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Aug 27-Sept 3 (Thursday-Friday) - Day 163-171 - Toronto Area Vacation
Being ahead of schedule allows 8 days of R&R for the Coyote. That’s like a lifetime! He was treated like royalty by Mark & John Durst at Patriot Computers, greeted like a missing person by his Mom & Dad in London and accommodated like a hot potato amongst his friends the Hachey’s and the Hollands. The T.O. media has been a frustrating adventure in apathy, but the Coyote remains upbeat. The Running Room, Pentax, Stealth, Black’s Photography and of course, Patriot have shone brightly on his parade in spite of the local media’s indifference. He’s leaving Toronto with a lot of great memories and has refilled his hug jar to the brim.

Aug 26 (Thursday) - Day 163 - Markham, ON to Claremont, ON  (29.2 km - 3:18 travel time - 4874.4 km total)
After some local phoning around, Kevin embarks on a leisurely trek to Claremont stopping only for an hour in his favourite bookstore (Green River) and a shorter break to fix a blown rear tire. Upon arriving in Claremont, he is greeted by Madelaine (2) and Mommy Hachey (Judy). It is an overwhelming moment for Kevin as he realizes a large milestone has occurred. Life is good and he cherishes it all... Take a break, Kev!

Aug 25 (Wednesday) - Day 162 - Newmarket, ON to Markham, ON  (38.6 km - 4:38 travel time - 4845.2 km total)
Rain is forecast, but never appears as Mike & Kevin explore the sidewalks of Aurora and Richmond Hill then finally Markham. Mike's family arrives on the roadside to retrieve him from his 130k journey. Everyone is impressed. Hugs and photos are in order. The Coyote continues to nearby sponsor Black's Photography Head Office. His contact, Steven Poole is just heading out for a vacation in Pancake Bay (of course) but has a moment to spend with Kevin. Next is a tremendous welcome at Patriot Computers where President Mark Durst presents a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the entire company whose Head Office staff who have gathered outside to welcome the Coyote. BCTV News from Vancouver is on hand to capture the moment as they were in Toronto doing a newspiece with Patriot on an unrelated topic. Mark takes Kevin home with him where a pool party develops for Mark's sons soccer team of 10-11 year old boys. A wonderful evening ensues...

Aug 24 (Tuesday) - Day 161 - Barrie, ON to Newmarket, ON  (47.0 km - 7:48 travel time - 4806.6 km total)
Mike & Kevin decide to go 4k out of their way to get on a road that "might" be suitable for inline skating. It lasts for 10k and they then go back 4k to Highway 11 (Yonge Street) to do battle with sand, traffic, heat and time. Mike gets a good idea of Cross Canada travel during this section since yesterday was so casual and relatively easy. It's late when they arrive at Mike's sister's in Newmarket, but Ellen and Jeff take care of the pair...

Aug 23 (Monday) - Day 160 - Orillia, ON to Barrie, ON  (51.6 km - 7:38 travel time - 4759.6 km total)
Margaret scares up a heap of blueberry pancakes for her son, Michael and the old Coyote. Mike joins Kevin for this section as they hoof out of town finding a sensational back road called Ridge Road. To speed things up, Mike's wife Maria (Bahama Mama) has packed some inline skates for Mike. So they can make a bit of road progress. A cyclist
that Kevin met near Brandon Manitoba pulls over to say Hello. Eric just happens to have some cold pop and a photo album of his trip so they spend some time checking it out. (The photo of Kevin in the album calls him a "Freak"... in a nice way of course...) After a short stop in the Barrie Running Room store to say Hello and a hot dinner, they continue to the outskirts to stay with Jackie, Jack, Jade and Jordan Dee.

Aug 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday) - Day 158-159 - Orillia, ON  (Rest Day) can imagine...

Aug 20 (Friday) - Day 157 - Port Severn, ON to Orillia, ON  (37.6 km - 4:22 travel time - 4708.0 km total)
The Coyote has discovered a new joy: backroads! Smooth, rolling and traffic challenged (that means it's sparse...), these roads are quiet little gems offering untold splendours. Blissfully, he rolls along seeing his first black bear of the journey. Re-joining the big old highway at Prices Corner, he witnesses a car accident and hangs around to give his account. The Hooray! It's Orillia where Eddie and Margaret Hollands pick him up after a mayors visit. They go to the Hollands resort-like home on Lake Couchiching to relax and re-connect.

Aug 19 (Thursday) - Day 156 - MacTier, ON to Port Severn, ON  (43.9 km - 4:38 travel time - 4670.4 km total)
Back on 69 South for 30k of glory, then WHAM! The highway changed to Hwy 400 status. A "No Bicycles" sign appeared, and the shoulder turned into mush. With no choice, Kevin continued but was able to leave the highway at Port Severn. Here was the most expensive campsite of the trip and the facilities were more humourous than functional. But he made the best of it and relaxed.

Aug 18 (Wednesday) - Day 155 - Parry Sound, ON to MacTier, ON  (35.4 km - 3:55 travel time - 4626.5 km total)
Pleasure was abundant on the wide paved shoulder to the MacTier turnoff. From there it was a rolly joy ride on a tight twisty two lane for 8k. And the heat started to melt the Coyote's tail! But he got into MacTier by noon where he happily spent the rest of the day. Brian Lemkay at the arena provided a tent site, shower and town shirt; and the local kids kept Kevin entertained.

Aug 17 (Tuesday) - Day 154 - Pointe Au Baril, ON to Parry Sound, ON  (47.8 km - 6:07 travel time - 4591.1 km total)
The Coyote did a radio interview yesterday on CKLP and is reported about today as he listens on his way into town. It's a warm day, but only gets to 26 Celsius as he arrives in Parry Sound. Nothing was arranged here, but at the first corner, he stops to ask directions and the fellow he asked was Mayor Wilf Sabourin. Ellen at the local gym offers a shower (his first in four days - Hooray!), then after chores, he's back on the road to find a little piece of real estate to "pitch in the ditch".

Aug 16 (Monday) - Day 153 - Cranberry, ON to Pointe Au Baril, ON  (40.1 km - 5:25 travel time - 4543.3 km total)
A light drizzly day kept the Coyote cool as he slogged the dirt shoulder. It's very busy on Highway 69. His destination was a campground, but he discovered a sign that said he'd have to backtrack to get there. Since he'd rather not, he resigned himself to another 8k to the next town. Tired, wet and disappointed he sat down for a sandwich and two ladies from Britt pulled over, give him a chocolate bar and say "Keep it up!" So he felt better and mosied to the Shell station in Pointe Au Baril where Chris ran out with a litre of cool drinks, Sonya bought him lunch and allowed him to pitch in the back. Just watch for rattlesnakes, they say. Whatever, he's on schedule and resting...

Aug 15 (Sunday) - Day 152 - Estaire, ON to Cranberry, ON  (54.3 km - 6:29 travel time - 4503.2 km total)
A much healthier Coyote rose late to seize a huge day with 30k of the most delicious paved shoulder he has travelled in a long time. It's late in the day when he pulls up to an old road near Cranberry Lake. He's so tired he doesn't seem to mind the old dog who came over to say hello and then pees on the RoadRunner...

Aug 14 (Saturday) - Day 151 - Sudbury, ON to Estaire, ON  (31.9 km - 4:13 travel time - 4448.9 km total)
"Ouch!" said the Coyote as he rose. Last night's activities left him at sub-par performance levels this morning. Thanks to the revival efforts of Jimena Torres-Valencia, and despite Darrell's continuous laughter at him, Kevin eventually pulled out of Sudbury at 400pm to drag himself to a small town where everything was closed, so he pitched in back of a local RV shop.

Aug 13 (Friday) - Day 150 - Sudbury, ON (Rest Day)
Kim McHugh played "Shadow the Coyote" today as they went to City Hall where Councillor Ted Cavanaugh graciously greeted and gifted Kevin. Kim had arranged for MCTV and two local papers to make an appearance prior to heading out to Camp Sudaca - a local kids camp. The Coyote did his little "You can do it!" presentation to about 70 wild kids aged 6-15 who asked some very weird questions. Later, an old friend from Kevin's past life in Toronto visited from Timmins. Darrell Holmes brought a couple of friends and they spent a full evening enjoying downtown Sudbury. Turns out Neil Phipps was in town, but completely avoided Kevin to his infinite shame...

Aug 12 (Thursday) - Day 149 - Whitefish, ON to Sudbury, ON (27.3 km - 2:54 travel time - 4417.0 km total)
An easy day into the Big Nickel where Kevin is luxuried into the Best Western courtesy of the Hotel and Rolly Fuller at the Legion. The Coyote visits with the silly gals at the Sudbury Civic Millennium Committee who have gone way out of their way to make him feel welcome. It's relax time as he takes in an afternoon movie and mosies around downtown as the Best Western does his laundry - nice! 

Aug 11 (Wednesday) - Day 148 - Riverside Campground, ON to Whitefish, ON (35.2 km - 4:05 travel time - 4389.7 km total)
An easy morning on some ugly road with a nice visit from George & Richard Coombs from BC who saw Kevin on Day 3 of the trip - now again on Day 148. Small country... Wally & Norma at Holiday Beach Campground welcomed Kevin into their cozy little spot, while his new neighbours, Trudy & Lloyd cooked up some corn on the cob for him. A relaxing evening...

Aug 10 (Tuesday) - Day 147 - Massey, ON to Riverside Campground, ON (38.9 km - 4:30 travel time - 4354.5 km total)
Rain is forecast, but there`s none at morning`s head. The Coyote and Nicolas Desrosiers venture out onto the Trans Canada Highway in an attempt to film some monumental television for CBC`s "Culture Shock" program. Nicolas has his creative thinking hat very securely screwed onto his head and performs some strange video recordings. Kevin just does what he`s told, while still managing to sneak in some valuable kilometres. It pours rain as they reach the Espanola turnoff, so they take a pause and meet a very frustrated cyclist trying unsuccessfully to raise funds for an important cause. Back on the road for some "masterpiece" shots, then setting up camp for "the interview". Having shot 2.5 hours of footage for a 5 minute segment (to be aired in the fall), Nicolas heads back to Toronto, leaving Kevin all alone, again...

Aug 9 (Monday) - Day 146 - Spanish, ON to Massey, ON (24.1 km - 2:44 travel time - 4315.6 km total)
Having boogied hard for the past few days, today is an easy saunter to Chutes Provincial Park to wait for Nicolad Desrosiers. Nicolas is a videographer from CBC-TV`s "Culture Shock". They meet for dinner in Massey then spend a campsite evening enjoying some local beer as they get to know each other (and their neighbours). Nicolas enjoys the DrYad hanging tent while the Coyote pitches in the Infinity.

Aug 8 (Sunday) - Day 145 - Blind River, ON to Spanish, ON (52.2 km - 6:00 travel time - 4291.5 km total)
The Coyote thought he'd seen the highway busy before, but now he realizes what busy really means. Lots of nudging today. But as usual, no dangerous situations since he's always watching the mirrors. His first 30k to Spragge goes by pretty quick, so after a pause for food and re-supply, he sets out for Spanish where Stan & Michelle at Vance's let him pitch on a grassy jetty near the North Channel. It's a spectacular sunset in a spectacular setting. He even has his first shower since Sault Ste. Marie (5 days). Local kids Steve, Taylor and Jasmine make a nice fire for the Coyote and share stories as the night fades...

Aug 7 (Saturday) - Day 144 - Thessalon, ON to Blind River, ON (46.6 km - 7:11 travel time - 4239.3 km total)
The first 2.5 hours are pretty good. Not much traffic, cool and able to keep a good pace. But at Iron Bridge, it starts to rain and the traffic gets huge. So Kevin changes into boots and weather dome for the on/off water gushes as he slogs the muddy shoulder for 25k to Blind River. Fortunately, Peter Girard lets him pitch in his motel's backyard.

Aug 6 (Friday) - Day 143 - Joseph turnoff to ditch near Thessalon, ON (50.1 km - 5:38 travel time - 4192.7 km total)
Such a sweet day. Such balance. Big k's, good people and lots of internet time. A quick zip to Bruce Mines (after Kevin's first nearby auto accident of the trip near Desbarats) where the Library opens up a bit early for Kevin to get busy captioning photos. Roy & Morna Rupert invite Kevin to their cottage for a BBQ lunch. They get to know each other as they look out upon the north channel of Lake Huron, then they take Kevin back to the Library for more work. After 2.5 hours of running, Kevin reaches Thessalon for a scrumptious dinner and re-supplies. Then it's 1.5 hours more to an abandoned and overgrown section of the old Trans Canada Highway where he pitches by the light of a wild sunset.

Aug 5 (Thursday) - Day 142 - Garden River, ON to St. Joseph turnoff (36.7 km - 3:56 travel time - 4142.6 km total)
Through the graciousness of Sharon, Valerie, Casey & Marie, the RoadRunner's forks are welded back on and bounding down the road by 1:15pm. What a team! It's a sunny afternoon that doesn't get too hot. The paved shoulder is huge for 25k, so Kevin keeps up a large pace until the 4 lanes appear swallowing up the shoulder. He is nudged continuously intot he soft cushy beach adjacent to the tarmac. David at the Trading Post allows the Coyote to pitch Infinity in the back where he settles in for a gushing downpour that lasts all night long...

Aug 4 (Wednesday) - Day 141 - Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Garden River, ON  (11.3 km - 2:06 travel time - 4105.9 km total)
After a short morning with Jane, she leaves Kevin all alone once again to fend for himself. So he spends an electronic afternoon in the Economic Development Commission where Wayne and Marlene provide 3 hours of internet access. By 4:30, the Coyote is pavement bound, bounding boundfully towards the highway. 5k later, the front forks go SNAP-KA-BONG!!! and there he is standing beside his hobbled compatriot, wondering what to do... He rickshaws to a campsite that is 6k away and creates a plan with Bill and YESS Frames, then settles into his tent to nervously check the upcoming schedule for the impact of this latest development...

Aug 3 (Tuesday) - Day 140 - Sault Ste. Marie, ON  (Rest Day)
Mayor Steve Butland officially welcomed Coyote Kevin to the Soo and provided him with some sweet souvenirs. he was also gracious enough to allow the Coyote to make good on a dare from Candace and Chris - wait for the photo... It's a gorgeous day of travel in and around the Soo for Jane and Kevin...

Aug 2 (Monday) - Day 139 - Goulais River, ON to Sault Ste. Marie, ON  (27.6 km - 2:53 travel time - 4094.6 km total)
Having slashed most of the kilometres yesterday, today was a casual 3 hour run into town. "Mile Hill" was apparently the last large "hill" until Newfoundland, so it's easy terrain from now on... Andre at the Travelodge was most accommodating to Jane & Kevin, which would be their home base for tow nights, as they enjoy the beautiful Soo.

Aug 1 (Sunday) - Day 138 - Pancake Bay, ON to Goulais River, ON  (54.4 km - 5:38 travel time - 4067 km total)
What a way to start the brand new month. One of the quickest and so far, the longest day of travel. Conditions were ideal except for a fair bit of traffic nudging the Coyote into the dirt, but otherwise a comfortable and totally enjoyable journey. He and Jane enjoy a swim, sauna, horseshoes, a huge pizza and a country drive as they relax for
the afternoon and evening.


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