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What's New!!

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March 31 (Wednesday) - Day 15 - Anarchist Summit, BC to Rock Creek, BC (40km - 6.5hr - 370m gain up - 740m loss down)
Lots of snow along rolling terrain with huge swings in temperature ... putting clothes on ... taking clothes off ... after a while Kevin started hallucinating things on signs ... for example, one sign said "Trail Rides on Chickens ahead" and another... "Free Pepper 4K" ... eventually he found the next town of Rock Creek where he stopped at the only establishment.   He went inside and asked the proprietor if there was a grocery store in town? ... Nope ... Is there a public washroom? ... Nope ... but we do have a telephone... oh well ... set up camp next to Chuck's place.   Had dinner at the only Inn.
March 30 (Tuesday) - Day 14 - Osoyoos, BC to the top of a really big hill! (18km - 3hr- 685m gain)
Kevin spent most of the day going straight up a switch-back filled hill just outside of Osoyoos.  Needless to say it was not a running day.  Setup camp at close to the top (Anarchist Summit, 1100m) and in to bed by 5:50pm.   Kev says he has his routine of setup camp, cook, clean, and then to bed in 1hour 10minutes! ... Very cold night (-15C) and 2 inches of snow fall that night ... brrrrr... 
990331_osoyoossm.jpg (7180 bytes)
March 29 (Monday) - Day 13 - Naramata, BC (Rest Day)
Great rest at Carl Peterson's place in Naramata! ... Spent the day doing chores and fixing up the RoadRunner a bit ... removed speakers.  Nice hot tub and some wine with Jane ... aahhhhh ... rest days are good...
990329_carlnaramatasm.jpg (9447 bytes)
March 28 (Sunday) - Day 12 - Keremeos, BC to Osoyoos, BC (48.6km - 8hr- 550m gain up - 650m loss down)
Kevin called tonight from Osoyoos in a Husky gas station having a side of fries! ... He was supposed to meet Carl and Jane but they are nowhere to be found... wait ... oh they just called the gas station and will be another hour ... then it's off to Carl Peterson's place in Naramata and tomorrow a day of rest! ... another long day today ... did you notice the KM he ran today ... 48.6km!!  Need I remind everyone that a marathon is 42km! ... sheesh! 

990328_philsm.jpg (9024 bytes)email received tonight ... Hi, I am the Web master of Phil Latulippe (80 years old) trip across Canada on bicycle. Phil meet with Kevin today while on his way to Osoyoos. I will enter this even on today's calender and will place a link to your web site. It would be much appreciated if you could do the same on Kevin's daily entry with a link to Phil Web site (shown below) Tks very much. Pierre (Fernand-Pierre Cyrenne CD) [Phil Latulippe special]
March 27 (Saturday) - Day 11 - Hedley, BC to Keremeos, BC (30.5km - 5.25hr)
Next stop ... Keremeos ... fairly flat ... mostly walking after 6 days without a break! ... some Jehovah Witnesses walked with him and they engaged in some spirited discussions! ... After arriving finally in Keremeos at the Elk Motel, the kind proprietors Ken and Susanne Klody offered Kevin a "posh" room for the night! ... Yeehaaaa! ... Tomorrow Kevin will be heading for Osoyoos and then meeting with Carl in Naramata and Jane Miller and Carl Anderson for a well needed break! ... Kevin should have a journal entry for us early next week!
March 26 (Friday) - Day 10 - Princeton, BC to Hedley, BC (40.6km - 6.5hr)
Great run/walk from Princeton to Hedley! ... Kevin was met by Candice and Chris along the way into Hedley...  He met the "mayor" of Hedley (Richard Tarnoff) and Chuck who allowed Kevin, Chris, and Candice to pitch their tents on the lawn (and tree) of the local museum.  The mayor, and the gang along with another lady (classical guitarist) partied in the Tea Room of the museum that night! ... and later in the middle of the night while trying to sleep, the local dog serenaded the group!
990326_welcomehedleysm.jpg (8733 bytes)  
March 25 (Thursday) - Day 9 - Sunday Summit, BC to Princeton, BC (29km - 5hr)
At 5:00am the loggers arrived back! ... One of them brought Kev some extra water from town! ... On the road again ... (do I hear Willie Nelson?) ... Home stretch into Princeton ... lots of campsites along the way which is encouraging.  Past the Similko Mine ... tonight Kevin stays in the Sandman Inn! ... He says that each hotel/motel that he stays in gives him a chance to recharge and get cleaned up and literally start from square one again.  To learn a little about where he is ... click: Princeton.
March 24 (Wednesday) - Day 8 - Middle of Manning Park, BC to Sunday Summit, BC (38km - 6.5hr - 330up 330down meter gain)
On the road by 7:00am ... long hard trudge through snow and mud and rain on his way to Sunday Summit (which Kev nicknamed "Someday Summit" as it never seems to end!) ... the top was elevation 1282 meters.   Right beside a sign that said "Elk Next 10Km" was a moose which followed Kevin for awhile.  (It was probably trying to decide if Kevin was edible but didn't like the colour orange!)  At night fall (5:30pm) Kev stopped along a muddy logging road/campsite.  Lots of loggers shutting down for the day couldn't believe what they saw.  You can imagine what it might look like to see the bright orange RoadRunner powering down your logging road! ... Anyway ... Kevin had a good chat with them.   Set up the hanging tent and had a long night listening to the snow, rain, and wind (5:30pm to 5:00am).990324_loggercamp2sm.jpg (8980 bytes)    990324_sundaysummitsm.jpg (8439 bytes)
March 23 (Tuesday) - Day 7 - West Manning Park, BC to Middle of Manning Park, BC (33km - 8hr - 805meter gain)
Today's trek through Manning Park was mostly walking as it was all uphill (805 meter gain).  Temperature was between 2C and 10C.  In the middle of the park is the Manning Park Lodge where Kevin stopped to rest.   The manager asked him what he was doing and when Kev told him, the manager offered him a room ... no charge! ... Ahhhhhh ... After a big steak and wine dinner Kev can snuggle up in a nice warm room.    (See Mrs. T, your little baby is safe and warm ... for tonight anyway!)
March 22 (Monday) - Day 6 - Hope BC to West Manning Park, BC (34.6km - 8.5hr - 735meter gain)
Received this email from Carl Anderson (click on small pics for bigger ones):
990323_manningsm.gif (6187 bytes)990323_sumallosm.gif (6790 bytes)Was up visiting Kevin yesterday...nearly a miss as he is a day behind where he said he would be and was off looking at the hope slide when I whizzed by. Did make contact at Summalo lodge where we had a bit of cheese, many homemade breads and good things for walkers. Walked him the next 12 Km to the campsite and made a pizza for his dinner.  Left him in the dark and cold to go find his tent (somewhere in the back woods). He put the Road Runner in stealth mode for the evening as he would not be around.  ciao Carl 

Kevin reported in to say that he slept in the tent that night and it was touching the snow so it got soaking wet by the morning! ... He won't do that again! ... and at 2:00am he heard footsteps near him! ... yikes!  

March 21 (Sunday) - Day 5 - Hope BC
990321_hopesignsm.jpg (1481 bytes)
Day of rest! ... feeling good with only a small pain in right shin.    Always hungry!  
March 20 (Saturday) - Day 4 - Agassiz BC to Hope BC (40km - 6.5hr)
Kevin had an all walk day up to Hope from Agassiz with beautiful weather but strong head winds.  He still made very good time though.   On the run today some guy stopped his car and gave Kev a box of chocolates! ... Tonight Kevin is staying with a friend in Hemlock in an actual bed! ... Great weather for the weekend run up to Hope.
March 19 (Friday) - Day 3 - Mission BC to Agassiz BC
Rochelle drove up to Agassiz today and ran with Kevin for part of the day.  She was saying that last night Kev looked for an hour for some place to hang his tent but no luck.   So he knocked on someone's door and asked if he could set up his tent in their cedar tree in their yard! ... and they said sure!  ...But a practising rock group next door kept him awake!! 990324_loggercampsm.jpg (1246 bytes)

March 18 (Thursday) - Day 2 - Maple Ridge BC to Mission BC (25km - 4hr)
Kevin just called to say he is in Mission now and will continue on about 10KM more and then set up camp.   He was not as alone as we thought he would be though:   along the way Rob & Xenia showed up with some ham and cheese bagels just as Kevin was getting hungry! ... They visited for a while and then about 1KM later Chris Mager showed up with dessert! ... and if that wasn't enough, later on in the day, Carl Peterson drives by with more treats! ... Some lonely journey eh? ... Kevin says that everybody he meets is totally positive about his trip and one guy even stopped his car while driving by and was literally ecstatic! ... Kevin is so pumped and he thanks everyone for the great send-off last night at Barry & Nona's! ... He said that even if his trip ended today it would have all been worth it just to know the love that was shared with him lately.
March 17 (Wednesday) - Day 1 - Vancouver BC to Maple Ridge BC (45km / 7.5hr)
Day 1
First day!
... Kevin started out with a bang from the Vancouver City Hall where he was "kicked" off by his many friends and well-wishers! ... Running out along Broadway with a Police escort until Boundary was Coyote Kevin, the RoadRunner, and running with him were a half dozen or so braving the rain and wind! ...
Heading east on Lougheed Hwy our next event was at Production Way where Hedy Davidson and about 30 employees from Spectrum Signal Processing were there to cheer us on.    They even stood in the rain for an extra 1/2 hour waiting for us!
At the Lougheed Mall we stopped for a hit at Starbucks ... pretty funny seeing a bunch of health nuts kickin back espresso shots! ...
We lost a few people at this point so the people that continued on were Jonathan Willcocks, Melanie Dekker, Jun (sorry don't know last name), Carl Anderson, Jane Miller, myself (Rob Chernenko), and Nancy Hogan in her Jeep.
Next stop was the Coquitlam Centre for lunch at Red Robin's where we stuffed up on some good greasy food and fries! ... Ugh...
Continuing on along Lougheed Hwy (#7) for the long gruelling grind out to Maple Ridge.  (Here's me whining  ..."do we turn at the next light?"... :-(
After a while it hurt just as much to walk as it did to run so we did a little of both! ...
Final destination Barry and Nona's place in Maple Ridge for an amazing send off party with about 50 people...

Final distance : 45 KM (a marathon is 42 KM) ...
Total time (not including lunch) 7 hours and 30 minutes!!!
Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

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