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Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

June 30 (Wednesday) - Day 106 - Raleigh Falls, ON to Ignace, ON  (32 km - 4:17 hr - total 3,125.9 km)
Rained shovels and wheelbarrows, but Kevin ambles into Ignace by 10:30 and scares up some internet time in the quaint library and municipal centre. As he tours through town he homes in on an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Ted Schredd says not to miss any of those, so lookout! After causing his first motor vehicle accident (everyone is okay and no damage was caused), he sets up at a campsite and celebrates his schedule precision with a peanut butter and jam sandwich with white wine, as an exciting thunderstorm touches down.

June 29 (Tuesday) - Day 105 -   Jackfish Lake Rest Stop, ON to Raleigh Falls, ON  (46.6 km - 5:31 hr - total 3,093.9 km)
A nice cool night with a full moon gave way to a nice cool morning (8 degrees) as the Coyote sets up the RoadRunner for travel. It's a day of "on the road/off the road again" as traffic nudges him aside, so it's slow progress, but he gets to Raleigh Falls just after 1:00pm where he finds a basic campground with a shower. Next to him are some successful fisherpeople from Thunder Bay who share their daily catch of lake trout. Happiness is huge calories...

June 28 (Monday) - Day 104 -   Wabigoon, ON to Jackfish Lake Rest Stop, ON (18.8 km - 2:05 hr - total 3,047.3 km)
The Swans escort Kevin to the highway, taking turns pushing the RoadRunner up and down the rolly road. They're so good at it, the
Coyote invites them to accompany him the rest of the way, but they decline saying he should enjoy it on his own... So he does... It's a superb travel day except that the paved shoulder has gone missing, presumed dead, at Dinorwic. His destination was Borups Corner but a storm chases him into the rest stop where he pitches his tent nest to a "No Camping" sign. Bad Coyote...

June 27 (Sunday) - Day 103 -   Wabigoon, ON  (Rest Day)
Kevin's host, Roland Swan drags him back into Dryden to volunteer them to move chairs from the rink to the school. Roland introduces the Coyote to some friends and family, then gives him an educational tour of the city. Back in Wabigoon, there's more people to be met and more relaxation to be done. The Coyote fantasizes about a few weeks extra with them, but knows he'd best be on his way...

June 26 (Saturday) - Day 102 -   Dryden, ON to Wabigoon, ON  (23.2 km - 2:42 hr - total 3,028.5 km)
Last nights storm made national news flooding out sections of highway and causing much damage in Dryden. The Coyote was okay, just a little tired as he went to breakfast with the same yahoo's from last night's visit: Brian & Nancy Kenny and Jackie & Alvin Saville. He got underway late, in the hot mid-day sun, but it was s hort day to Wabigoon where he was greeted by Roland & Edda Swan. They had come upon Kevin in Kenora and had invited him to stay with them. They set up the Coyote like a VIP in the fabulous "Swan Resort" on Wabigoon Lake and convinced him to spend another day with them. It didn't take much doing...

June 25 (Friday) - Day 101 -   Vermilion Bay, ON to Dryden, ON (49.6 km - 5:35 hr - total 3,005.3 km)
This glorious travel day started off nice'n'cool, never really getting too hot. The paved shoulder to Dryden was more than ample, so the Coyote made hay while the sun shone. Joanne McMillin from Kenora had forwarded some Stealth bars that Kevin picked up at City Hall, visited with the local newspaper and ended up at the Northwestern Tent & Trailer Park right in the city. Walter & Eliana Wittner have done an incredible job on the place and treated Kevin like royalty. He was picked up by Brian Kenny who had stopped Kevin on the road a couple of days ago to offer dinner in Dryden, and they went to the home of Jackie & Alvin Saville where Brian's wife, nancy was also in attendance. After a fantastic night of debating politics, the Kenny's dropped Kevin back to his campsite where he experienced the most intense thunderstorm of his life...not much sleep occurred.

June 24 (Thursday) - Day 100!! -  Crystal Lake Campground, ON to Vermilion Bay, ON (13.3 km - 2:19 hr - total 2,955.7 km)
It's an easy walk to Vermilion Bay where Kevin gets lucky with Cathy White! She works at the town hall and allows him 4 hours of internet time. The day goes by like a whoosh and the Coyote has only made a small dent in his administrative responsibilities. What a slacker. He scoots over to Kinsmen Park on Eagle Lake to find a sheltered area out of the vigorous winds.

June 23 (Wednesday) - Day 99 -   Narrow Lake, ON to Crystal Lake Campground, ON  (48.6 km - 6:08 hr - total 2,942.4 km)
A very miserable Coyote rises at 4:30 to pack up in the muggy rain and is surprised to find quite a lot of traffic on the highway at 6:00 in the morning. Dirt shoulder, muggy drizzle and a bug jamboree escort Kevin to Stewart Lake. Along the way, the paved shoulder appears briefly, cool air hits him and the bugs vacate. An Avalon moment. The folks at Stewart Lake offer Kevin a spot on their lawn for $5. He sets up where they said, and then they ask him to please move elsewhere. He decides to continue to Vermilion Bay since he has to pack up again anyway. It's now a hot and sunny afternoon, but the Coyote has lots of water. He hits Crystal Lake Campground where Robin & Liz Gagne are happy to have him. It's shower time now in the cleanest outdoor washrooms the Coyote has ever seen and he finds Avalon again.

June 22 (Tuesday) - Day 98 - Kenora, ON to Narrow Lake, ON  (40.6 km - 5:11 hr - total 2,893.8 km)
Sleeping through his alarm, Kevin gets off to a late start at 8:00am. This turns out to be a costly error, since it quickly gets so hot and muggy that shuffling a deck of cards would be considered excessive activity. The road is a series of lakes after lakes, but the Coyote is too dim to swim. He meets Stan Wawzonek who is cycling from St. John's to Victoria in support of the Thank-A-Vet program. He and his support crew inform Kevin that his destination (a rest stop) is about 5-10k further. 20k later, the Coyote pulls over in a construction zone, fully spent from heat. He sets up the DrYad tent in huge winds and cools off by Narrow Lake. The evening produces a muggy thunderstorm that provides Kevin with a 30 degree tent temperature through the night. For the rest of his challenges on this night, you'll have to wait for his book.

June 21 (Monday) - Day 97 - Kenora, ON  (Rest Day)
The Coyote met his contact at City Hall, Joanne McMillin, who has been an enthusiastic supporter of the trip since first contact. She
presented Kevin to Mayor Kelvin Winkler who issued his official greetings from Kenora and among other things provided the Coyote with a dinner cruise on the MS Kenora. SO Kevin decided to stay for one more day. The library was kind enough to allow some access time and Boots the Cat provided outrageous hospitality at the local Travelodge (as did Rita & Teresa Gallik). The cruise had an incredible chef and Alan did a fantastic tour guide's explanation of local lore. The Coyote is not accustomed to such tour guide competence - See Winnipeg. So he may have taken an extra day, but he's had a spectacular visit in Kenora.

June 20 (Sunday) - Day 96 - Kenora, ON (Rest Day)
After a refreshing early morning plunge into the Lake of the Woods, the Coyote enjoys his first ever leg massage by the magical hands of "Bud" from the Winnipeg YMCA. There's a bit of time for some adventure on the high ropes course where Kevin wimpishly attempts the swinging rope tightrope. It's a beautiful cruise back to town on the MS Kenora, then farewells on the dock as the Coyote heads to the fantastic Anacinabe Park to camp next to the lake courtesy of Joanne McMillin and the City of Kenora.

June 19 (Saturday) - Day 95 - Clearwater Bay, MB to Kenora, ONTARIO!!  (24.5 km - 2:52 hr - total 2,844.0 km)
The entire Jarema Family escorts Kevin through the "rolly bits" with Joe, Gail, Karen & Susan taking turns moving it along. The scenery is splendid as Kevin enters Kenora, where he finds himself completely unable to avoid the influence of the Mager Family yet again. He arranges details for the evening boat ride to where Jackie Friesen is staying, then heads into beautiful Kenora to explore. He meets Darryl Ingram from Nova Scotia doing a cycling and train tour of Canada. And then Don Little who reminds him how simple life really is. Chris Mager's sister Jackie and her husband Gord were on a YMCA leaders retreat at Camp Stephens for the weekend. They arrangged for Kevin to be boated over, fed and special guested for the evening if he would give a wee inspirational chat after dinner.The evening transpired into a blazing bonfire along the shores of the lake with songs, stories and a time to make new friends.

June 18 (Friday) - Day 94 - West Hawk Lake Park, MB to Clearwater Bay, MB  (39.9 km - 4:34 hr - total 2,819.5 km)
Another province falls behind the RoadRunner and Coyote. They enter Ontario at 9am and are greeted by the Jarema's. Joe & Gail are friends of the Mager Family in Winnipeg and they have an incredible "cottage" in Clearwater Bay. They give Kevin directions saying it's "a bit rolly". After pushing the RoadRunner up the steepest hills of the trip (rolly, indeed...), Kevin finds himself directly in Avalon itself. Joe & Gail suggest a boat tour of Lake of the Woods where they put the Coyote's limited navigational skills to the test. It's beautiful country to be lost in, so they enjoy the experience. There's a casual get-to-know-the-neighbours hour, then it's an evening of ribs and stories. The Coyote retires to the Guest House just over the Boat House over the lake. Sounds like a rough night on the road of adventure...

June 17 (Thursday) - Day 93 - Paradise, MB to West Hawk Lake Park, MB  (14.7 km - 2:39 hr - total 2,779.6 km)
The Coyote opted for an early wake-up call to watch the sun rise over Falcom Lake, then went back to bed... Later was a casual stroll along a bike trail and old road to West Hawk Lake Park. Along the way, he met a wild coincidence (Dug Joy from Q94 in Winnipeg - see journal entry from Kenora - June 21st) and a young lady whose brother is playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Tara suggested the Coyote go to wings night at a local bar where Game 5 is televised. So he did. For an hour. He's not much of a spectator sport fan...

June 16 (Wednesday) - Day 92 - Roadside (somewhere just outside Winnipeg, MB) to Paradise, MB  (15.4 km - 1:40 hr - total 2,764.9 km)
As he's packing up, a deer crosses the highway and comes upon Kevin unexpectedly, before dashing into the bush. Both Coyote and Deer were unharmed in the close encounter. It's a short travel day to the provincial campground where the Kevin gets scrubbed and relaxes whole-heartedly in Paradise. He even scared up a game of mini-golf so you tell he's relaxed...

June 15 (Tuesday) - Day 91 - Rest Stop to Roadside (somewhere just outside Winnipeg, MB)  (45.7 km - 5:03 hr - total 2,749.5 km)
Thinking he had an easy day of travel, the Coyote mosied into a late start. It was a cool day, so it wasn't so bad to travel at the top of the sun. During lunch at Prawda, Marcus from Quebec cycled over to say hi. He's on Day 17 of his trip from Hull to Whitehorse. Finally, Kevin got to East Braintree where the sign said "9 more K to Motel" which is where he was going to stop. So off he goes only to be refused permission to pitch his tent on the lawn. They give him some water and cheerfully say, "Falcon lake is only 8 more miles further" (Kevin had just gone 44k so far). So he pulls off the highway, pitches by a mowed area next to a sign and falls down happily.

June 14 (Monday) - Day 90 - Oakwood, MB to Rest Stop  (35.4 km - 3:59 hr - total 2,703.8 km)
Brrr...Down to 4 degrees last night and it was still chilly in the morning. But not cool enough since the bugs have risen from their
slumber. The wide open prairie spaces are gone. The rolling terrain is here. And the long stretches of nothing but trees are here. He found a nice rest stop where the Coyote battled the insects to finally win a small space for his tent. He cooked dinner in a mesh tent strung up underneath the RoadRunner. He's been reading "Terry Fox: His Story" and just finished it today. As a result, the Coyote is vigourously humbled. What a trip that young man went through...

June 13 (Sunday) - Day 89 - Winnipeg, MB to Oakwood, MB  (54.1 km - 5:58 hr - total 2,668.4 km)
Fuelled by Lea Mager's zucchini loaf and their children Alex and Jeremy's power hugs, the Coyote blasts off a huge distance day in
perfect cool and bug-free conditions on a huge paved shoulder. He passes the longitudinal centre of Canada enroute to his final resting spot in a patch of grass outside a Manny's Restaurant alongside the highway. The paved shoulder gave way at 40k near Ste. Anne and now it is a relic of history, ne'er to be seen again...

June 12 (Saturday) - Day 88 - Winnipeg, MB (16.6 km - 3:11 hr - total 2,614.3 km)
The Coyote visited the Running Room to do a wee talk to the highly tuned Manitoba Marathon running clinic, then did a TV interview on MTN that Jackie Friesen had set up as she accompanied him to her brothers place in Pulberry. Paul and Lea Mager took the Coyote baton, then a city tour was conducted by the incomparable SuperGuides Gord and Paul. Tim at Woodcock's Bike Shop dontaed some slime for Kevin's tubes to prevent flats. A BBQ wrapped up the day and the Coyote tried to do some email ketchup deep into the night.

June 11 (Friday) - Day 87 - Winnipeg (West), MB to Osborne Village, Winnepeg, MB  (21.3 km - 4:14 hr - total 2,597.7 km)
A casual tour through Winnipeg on a perfect day. Big cities are different from small towns. People on the street seem pre-occupied
which reflects the lack of media interest in the Coyote's arrival. Bruce Owen at the Winnipeg Free Press said, "We're not interested. If we do something on Running Into 2000, we'll have to do a piece on everybody else crossing Canada". So Kevin explores the city and sends his weekly update. Jackie and Gord Friesen (part of Chris Mager's family) met Kevin in Osborne Village, took him to dinner and escorted him to their nearby home for the evening. Princess Rhianna rode in the Coyote's lunch chair...

June 10 (Thursday) - Day 86 - Elie, MB to Winnipeg, MB  (36.4 km - 3:41 hr - total 2,576.4 km)
Where have all the skeeto's gone? One day of prairie wind and they run like sissies. But that's okay with the Coyote as he cruises into
Winnipeg jubilantly. Being a day ahead of schedule he sticks to the west side of town relaxing in the Kirkfield Motor Hotel after getting to know Eve & Maureen at the front desk. Very hospitable folks, these Manitobans...

June 9 (Wednesday) - Day 85 - Portage La Prairie, MB to Elie, MB  (43.6 km - 5:23 hr - total 2,540 km)
The huge storm last night that Kevin slept through left it's momentous scattered on the ground. Good thing the Village Inn was solid. If it wasn't for bugs and a dirt shoulder, today's conditions were classic big distance atmosphere. But after 10k, Coyote Kevin had endured enough. He changed into bug gear and walked the service road for 10k. Unable to resist a good run, he changed back for the last 23k for a brisk trot down the road, taking control of the slow lane and dashing to the shoulder when his mirrors suggested. He arrived in Elie in time for St. Paul's Collegiate High School to provide some internet access and even a shower! The town office let him pitch his tent in what was this morning a lake. By later afternoon, it was just your basic mosquito nirvana. Rather than battle with them, the Coyote headed for a restaurant.

June 8 (Tuesday) - Day 84 - MacGregor, MB to Portage La Prairie  (34.1 km - 3:49 hr - total 2,496.1 km)
The Coyote's schedule is casual these days since he's only taking rest days every 7-10 days so he's finishing his daily distance pretty
early. Today he started at 6:00am and was in Portage La Prairie before 10:00am to be welcomed by Dave Zaroski and the friendly staff at the very unique Westward Village Inn. Being so early, it's like a rest day and Kevin handles laundry, gear sorting, supplies shopping, a newspaper interview and lots of relaxing... Life is good...

June 7 (Monday) - Day 83 - Sidney, MB to MacGregor, MB  (24.5 km - 2:29 hr - total 2,462.3 km)
The weather channel reports that Manitoba is experiencing a large mosquito population increase (5000% above normal - yikes!) Coyote Kevin is lucky enough to be there to experience the phenomenom first hand. He leaves early in the morning and attracts many skeeto's with him, but he's only on the highway for 2.5 hours and he lands in MacGregor where he wishes to escape the sun's rays and the bugs for a few hours. The town foreman, Brian Telford, greets him, gives him a town pin, sets him up with MacGregor Collegiate School's internet access, offers a place to camp in Centennial Park, a shower at the firehall and a BBQ dinner with him and his family. The Coyote decides to stay for a wonderful day and evening.

June 6 (Sunday) - Day 82 -   Camp Hughes Wayside Park to Sidney, MB  (38.1 km - 4:23 hr - total 2,437.8 km)
A blissful day of 16k paved shoulders, good music, cool temp and light winds. A great day to be alive... THen the pavement ended and the rolling terrain began... Oh well... Arriving at the Shady Oaks Campground east of Sidney, Kevin enjoyed a shower scrub and as a result was invited to "leftover Sunday Supper" at Campground Grannie's trailer. Lillian, Joe, Sharon, Lloyd & Audrey made sure the Coyote was as full as a Manitoba bird in June, then helped him laugh off some calories...

June 5 (Saturday) - Day 81 -   Brandon, MB to Camp Hughes Wayside Park  (35.8 km - 4:15 hr - total 2,399.7 km)
It's back to summertime in Manitoba where the birds fly with their mouths open and stuff themselves so full they cannot fly. It's bug
season. And hot sun season. Which means the Coyote is enjoying drinking hot water to quench his parch. What a good sport he is. Kevin met two more travelling cyclists today. They had all camped at the same farm near Walsh, Alberta that had the psychotic dog. The cyclists had no RoadRunner in which to stash their stuff so they showed Kevin the chew marks on their gear bags where "pyscho dog" had attacked. Upon arriving at the wayside park, a naked man got out of his truck and waved to the Coyote... So this is Manitoba...

June 4 (Friday) - Day 80 - Brandon, MB (Rest Day)
3 school visits (Neelin High, Linden Lanes Elementary, Kirkcaldy Elementary), McDonald's lunch, Air Museum tour, Brandon Sun interview, city sights and gear details.

June 3 (Thursday) - Day 79 - Alexander, MB to Brandon, MB (28.6 km - 3:24 hr - total 2,363.9 km)
A beautiful travel day of overcast and cool with light rain. Only challenges were the headwinds and gravel beach shoulder. 5k west of
Brandon, the Coyote was welcomed and greeted to Brandon by Mayor Reg Atkinson and Maureen Bonar from Parks & Rec. Mayor Reg gave Kevin two city pins and a "key to the city" key chain. 1k later, marathon relay runner from King George Elementary School accompanied Coyote Kevin into Brandon ending up at their school where they allowed him to give a wee presentation to their fellow students. Maureen toured Kevin around City Hall then deposited him into the home of the wonderful Archambault Family. They provided warmth, shelter, food, bed, stimulating conversation and internet access as the thunder and lightning danced through the night.

June 2 (Wednesday) - Day 78 - Oak Lake Campground, MB to Alexander, MB (38.1 km - 4:59 hr - total 2,335.3 km)
Trying to look on the bright side of things, Coyote Kevin was thankful that it wasn't blistering hot as he pushed the RoadRunner through the gravel. Unfortunately, it was cold and still included headwinds in the full Manitoba Beach Package. He met a young couple from Japan doing a 7 month tandem bicycle tour to Toronto and back through the States. They tried to push the RoadRUnner on the Beach and laughed at the poor Coyote. Arriving in Alexander, he was put up by the Lloyd Davies family in their backyard. They fed and entertained him all evening under the fabulously colourful Manitoba sunset.

June 1 (Tuesday) - Day 77 - Elkhorn, MB to Virden, MB (46.2 km - 5:32 hr - total 2,297.2 km)
Ted Schredd once said, "Eat all the pancakes you can find", so Coyote Kevin filled his gullet to the gills and headed out into the cold. At first it was just light tain and light headwinds, but soon it got more interesting. The pleasantness had disappeared but the Coyote scared up 30k in 3:20 to arrive in Virden for some computer access time. Both local newspapers dropped in for interviews then Kevin reluctantly traded the cozy warmth of library for the harsh outdoor world. To his surprise, the divided highway giveth 2 extra lanes, but taketh away the pavement outside those lanes. In other words, it was time to push the RoadRunner on the Manitoba Beach. Very much later, he arrived at D&G Oak Lake Campground and collapsed muttering something about gravel shoulders being cruel and unusual punishment...

Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

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