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July 30-31 (Friday-Saturday) - Day 136-137 - Pancake Bay, ON  (Rest Days)
Hanging at Pancake Bay with Jane... All is well..

July 29 (Thursday) - Day 135 - Montreal River Harbour, ON to Pancake Bay, ON (41.3 km - 4:28 travel time - 4012.6 km total)
Back together again, at last. the Coyote and RoadRunner burn up the highway under great conditions. The scenery is sweet and the rollies are gentle. Kevin is very excited to make easterly progress and eager to enjoy the simple pleasures of Pancake Bay... so he does...

July 28 (Wednesday) - Day 134 - Montreal River Harbour, ON  (Rest Day)
Although Bill at YESS Frames was able to expedite the replacement tire, Kevin takes a day off due to many reasons (another wait for the book situation). It's a day of wandering, eating, moving camp and general relaxation.

July 27 (Tuesday) - Day 133 - Katherine Cove, ON to Montreal River Harbour, ON  (41 km without the Roadrunner - 3:44 travel time - 4012.3 km total)
Unable to repair the RoadRunner today, and unwilling to carry it, Jane drops Kevin where he stopped 3 days ago and supports his run in the hot sunny afternoon. Upon arrival, they zoom down to Pancake Bay Provincial Park.

July 26 (Monday) - Day 132 - Agawa Bay, ON  (Camping)
So Kevin & Jane turn this into a holiday and visit Agawa Pictographs then do shores and enjoy themselves... unscheduled pleasure... 

July 25 (Sunday) - Day 131 - Katherine Cove, ON to Agawa Bay, ON  (Camping)
A very frustrasting day of proposing solutions with nothing ever figured out. At least it's a nice campsite. 

July 24 (Saturday) - Day 130 - Rabbit Blanket Park, ON to Katherine Cove, ON  (39.6 km 16kpush/24kcarry - 6:44 travel time - 3971.3 km total)
Travelling on the worst piece of road he has ever seen on this trip, Kevin stops 4 times to lie down attempting to dismantle the gassy cramps that attacked him. Already slowed to a crawl, he laughs upon realizing RoadRunner's right rear tire has blown its sidewall. Jane arrives to find the Coyote wondering what to do. The spares are in Vancouver, so it looks like a rickshaw situation has developed. Kevin rigs a harness while Jane scurries to a phone to attempt a solution. Both taks are more taxing than expected, but they meet again at Katherine Cove where Kevin collapses and Jane nurses as they pitch Infinity in Crescent Lake. Carl and Ruth offer to retrieve the RoadRunner and they inspire Kevin to accept...

July 23 (Friday) - Day 129 - Wawa, ON to Rabbit Blanket Park, ON  (35.4 km - 4:28 travel time - 3931.7 km total)
After an early start, the Coyote encounters a lovely construction zone that has "paved shoulders" in the #8 position of priority on its priority list of 7 items. The dirt challenges Kevin, but he rises above it only to visited upon by exciting thunderstorms. Hmmm... Don't dirt and rain make mud? Kevin stumbles into Lake Superior Provincial Park under a poor estimate of distance, but he and Jane set up a delicious camp and dinner. Across from them are Scott, Lori and Cooper who were Kevin's neighbours in Obatanga.. So it goes...

July 22 (Thursday) - Day 128 - Roadside, ON to Wawa, ON  (28.7 km - 2:57 travel time - 3896.3 km total)
With an urgent pace, Kevin charges to Wawa and scares up a cabin to wait for jane to arrive. She's right on time and they spend the day getting re-acquainted as Kevin tries to remember how to kiss... 

July 21 (Wednesday) - Day 127 - Obatanga, ON to Roadside, ON  (25.8 km - 3:44 travel time - 3867.6 km total)
It's a lazy sleep-in day at the peaceful provincial park. Temperatures jump up to the 35 area as Kevin starts a casual walk in mid-afternoon. He arrives at the only roadside amenities for 50k and lounges until evening when he can do some running, but it's still in the 30's so it's a slow go. After scaring up 25k, he pitches in the woods near the start
of a construction zone with the world's most talkative squirrels. It's a spectacular thunderstorm evening. 

July 20 (Tuesday) - Day 126 - White River, ON to Obatanga, ON  (40.7 km - 4:51 travel time - 3841.8 km total)
With a blessedly early start, the Coyote keeps cool for the first couple of hours, but soon the heat is blistering on the open road. The rollies are flattening out, but the shoulder and curves are getting way more intimate. Watch those mirrors Coyote! Kevin thankfully arrives before noon in Obatanga Provincial Park where he pitches near the lake in the shade to enjoy at least 24 hours of pause. 

July 19 (Monday) - Day 125 - Pow Wow Tarp to White River, ON  (28.4 km - 3:21 travel time - 3801.1 km total)
Looks like a casual morning jaunt to town. As the Coyote arrives he meets two gentlemen walking across Canada towing adapted bike trailers harnessed to their waists. Bill and Desmond are walking from Halifax to Vancouver in aid of Alzheimers. Their walk is called Sea To Sea for Memory (www.sharpsites.echelon.ca/sea2sea) and the 3 of them had a super visit on the roadside. Unlike Kevin, these guys go all day long, so they had to get going to do their 40k in the hot sun. Yikes. Feeling guilty about how easy HIS trip was, the Coyote spent the afternoon learning about White River, doing some reading in the library and talking to some locals. The girls at the infocentre let him pitch his Infinity Tent next to the old Caboose for the night... Pretty easy day...

July 18 (Sunday) - Day 124 - Roadside, ON to Pow Wow tarp  (45.6 km - 5:20 travel time - 3772.7 km total)
The nights are cool lately in the Superior Region, but that's fine with Kevin. He's cozy in all the right gear. Too cozy this morning as he dawdles and doesn't leave until 820. Shame. It's a nice 30k jaunt to Dunc Lake where he partakes in soap for body and clothes. An afternoon of leisure is his, then the tarmac beckons for a refreshing 10 miler. The road is flatter now, so he's back up to almost 9kph pace as he closes in on White River for an easy day tomorrow. As he's ditch-pitchin' "Roger" pulls over and suggests he go a bit further in where he pitches his Ininfity under a Pow Wow tarpaulin. Nice. 

July 17 (Saturday) - Day 123 - Neys Lunch to Roadside, ON  (46.7 km - 5:28 travel time - 3727.1 km total)
More rollies, more scenery and another day of the "split". The blue skies make Kevin think it's going to be hot travelling, but it's usually no more than 25 degrees plus a cool breeze to keep him comfy. The Coyote reaches an Esso at the turnoff to Marathon where he abandons his buddy, RoadRunner, for the afternoon and scares up a lift into town from someone who is receiving a traffic ticket from an OPP officer. He goes to the library: closed. Tries the theater: closed. Oh-oh. So he pleads his case to Darlene at Super Video who lets him pick a couple of movies and watch them in the store. Hitching a ride back to Esso, he pushes off east for 3 hours and finds a delightful mosquito farm on the roadside where he pitches for the night.

July 16 (Friday) - Day 122 - Vicky's Yard to Neys Lunch  (36.3 km - 4:52 travel time - 3680.4 km total)
The hills are getting to him... The past 72 hours has been 160k of rolly travel with at least 1000 metres gain and loss. His pace has been considerably reduced, but his atmosphere of satisfaction is up a tad. the rollies afford great scenery and the current travel conditions are pleasant. Jubilantly, he arrives in Neys Lunch at 230pm for a refreshing shower, burger and onion rings and sits on the patio enjoying a BC wine. Running across Canada can be sweet...

July 15 (Thursday) - Day 121 - Lake Supey to Vicky's Yard  (49.3 km - 6:02 travel time - 3644.1 km total)
Oops! Kevin was too cozy in his Lake Supey spot, and he started too late. This put him in the hot and tarnished time of day as he up and downed his way to Terrace Bay by noon. Using the fancy "Before Noon & After Six" mode of travel, he casualized in Terrace Bay with much eating and 3 delicious hours electric words. Bravely, he took to the Trans Canada at 6 bells arriving in Vicki's backyard at 830. The Coyote is doing some tricky travel manipulations, but seems to be enjoying himself in the hugest of ways.

July 14 (Wednesday) - Day 120 - Gravel Pit to Lake Superior Campsite  (52.9 km - 6:53 travel time - 3594.8 km total)
The Coyote has found the hills he was warned about as he enjoys a 450 metre gain (and loss) enroute to a beautiful campsite on the shore of Lake Supey. Along the way, he met a couple from Vancouver cycling across Canada for Schizophrenia. Soon after, he meets John Ryan from Whistler who is hand-cycling from St. John's to Victoria for Spinal Cord Regeneration (www.regenerationtour.org) It's a gorgeous day for travel and if you're a black fly aficionado, it doesn't get any better.

July 13 (Tuesday) - Day 119 -  Nipigon, ON to Gravel Pit  (30.3 km - 5:13 travel time - 3541.9 km total)
After a day of exciting general duties like laundry, internet, supplies and paperwork (!), Kevin tries to steal ahead a bit. He leaves around 4:00pm for a leisurely 30k walk to a lovely gravel pit arriving in time to enjoy the nightlife (his skeeto buddies).

July 12 (Monday) - Day 118 -  Wolf River Park, ON to Nipigon, ON (40 km - 4:44 travel time - 3511.6 km total)
This can't be for real. The Coyote is in heaven for 25k in cool overcast skies with a decent shoulder even... But eventually, the sun gets through and the bugs wake up to get things back to normal. Arriving in Nipigon, Kevin finds the library closed, but picks up his drop shipments from Town Hall, then tours the town, settling in the
Marina for the night. Playing with the millions of weevils that abound. 

July 11 (Sunday) - Day 117 -  Mirror Lake Campground to Wolf River Park, ON (32.1 km - 3:28 travel time - 3471.6 km total)
Super conditions for travel in the early morning, and Kevin is starting to get used the the hordes of flies that accompany him as his body temperature rises. They love his heat and moisture. At least something finds him attractive... After a brief hotcake stop in Dorion, he ends up at Wolf River Park where Randy welcomes him and provides a shaded site called "The Grove"... Sounds nice... The shade doesn't matter later when a ship-tippin' thunderstorm sweeps briefly by, but it's a sweet day in camp.

July 10 (Saturday) - Day 116 - Thunder Bay to Mirror Lake Campground  (41.4 km - 4:53 travel time - 3439.5 km total)
First thing out of Thunder Bay is the Terry Fox Memorial where Kevin stopped to pay his tributes to this fine young Canadian. It was a sweet moment for the Coyote to begin his travels on the Terry Fox Courage Highway. It was also a fine day for travel except for the sun, heat & bugs. But he ends up at the sensational Mirror Lake Campground where Doris & Henry Hansen have done a superb job of making a unique camping experience.

July 9 (Friday) - Day 115 - Hanging Around in Thunder Bay, ON 
The Coyote was officially greeted into the city by Councillor Lawrence Timko who presentedd Kevvin with some wonderful souvenirs of his visit as well as a framed certificate of welcome. After a library visit for email, he did the local newspaper visit who said, "Another one! We've done two others already today!" They don't seem to make any distinctions between cyclists and runners, but the Coyote didn't mind. After dropping the RoadRunner at the Strathcona Golf Club for the night, Kevin spent the evening reconnecting with some relatives, Doug, Joan and Neil Anderson over some good ol' home cooking...

July 8 (Thursday) - Day 114 - Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, ON to Thunder Bay, ON  (27.3 km - 2:46 travel time - 3381 km total)
If July stays cool like this, the Coyote is giggling. Hazy, cool bugless air on wide, paved shoulders allowed Kevin to buzz in to Thunder Bay at almost 10kph even with the rolling hills. A juby travel day. He was greeted by Terry Cameron and Ken Veneruz at the Travelodge Airlane Hotel who showed incredible hospitality to the Coyote. Terry even allowed him some internet access time on their office computers! Kevin's afternoon was spent desperately trying to make a VHS videotape recording for a special group of Peter Pan People. The tape had to arrive in a remote area of BC by the end of the following day. He just barely made it all happen... He thinks... Then it's an evening of sorting gear, writing, phone calls and enjoying the sensations of an actual bed.

July 7 (Wednesday) - Day 113 - Shabaqua, ON to Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, ON  (38.6 km - 4:15 travel time - 3353.7 km total)
The Coyote is getting spoiled with cool and windy travel days that keep the bugs away. "It's like heaven", Kevin says, "but you can enjoy it now!" Kevin enters Kakabeka Falls and is spellbound. A fantastic sight and a sensational provincial park where the Coyote gives a wee chat to some assembled campers in the amphitheatre. Being a clown, Kevin enjoys doing these types of presentations. He thanks Sonja and Emily for putting it all together.

July 6 (Tuesday) - Day 112 - Argon Park Rest Stop, ON to Shabaqua, ON  (40.1 km - 4:40 travel time - 3315.1 km total)
This is the kind of travel day the Coyote fantasizes about, Cool, windy and overcast made the rolly terrain very enjoyable. Even the bugs took a day off from dining at the "Chez Coyote Cafe". Kevin was most pleased. He was allowed to pitch his tent behind the Timberland Motel & Restaurant, then spent the day on the patio experimenting with Wildberry Coolers and eating like crazy.

July 5 (Monday) - Day 111 -  Upsala, ON to Argon Park Rest Stop  (38.5 km - 5:01 travel time - 3275 km total)
Compared to yesterday, the Coyote's run today was like a Christmas gift. Cool, overcast and nearly bug free. After 25k, he stopped in at his last re-supply for 50k to ensure he had enough water. 30 minutes later, a wild thunderstorm pinned him to the roadside. Soaked, even through the weather dome, he waddles to the Rest Stop at the Central Time Zone line of longitude and sets up his camp next to a "no camping" sign. What a rebel...

July 4 (Sunday) - Day 110 -  Roadside, ON to Upsala, ON  (36.8 km - 4:30 travel time - 3236.5 km total)
The Coyote has stumbled. He made a few errors today that were compounded by excesive heat, humidity and insectalia. He is still learning things, even on Day 110. It's a good thing it's a long trip! Out of water and close to bonking (out of energy completely) he is overjoyed to reach Upsala where he spends the day reviving himself while kicking his own buttocks vigorously. An ugly day of Running Into 2000, but it is done.

July 3 (Saturday) - Day 109 -  Roadside, ON to Roadside, ON  (32.6 km - 4:01 travel time - 3199.7 km total)
Kevin trudges on to another day of loneliness, ending up at yet another roadside stop next to Minnowan Lake. At least there's plenty of bugs to keep him company... Along the way he did stop at English River for hotcakes where he learned about bear farming and moose hunting, then met a Cycle Canada journalist doing an article on sport touring with a new Honda VFR800. Back at camp, the Coyote builds his mesh tent kitchen under the RoadRunners belly and enjoys his pasta by the lake.

July 2 (Friday) - Day 108 -  Ignace, ON to Roadside, ON  (41.2 km - 4:30 travel time - 3167.1 km total)
A small plague of black flies accompanied Kevin for the entire morning as he zips off & on the pavement. When he reaches his destination, the proprietor asks $22 for a miserable looking campsite with equally miserable facilities. Upon realizing the camp owner was not joking, Kevin requests some water and heads another 6k east to camp upon the side of the road. A nicer site and totally free.

July 1 (Thursday) - Day 107 -  Ignace, ON  (Canada Day!)
The Coyote is invited to participate in the parade where he is greeted by the crazy Swans from Wabigoon. Roland & Edda help celebrate Canada Day bby joining in the parade, taking Kevin to lunch and doing a tour with him. As they depart, Kevin is al alone again as he wanders to the festivities on the beach wanting very much to be spending this day with family and friends. Poor Coyote...


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