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What's New!!

Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

May 31 (Monday) - Day 76 - Moosomin, SK to Elkhorn, Manitoba   (38.8 km - 3:59 hr - total 2,251 km)
Under blue skies, Owen & Chris saw Coyote Kevin off down the highway (after helping to replenish his water supply due to an unfortunate use of the english language), then the Coyote was alone again... But feeling very good. Even with some headwinds, he maintained a healthy pace as he bounded into Manitoba where the first thing they did was steal 60 minutes from him! (Time change...) At the border info centre, he was given a note left by Elisabeth of Brandon with greetings and phone numbers to contact her when arriving. Coyote Kevin reached his first Manitoba town, Elkhorn, and decided to stay. Sam at Jamieson's Restaurant let him pitch his tent in the backyard.

May 30 (Sunday) - Day 75 - Wapella, SK to Moosomin, SK   (27.1 km - 2:59 hr - total 2,212.2 km)
Another beautiful overcast travel day that did not blossom into H2O's. Coyote Kevin motored through some aggressive headwinds in the cool morning arriving in Moosomin by 11am. Found shelter in the Country Squire Inn and settled in to do chores. Just before 5pm, he was completely surprised by Owen Davis and Chris Mager visiting from Vancouver! Chris was in Winnipeg for a family wedding and Owen decided to seize the day by joining him on a hunt for the coyote. They had a lot of fun playing Dick Tracy to find him. The bots spent the night at the Country Squire, catching up, laughing, eating smorgasboards and sampling Saskatchewan's brewmaking skills.

May 29 (Saturday) - Day 74 - Broadview, SK to Wapella, SK  (50.9 km! - 6:53 hr - total 2,185.1 km)
All the appearances of a perfect travel day: overcast, cool and only light headwinds so he knocked off a dillicious 25k in 2.5 hours with only light rain as he arrived in Whitewood. Then the rain got serious. He switched to Vasque boots and Contour goretex for the next 25k walk in the pouring rain to Wapella. He had decided to treat himself to a hot restaurant meal in Wapella, but found both diners were not open. The campsite was abandoned too, and very drenched anyway. He pouted and headed "downtown" and found a laundromat on "Main Street" where he got himself and his gear dried up. He pitched his tent outside it (someone called the "mayor" to ask permission on his behalf). During his pasta dinner, a local farmer shared some amazing farming insights, then while cleaning dishes, the Coyote was invited to another dinner by Dave & Marie. Of course, he accepted. Fascinating evening with them, then back to the pouring rain, and the yahoos drag racing and doing donuts on Main Street all night long.

May 28 (Friday) - Day 73 - Grenfell, SK to Broadview, SK  (30.1 km - 3:14 hr - total 2,134.2 km)
All days should be so simple: a stop to the grovery store to pick up the $10 Kevin forgot to take when he did an interac transaction
yesterday, then 3 hours and a bit on fine pavement to Broadview in the hot morning sun where he spent another 3 hours on the internet putting ketchup on his messages. The town of Broadview offered him a campsite south of town since it was just too hot to go further. He set up, played on the swings, watched the sunset and smiled...

May 27 (Thursday) - Day 72 - Wolseley, SK to Grenfell, SK   (29.1 km - 3:14 hr - total 2,101.7 km)
990527_grenfell1sm.jpg (2256 bytes)Coyote Kevin rose to find that a squirrel had been eating the RoadRunner during the evening. It had chewed off an exciting section of the rear safety lights panel. What a planet. Another day of blue sky, light winds and hot temperatures encouraged Kevin to finish his run early in the morning. He arrived in Grenfell by 11:00am and found the library, did an interview with The Grenfell Sun, and set up camp in the regional park. Anxious for a shower, he found only cold water running, so went in search of another. No luck. Stinkily, he returned to camp and met some travellers from Minnesota who invited him to their motorhome for a chicken dinner.

May 26 (Wednesday) - Day 71 - Indian Head, SK   to Wolseley, SK  (32.5 km - 3:57 hr - total 2,072.6 km)
Started off so windy that Coyote Kevin thought about turning around and seeking a concrete shelter, but he's pretty dim and he kept going. Eventually, they turned into crosswinds which is way more fun. The rain today was golf ball rain drops. Huge. Arriving in Wolseley before noon, he asked around for internet access. Library closed. School system down. But Stefan Arnason at a local insurance company offered Kevin the use of his access while Stefan enjoyed his lunch. Life has all the answers. 
May 25 (Tuesday) - Day 70 - Balgonie, SK to Indian Head, SK  (47.4 km - 5:56 hr - total 2,040.1 km)
Full on blue sky all day with - what the heck are these? Headwinds? Hit the highest point on the prairies in McLean at 700 metres and
supposedly headed downhill, but it didn't seem like it with the winds. The shoulders are starting to get a bit sparse, but he's hanging in there. Took a campsite where he's starting to pay for space. Welcome to summer.
May 24 (Monday) - Day 69 - Regina, SK to Balgonie, SK  (32.5 km - 3:59 hr - total 1,992.7 km)
The coyote was sad leaving Regina, but the open road beckoned. So did the sun. Ouch, says Kevin as he nurses his burnt arms and legs. Summer is here. Bring out the bug net and the lotions... Met Tino Couitis who is cycling from Victoria to Ottawa and then on to St. John's. How many cyclists will the coyote meet? Place your bets... He takes a campsite beside a motel and enjoys the nice weather.
May 21-23 (Friday-Sunday) - Day 66-68 - Regina, SK  (rest days)
Relaxing in Regina with Rascally Rochelle and Jubilant Jane. Touring the sights, checking out the brewpubs, meeting the city officials,
interviewing with the Leader Post and lounging in the bathtubs.  "Special thanks to Scott Tysseland and the staff at the Landmark Inn
for making Kevin and his guests feel special."
May 20 (Thursday) - Day 65 - Pense, SK to Regina, SK  (31.8 km - 3:21 hr - total 1,950.7 km)
The Pense kids brought fruit and snacks, then cheered Coyote Kevin right out of town. A special moment. It was a perfect weather day for highway running and the Coyote jubilantly danced into Regina. A big moment signifying 25% completion. That's not yet a passing grade, but he's doing alright. Time for a short vacation at the Landmark Inn. Thanks to Scott Tysseland and his staff at Landmark who made Kevin feel very welcome. Joyfully, Coyote Kevin waits in his room for a visit from Jane and Rochelle from Vancouver.
May 19 (Wednesday) - Day 64 - Moose Jaw, SK to Pense, SK  (42.4 km - 5:28 hr - total 1,918.9 km)
Poor Coyote Kevin was all confused: pouring rain, then sunshine, then pouring rain, then dark threatening clouds for the rest of the day. He was usually unprepared for each subsequent change in weather (will he ever learn?), but he arrived in Pense by 4:00pm. The "map" said Pense is 1k off the highway, but it is 2.5k off the highway. No big deal if you're driving... The "Pense" kids swarmed the Coyote as he set up camp and furiously cooked dinner due to the huge dark looming masses gathering above. He got all tidied up and into his tent just as the thunder and rain hit. He was so pleased until it cleared up 30 minutes later into windless blue skies...Aaaahh, the prairies...
May 18 (Tuesday) - Day 63 - Moose Jaw, SK  (Rest Day)
Coyote Kevin's Mother just told him that his Grandmother was born in Moose Jaw around 1897 so he's checking some family history at the library. It's also a day of laundry, groceries, bathing, a newspaper interview and finding a campsite while he explores this city of 45,000 folks. The welcome sign said it's "The Friendly City" so Kevin will put that to the test...
May 17 (Monday) - Day 62 - Mortlach, SK to Moose Jaw, SK  (42.6 km - 4:30 hr - total 1,867.8 km)
Sweet horny toads, it's a calm blue sky day in the prairies. Kind of like finding an entire field of 4 leaf clovers. Coyote Kevin harvests
the crop and polishes off a snappy pace to Caronport's Briercrest Bible College where the very helpful faculty allow hime to check his email. Then he zips to Moose Jaw on a huge highway shoulder noticing 2 coyotes, a badger and both the first and millionth mosquito of the trip. Duane Kohl at the Heritage Inn puts a high pressure hose in Kevin's room to blast off 4 days of road stink. They're so
accommodating in Moose Jaw! Duane also challenges Kevin to eat two of their Cheese Cannelloni dinners. No problem for the belly that is called "Coyote Kevin".
May 16 (Sunday) - Day 61 - Chaplin, SK to Mortlach, SK  (43.3 km - 7:00 hr - total 1,825.2 km)
It sure seems to rain a lot on the prairies... While still learning the best way to pack up camp when it's raining, Coyote Kevin blunders
through another miserable attempt, but eventually gets going. It's cold and wet and windy so it's a walking day for 35k then it clears for an 8k run to Mortlach. Sometimes the highway shoulder is ample, other times traffic-intimate and sometimes it's like travelling over thousands of boxers noses. Coyote Kevin is offered a warm place to stay at D&K's Mini-Ranch. Donna & Ken are going through a challenging phase right now and Ken shares with Kevin their experiences.
May 15 (Saturday) - Day 60 - Herbert, SK to Chaplin, SK  (46 km - 6:35 hr - total 1,782 km)
Rising triumphantly free of Paka teeth marks, it's Coyote Kevin's favourite kind of day: overcast and light tailwinds. ALl was going very nicely until the big ol' sky couldn't hold back no more and let loose a furious pummelling of H's and O's upon the Trans Canada Highway. He arrived in Chaplin in timet to set up camp, eat and pass out before darkness fell. Doing the 40k's is taking it's toll.
May 14 (Friday) - Day 59 - Swift Current, SK to Herbert, SK  (48.5 km - 5:35 hr - total 1,736km)
Kevin's friend, Lynne Mutrie in Vancouver is organizing the Canadian Heritage Interactive Journey ( where teams of 4 cyclists tour Canada visiting schools along the way. Donna, Darren, Owen & Will were at Central Elementary from 9-10am and Coyote Kevin was invited to observe this wonderful celebration of being Canadian. Singing "This land is your land" was a trip highlight. Back to the road by 10:30 into an overcast day with 30kph tailwinds had Kevin arriving in Herbert for a night of camping in a Paka's enclosure. They are like sheep, but smaller. The owner said to Kevin, "Your trip is stupid", but he did not command the animals to attack.
May 13 (Thursday) - Day 58 - Webb, SK to Swift Current, SK  (36.8 km - 4:34 hr - total 1,685km)
Light rain and a good shoulder welcomed Coyote Kevin back into his running form. All the way he kept noticing excellent camping sites that would have been great last night, and plenty of nearby houses that could have provided water. Such is the burden of a solo and
self-supported tour... He's hanging in Swift Current at the library and checking out the town...
May 12 (Wednesday) - Day 57 - Gull Lake, SK to Webb, SK  (26.1 km - 4:16 hr - total 1,648km)
He was ready and dressed for anything, but nothing happened... Light tailwinds and cool temps with dark threatening skies is all he got. Upon reaching the turn off for Webb at 4:00pm, he decided to gamble and carry on with some running until he was discouraged by some locals that drove up to him and gave him some horribly inaccurate information. So he sauntered into Webb, begged some brown water and set up his tent behind the abandoned school.
May 11 (Tuesday) - Day 56 - Gull Lake, SK  (rest day)
Coyote Kevin waited out the snowstorm.
May 10 (Monday) - Day 55 - Tompkins, SK to Gull Lake, SK  (25.9 km - 4:07 hr - total 1,619 km)
Coyote Kevin was fully prepared for the heavy snowfall warning as he trudged this short distance between towns. Nothing happened, so he set himself up at the local motel, and Gull Lake School gave him some internet access time. The snow is coming from east and west so it is likely he will wake to 15 to 20cm of new challenge. For sure, he's on the prairies now...
May 9 (Sunday, Mother's Day) - Day 54 - Piapot, SK to Tompkins, SK  (27.8 km - 4:11 hr - total 1,593 km)
What was supposed to be an easy vacation-like day turned into a vicious headwind and rainstorm from heck direct. Twice the wind gusts were so strong that Coyote Kevin could not budge the RoadRunner up a wee hill. This was a time for positive energy and he used most of his reserves to get to Tompkins. Thankfully, Patty Sloan at the Prairie View Motel had room for his dripping soul... Then he mosied to a nearby restaurant where all the farmers were jubilant about the rain.   Happy Mom's Day Mom!!
May 8 (Saturday) - Day 53 - Rural Saskatchewan to Piapot, SK  (45.5 km - 5:40 hr - total 1,565 km)
Another fantastic running day in a windless and sunny day. Is this the prairies? He found a cozy campsite in Piapot next to a giant anthill (D'Oh!) Then had a surprise visit from the Roche Family who drove up from Medicine Hat. They came bearing bagels, orange juice and other welcomed treats. Sweeties. This was followed by an evening with the locals in the Piapot Pub where they bought Coyote Kevin some BC Ale's and told him silly stories.
May 7 (Friday) - Day 52 - Irvine, AB to rural SASKATCHEWAN!  (44.9 km - 5:34 hr - total 1,520 km)
It's running time now and Coyote Kevin is dialled in. Another sunny day with only light headwinds as he enters Saskatchewan at noon. A herd of 80 black cows escort him for almost 2k, jogging alongside him. Late afternoon the dark looming clouds chased Kevin into a farm where he sets up camp in a sheltered area with a pyscho dog who chews his tent and runs away with his gear. At least it's some kind of entertainment which took his mind off the evening winds that sounded like armageddon.
May 6 (Thursday) - Day 51 - Medicine Hat, AB to Irvine, AB (31.9km - 3:39hr - total 1,475km)
Coyote Kevin's day of firsts:
1st day on the Trans Canada Highway
1st day with new mirrors - wow
1st day wind free on the prairies
1st day of no bodily discomfort
He really enjoyed this sensational day even though the Medicine Hat TV people (CHAT-TV) did not show up like they had said they would. At least the Medicine Hat News did for a photo in tomorrow's paper. Beautiful campsite in Irvine, next to the bikers with their fascinating opinions on his trip...
May 5 (Wednesday) - Day 50 - Medicine Hat, AB  (Rest Day)
To get around the city, Coyote Kevin travels 12k visiting the beautiful new library, city hall, moto-sports to get some new mirrors (!),
Cyclepath for a brake tune-up, McDonald's for dinner and nestles into Heidi Johnston's hospitality at the Super 8 Motel. Along the way, he is stopped by the Roche Family who invite him out their acreage for a visit. A special evening with Karen, Pat, Jordan (8) and Shawn (6).
May 4 (Tuesday) - Day 49 - Seven Persons, AB to Medicine Hat, AB  (25.2km - 2:48hr - total 1,430km)
It seems like Coyote Kevin's legs are back in tune. Travelling only in the morning has numerous benefits like taking an early bath to scrub off the stink of 4 days. Special thanks to Mark Deringer at the Medicine Hat Travelodge for letting Coyote Kevin infect one of their baths... And he's finally out of the cooking shelters!
May 3 (Monday) - Day 48 - Bow Island, AB to Seven Persons, AB  (37.1km - 5:18hr - total 1,405km)
Ouch. That'll teach Coyote Kevin for his enthusiasm about yesterday's apparent progress. His quads were throbbing for the entire day. Camping in a cooking shelter again...
May 2 (Sunday) - Day 47 - Grassy Lake, AB to Bow Island, AB  (27.5km - 3:05hr - total 1,368km)
First day of alternating songs: running for one, then walking for the next. Worked well to average almost 9kph for the day. Found another cooking shelter!
May 1 (Saturday) - Day 46 - Taber, AB to Grassy Lake, AB  (33.4km - 4:27hr - total 1,340km)
The Alberta winds are biting Coyote Kevin in the buttocks, but after the Taber snow, he hardly even notices it. Camping in a cooking shelter so he wouldn't blow away...
Other Log Books : March, April, May, June

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