a fantastic sunset. Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Should be great tomorrow...
April 26 (Monday) - Day 41 - Fort Macleod, AB to Coalhurst, AB  (42.8km - 5:45hr - total 1,235km)
Cool, sunny, tailwinds, flat ... Oops... Overanxious to get into running mode, Coyote Kevin knocked off 23k right off the bat much to his legs chagrin. He then hobbled the rest of the day stumbling into Miners Campground in Coalhurst where Victor & Irenie came to his resuce by donating a splash of ketchup for his Kraft Dinner that he had forgotten in Calgary. Sweet camping evening...
April 23-25 (Friday-Sunday) - Day 38-40 - Calgary, AB
Rest days in Calgary with "Brave" Dave and Renate Crawford and a special visit from Jane.

Click here to read a little about Calgary, Alberta
April 22 (Thursday) - Day 37 - Pincher, AB to Fort Macleod, AB  (48.7km - 7:40hr - total 1192km)
Started with wet blowing snow in headwinds under very cold and dark skies. A miserable day of travel that Kevin was determined to see through to the arrival at Fort Macleod where he was jubilant. The longest day of the trip so far tested Kevin's shoe switching skills and allowed him to begin doing some running in earnest. Linda Ellis at the DJ Motel in Fort Macleod was a wonderful hostess for the end of Kevin's 7 day journey. Click here to read a little about Ft. Macleod
April 21 (Wednesday) - Day 36 - Blairmore, AB to Pincher, AB (44.6km - 7:22hr - total 1143.3km)
Nary a cloud in the sky as Kevin passed through the community of Crowsnest Pass which includes the Frank Slide area. Once into Lundbreck for lunch, it was huge clouds surrounding him and rain & hail until he reached the backyard of the Husky station in Pincher Station for a wild night of wet snow and exciting winds.
April 20 (Tuesday) - Day 35 - Sparwood, BC to Blairmore, Alberta (AB) (42.8km - 7:03hr - total 1098.7km)
With only a 300 metre gain, Kevin crossed the final pass of the Canadian Rockies at Crowsnest Pass (el. 1396m) and descended to the Alberta border to be greeted by Ingrid and 2 other Calgarians taking a video of the moment. Very windy day, but with the most wonderful tailwinds. Stopped in Blairmore at the Best Canadian Motor Inn where hosts Marty & Maureen McMillan took care of Kevin's beaten body for the night.
April 19 (Monday) - Day 34 - Fernie, BC to Sparwood, BC   (32.1km - 5:20hr - total 1055km)
Very easy day, learning to switch shoes often to make the transition from ouch to posh, then back to ouch. Light rain and long stretches of nothing except mindless self-entertainment. Camped at a closed campground in Sparwood, out of the wind, and had a delicious Kraft Dinner feast. Click here to read a little about Sparwood, BC
April 18 (Sunday) - Day 33 - Fernie, BC  
Day off! ... Ahhhh ... Click here to read a little about Fernie, BC
April 17 (Saturday) - Day 32 - Elko, BC to Fernie, BC (38.8km - 5:00hr total 1023.8km)   Over 1000km!!!!!! 
Very flat run today ... views of awesome snow-capped peaks.  Ran through a tunnel ... lots of bikes riding with him ... Tonight Kevin is staying at the Park Place Lodge where the kind host Rod Grey helps Kevin to feel comfortable. 
April 16 (Friday) -  Day 31 - Wardner, BC to Elko, BC (36.4km - 6:04hr total 993km)
Cruel shoes! ... Today's excitement was discovering that Kevin's maps and the road signs and reality appear to be mutually exclusive! ... In other words, they don't really match! ... Lots of falcons and butterflies! ... Hot ... running in t-shirt today! ... Cold Kokanee's in a beautiful campsite.   Ahhhh!...
April 15 (Thursday) - Day 30 - Cranbrook, BC to Wardner, BC (31.5km - 5:25hr total 956.6km)
Kevin is going through "Orthotics Hell"! ... Back a few towns, Kev had his feet looked at and was fitted for orthotic inserts for his shoes.  He says they now feel like he is running with golf balls in his runners! ... Camped at the roadside ... ran out of water ... so could not cook a proper dinner.   Mmmm ... bagel dinner ...  There was water 1km later!!
April 14 (Wednesday) - Day 29 - Moyie, BC to Cranbrook, BC (33km - 5:28hr - total 925km)
Sunshine equals cold until sunshine hits the road. Took 3 hours to get out of the shadows from -3C to +10. Instant change! Rolled into Cranbrook feeling like a million bucks! Click here to read a little about Cranbrook, BC.
April 13 (Tuesday) - Day 28 - Yahk, BC to Moyie, BC (34km - 5:35hr - total 892km)
Still rolling terrain, but bright and sunny. Camped out behind Beach Garden cafe, courtesy of Charlotte, then piled out to the Kokanee Pub for billiards and beer. Met the locals, and I could write a book...
April 12 (Monday) - Day 27 - Creston, BC to Yahk, BC (40.6km - 6:41hr - total 858km)
Very rolling terrain, and it even rained! Can you believe it? It rained! On me!!! Took a room from Wray at Yahk Motel, since I wasn't in
the mood for camping.
April 11 (Sunday) - Day 26 - Sanca, BC to Creston, BC (43km in 7:15hr (total 817km)
As Kevin got going this morning, he was flagged down by some kind people (Pat and Ramona Holbrook) and fed breakfast! ... and later that night more generous people, Fred and Yvette Schenkel put Kevin up for the night in their house! ... Now that's British Columbian hospitality at its finest!!  (and another marathon run! ... Kevin is exactly 10% through his journey!!)
Click here to read a little about Creston, BC.
April 10 (Saturday) - Day 25 - Crawford Bay, BC to Sanca, BC (37.5km in 6:22hr (total 774km)
Lots of rolling roads ... dirt shoulder ... :-(   but lots of nice lake scenery ... stayed in campsite near Sanca, BC.
April 9 (Friday) - Day 24 - Nelson, BC to Crawford Bay, BC (40km in 6:44hr (total 736km) 250m gain 250m loss)
Kevin had to cross Kootenay Lake on the Balfour ferry ... after a long climb (8% grade!)... beautiful scenery around the lake and lots of cottages ... only negative to the day was when Kev opened the pizza he ordered seconds before boarding the ferry only to find they had made a mistake on the order with the only two foods Kevin hates ... shrimp and green peppers! ... Yuck! ... The day ended with in the Crawford Bay Inn with the gracious hosts, Elizabeth Lackovic and her husband.
April 8 (Thursday) - Day 23 - Castlegar, BC to Nelson, BC (46km in 7:09hr (total 696km) 230m gain)
After spending a wonderful time with Pam & Ray in Castlegar, Kevin was sad to leave and is extremely grateful to them... After a great meeting with the mayor, Mike O'Connor Kevin was off and running for another big day (46km!!) through some beautiful country finally ending up in Nelson, BC (which is where, by the way, that the movie "Roxanne" with Steve Martin, was filmed) ... Kevin stayed in a campsite that night.  Click here to read a little about Nelson, BC.
April 7 (Wednesday) - Day 22 - Castlegar, BC (Rest Day!)
Relaxed with Pam & Ray Hackett ... still fiddling with RoadRunner and finetuning it. Enjoying some Kootenay Mountain Ale as of this writing and loving Castlegar visiting with Mayor Mike O'Connor tomorrow at 9:00am. Click here to read a little about Castlegar, BC.
April 6 (Tuesday) - Day 21 - ??, BC to Castlegar, BC (41.3km in 7:12hr (total 651km) 875m loss)
Arrived in Castlegar at 2:00pm, located washroom immediately (first one in 2.5 days) got bad directions and had to walk extra 1.5 hours to reach Pam & Ray Hackett's place - well worth the walk! They set me up like a king!
April 5 (Monday) - Day 20 - Christina Lake, BC to ??, BC (33.1km in 5:48hr (total 609km) 975m gain 255m loss)
First day of talking to absolutely no one, maps and signs were horribly inaccurate, relentless upwardness creating huge calorie needs ... too cold to set up proper camp, hovered between -5 and -10 Celsius throughout night at 1300 metres elevation ... slept little, shook much.

Email just received from Rochelle ...
I am back in town after a great weekend with Kevin. I left him as he headed to Christina Lake on Sunday, 32km east of Grand Forks. He is at Nancy Green Lake tonight (Monday) and will be in Castlegar on Tuesday. I went cycling on Sunday and had the pleasure of snow up at Eholt Pass (1028 metres) so I have a feeling Kev is having the same pleasure (snow) as he travels along.  Kev had a great rest day in Grand Forks. We spent the day exploring the town (very friendly), looking at antiques, drinking wine, and EATING! I have never seen anyone take so much pleasure in food as Kevin. We found a treasure - an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet for lunch. I thought Kev was going to pass out, he was having so much fun. We then enjoyed dinner with our motel hosts, Alison and Ian Turner. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to the Grand Forks area, and were even able to convince Kev to change his route. He will now be travelling from Castlegar up to Nelson before he gets to Fernie.  Rochelle

April 4 (Sunday) - Day 19 - Grand Forks, BC to Christina Lake, BC (33.6km in 5:40hr (total 576km) 310m gain 190m loss)
Passed through Christina Lake for Easter, camped at rest stop just outside of Christina Lake, inversion or something kept temperature to +5 all night.
April 3 (Saturday) - Day 18 - Grand Forks, BC
990403_grandforksfamilysm.jpg (8983 bytes)Ian, Alison, Betty, Kevin & Doug.  These are the fine folks who made me change my route.  They also cooked up a whale of a dinner! ...
April 2-3 (Good Friday) - Day 17 - Greenwood, BC to Grand Forks, BC (39.5km - 6.5hr - 300m gain up - 500m loss down)
Today's journey takes Kevin into Grand Forks over some beautiful countryside where he ran into the Castlegar RCMP doing a relay marathon to Vancouver.   Their 625km relay is for a worthy cause to help a young boy named "Nick" who is ill.  Tonight Kevin is staying at the Western Traveller Motel ... Yahooo ... warmth! ... Rochelle will be spending some time with Kevin today and tomorrow (which is a rest day..) On Sunday Kevin resumes his historic journey and expects to make it to Castlegar, BC.
Click here to read a little about Grand Forks, BC.
990403_kevrelax.jpg (13561 bytes)
April 1 (Thursday) - Day 16 - Rock Creek, BC to Greenwood, BC (34km - 5.5hr - total 503km)
Fairly long and uneventful day.  Didn't really see anybody on the way but when arriving at Greenwood, Ernie at the Evening Star Motel was very kind to offer Kevin a room for the night!! ...To celebrate, Kevin is cooking his favourite (and mine) Kraft Dinner!  ... Many thanks to those kind proprietors that put Kevin up for the night!! and to those of you who refused ... phhhttttt!! ... Off to Grand Forks tomorrow.    Kevin has gone a total of 503km so far!
Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

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