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Oct 31-Nov 2 (Sunday-Tuesday) - Day 229-231 - East Saint John, NB  (Rest Days)

Oct 30 (Saturday) - Day 228 - West Saint John, NB to East Saint John, NB  (14.7 km - 1:52 travel time - 6474.3 km total)
It's time to tour! Kevin takes RoadRunner amongst the artifacts and neighbourhoods of his youth. It's a beautiful sunny day for viewing and shot-snapping. He's officially escorted across the Toll Bridge by Captain Delaney as he dashes into downtown Saint John. A big thrill for Kevin. He ends up at his friend Mark Miller's clothing store ("Robert Marks") for a joyful gather. After Adam at Bike Werks does some brake magic, it's a short jog to the Miller's home where he will spend a few restful days and nights...

Oct 29 (Friday) - Day 227 - Westfield, NB to West Saint John, NB  (26.3 km - 3:03 travel time - 6459.6 km total)
After yesterday's ultra, it's a nice, short, reminiscinating jog through Grand Bay to Saint John. Kevin visits his old gas bar (which is now an empty lot), then gets a visit from ATV News who welcome him home. Soon he's in the hands of Preston and Germaine who take him under their wing and feed him heartily. Saint John is a special place for Kevin and he soaks it all in...

Oct 28 (Thursday) - Day 226 - Geary, NB to Westfield, NB  (51.9 km - 6:21 travel time - 6433.3 km total)
Back on the road, solo. It's a chilly day under blue skies on the rolly highway #7, but Kevin is feeling good as he mashes out a marathon to Eagle Rock. His friend, Gilbert Boyce discovers him there and encourages him to scare up another 10k to Westfield. Leaving RoadRunner at the local firehall, Gilbert takes Kevin home to Bayswater to see his wife, Mary and their 3 month old pooping machine, Peter Andrew. It's an evening of happy chatter for the two old

Oct 27 (Wednesday) - Day 225 - Fredericton, NB to Geary, NB  (38.5 km - 4:15 travel time - 6381.4 km total)
After a lively photo and interview at Fredericton's Daily Gleaner newspaper, Kevin's brother Scott joins in with his bike to ride with Kevin for a little while. Kevin is unable to shake him, and they travel together all the way to Geary. It's a gorgeous day of blue skies, a nice shoulder, three perfectly good tires (thanks to Hunjar at YESS Frames) and good company made this a sweet day for the Coyote. They get picked up by Scott's wife, Colleen for a final evening's visit in Fredericton.

Oct 23-26 (Saturday-Tuesday) - Day 221-224 - Fredericton, NB  (Rest Days)
Autumn in New Brunswick with Family... The Coyote enjoys a multi-day visit with brother Scott, sister-in-law Colleen and their 4.5yr old wundergirl, Megan. Only one official engagement of meeting Fredericton's new mayor, Sandy Digiacinto who took good care of Kevin - otherwise it's playtime...

Oct 22 (Friday) - Day 220 - Mactaquac, NB to Fredericton, NB  (21.4 km - 2:30 travel time - 6342.4 km total)
It's a short jog into Fredericton where Kevin eagerly arrives at his brother's home for a big rest. It's been 16 days straight (and over 600+k) to ensure he is 7 days ahead of schedule. Now it's time to relax before heading to his hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Oct 21 (Thursday) - Day 219 - Pokiok, NB to Mactaquac, NB  (43.3 km - 5:44 travel time - 6321.5 km total)
The foggy woggy banks of the Saint John River part to reveal spectacular autumn scenery. It's a chilly but smooth travelling day along the rolling #2 highway. The fourth tire blowout of the trip keeps Kevin busy for a little while since he had only planned for 3 blowouts. He's temporarily short on repair gear, but that great old Canadian invention "Duct Tape" comes through in a pinch. This holds all the way to the Mactaquac Dam where his sister-in-law, Colleen and his niece, megan pick up the haggard traveller for a night of visiting with them and his brother, Scott.

Oct 20 (Wednesday) - Day 218 - Woodstock, NB to Pokiok, NB  (47.0 km - 5:32 travel time - 6278.2 km total)
Rising to frost, Kevin appreciates his luxurious night spent inside with the Markey's. After a brief interview with Tracy from the Woodstock Bugle, the Coyote dashes back into perfect travel weather with temperatures up to 11 degrees! The 300+ metre gain and 360 metre loss tug at Kevin's pace. He comes to rest in Pokiok where he makes a sweet camp alongside the Saint John River in it's full autumn splendour (after almost making camp over top of an old outhouse that
was boarded up)... it's a good life if you pay attention...

Oct 19 (Tuesday) - Day 217 - Florenceville, NB to Woodstock, NB  (31.6 km - 3:24 travel time - 6231.24 km total)
Under blue skies and below freezing air, the Coyote springs into action - he zings through the world's longest covered bridge in Hartland, and ends up in Woodstock being cared for by Neil and Linda Markey who remind him how good food can taste.

Oct 18 (Monday) - Day 216 - Perth Andover, NB to Florenceville, NB  (38.8 km - 6:32 travel time - 6199.4 km total)
Assuming it's a swim across Canada, today should be considered a wonderful moment for watersports... Very liquid, indeed. Kevin camps in a picnic shelter and secures his gear to enjoy the tail end of hurricane Irene which fully entertains him through the night.

Oct 17 (Sunday) - Day 215 - Grand Falls, NB to Perth Andover, NB  (46.9 km - 6:00 travel time - 6160.6 km total)
It's back to seasonal weather for New Brunswick (at least for today) as Kevin enjoys a balmy 11 degrees for travelling in light rain through the rolling hills (300 metre gain/400 metre loss). A generous trucker from Moncton secretly paid for Kevin's lunch to remind him that New Brunswickers are very sneaky. Kevin pitches behind an Ultramar gas station and dreams about St. John's, Newfoundland.

Oct 16 (Saturday) - Day 214 - Riviere Verte, New Brunswick to Grand Falls, NB  (42.2 km - 4:58 travel time - 6113.7 km total)
The Coyote rouses at 7:13, so the rain that entertained him so throughout the night decided to stop at 7:10. Life always seems to work out... He enjoys a cool morning with an artistic sky as he meanders to Grand Falls amongst the bright yellow foliage of the Saint John River. Knowing there was hail to come, Marie-Paule LaForge-Levesque insisted Kevin spend the evening in her grand motel: the Pres Du Lac Inn. His comfort assured, the Coyote indulges in some serious relaxing...

Oct 15 (Friday) - Day 213 - Degelis, PQ to Riviere Verte, New Brunswick  (54.2 km - 5:53 travel time - 6071.5 km total)
Give the Coyote a wide smooth shoulder on a flat to rolly highway under blue skies with a tailwind and 7 or 8 friendly visitors from the Celsius Family and he rocks. Crossing into New Brunswick, he maintains a 10.5kph pace for 35k into Edmundston. There's time for a brief visit with Manon Plourde at City Hall who was most helpful with some shipping details, then it's a walking tour to the south end of town. After some groceries, Kevin decides to keep going so he rips up another 15k on the brand new Trans Canada 4 lane ending up in Riviere Verte where Guilda and Sylvie treat him to the hugest plate of pasta he's enjoyed so far. It's a bit of an ugly camping scene, but he's so pleased with the day, he hardly notices... 

Oct 14 (Thursday) - Day 212 - St. Louis Du Ha! Ha!, PQ to Degelis, PQ (36.6 km - 5:28 travel time - 6017.3 km total)
The day's forecast was for "soleil" which Kevin thought meant "sun" in English. Apparently, something went wrong in the translation and he spent the entire morning in a wet snow assault. His is a very slow way to travel in such conditions, and he wisely opted to pull over in Cabano since he was getting in the way of the snowplow. Fortunately, it cleared at noon and he dashed the rollies to Degelis where Clause Bosse at Motel Claude said he should enjoy his last night in Quebec in a cozy room. Who could argue with such wisdom?

Oct 13 (Wednesday) - Day 211 - Riviere Verte, PQ to St. Louis Du Ha! Ha!, PQ  (42.5 km - 5:26 travel time - 5980.7 km total)
The forecasted wild weather did not surface, but being fully prepared, Kevin rises at 530 in quiet darkness, and soon hits the road to find a new friend: Highway 185 (with its extremely large and smooth paved shoulder!) It's blissy for a bit, then it gets rolly, then the wind comes on, then the rain comes a blazing, then finally it starts snowing... Only a couple of guys from the Celsius degree family showed up today, so it was chilly all the time. A taste of what's to come? Yet the Coyote punches up a marathon with a 475 metre elevation gain and finds himself in one of North America's funniest town names to camp behind yet another motel... aint't it grand?

Oct 12 (Tuesday) - Day 210 - Riviere Du Loup, PQ to Riviere Verte, PQ  (12.8 km - 2:18 travel time - 5938.2 km total)
The Coyote takes a casual day galavanting around the town. He does a newspaper interview with Gilles LeBel who turns out to be the brother-in-law of Rachel Lea from last night's Comfort Inn. He is then officially welcomed to the city by Joanne St. Pierre and Mayor Denise Levesque who show him how to laugh in French. After a short hunt, Kevin finds Steve Dumas who provides some internet time (where Kevin muffs up the addressing of his weekly update to Rob). As the Coyote packs up his groceries a radio station asks him to drop by where the D.J. pops out to do a wee interview. It's a short walk out of town to behind a motel in Riviere Verte where Kevin sets up a tight camp to prepare for gnarly weather forecasted.

Oct 11 (Monday) - Day 209 - Cap A L'Aigle, PQ to Riviere Du Loup  (34.7 km - 4:27 travel time - 5925.4 km total)
With a ferry deadline pending, Kevin gets going early which was good plan. The easy stroll he planned turned into a 300 metre gain day with only occasionally paved shoulders. And these hills should be registered with Guinness as Steepest Grades on Planet. But with nice cool temperatures, and manageable traffic in the wee hours, it was a pleasing hell. It was a very colourful day that finished on the Trans St. Laurent Ferry at St. Simeon which took him to Riviere Du Loup. Rachel Lea at the Comfort Inn could smell him coming from miles away and hospitalitied him hugely in a cozy room for the Coyote`s first shower in 5 days. Relax time...

Oct 10 (Sunday) - Day 208 - St. Hilarion, PQ to Cap A L'Aigle, PQ  (32.7 km - 3:54 travel time - 5890.7 km total)
Jubilantly, the Coyote partakes in a large shoulder day for 25k in chilly but pleasant conditions. Clermont turns into an 8k industrial park then changes into the beautiful La Malbaie Pointe Au Pic. This is a posh area with the Richelieu Manor gracing the scene. Kevin moseys further uphill to Cap A L`Aigle where he pitches behind an Irving gas station.

Oct 9 (Saturday) - Day 207 - St. Cassiens Des Caps, PQ to St. Hilarion, PQ  (31.6 km - 5:03 travel time - 5858.0 km total)
Yowza. Another rise to the heavens day with a 615 metre gain. This time with rain and big winds, but warmer with sunny breaks. Today was the Coyote`s steepest hill ever: 2k of on/off 10% grade. And prior was 6k of downhill 10%. Wild country. But of course, beautiful. Tres jolie. Kevin blows into town to pitch behind a snack bar as the winds dazzle him...

Oct 8 (Friday) - Day 206 - St. Anne De Beaupr, PQ to St. Cassiens Des Caps, PQ  (47.6 km - 6:43 travel time - 5826.4 km total)
Cold, windy, and an unexpected 965 metre gain. Kevin finds patches of snow at the 800 metre level. This is a long,  challenging day, but he finds another delicious restaurant to pitch behind. He collapses...

Oct 7 (Thursday) - Day 205 - Beauport, PQ to St. Anne De Beaupr, PQ  (34.6 km - 3:49 travel time - 5778.8 km total)
Kevin does his first-ever French Television interview (set up by his Uncle Ray`s sister Terese Aubin) and fumbles his way along. Then he mets Jane at Montmercy Falls for a final lunch in it`s spectacular setting (NOTE: if cheese is moldy, some restaurants like to call it "gourmet"). They have a tender farewell and head off in different directions. It`s a sunny day and the highway shoulder is pleasing as the Coyote snags a tent pitch location in the back of a delicious restaurant in town. It`s back to tent time as it dips to minus 4 degrees. Nice.

Oct 6 (Wednesday) - Day 204 - Quebec City, PQ to Beauport, PQ  (18.4 km - 2:32 travel time - 5744.2 km total)
Just a short travel day across the city, but it seems that autumn has left the building for sure. Kevin did the first 12k in wet snow! Yup. October 6th at sea level. Who knows what to expect anymore? Anyway, Jane & Kevin took a motel room just east of Quebec City to sort out the big gear situation, then they spent their last evening together for a long time...

Oct 5 (Tuesday) - Day 203 - Quebec City, PQ  
Kevin`s contact at Quebec City is no longer there, so the City Hall paid little attention to the Coyote`s visit. But no matter, Jean-Jerome Doucet at Ecole Du Summet has been following the trip through Dominique Plamondon`s suggestion and invited Kevin to his school for a visit and an interview. Following that, Jane & Kevin did a city tour and enjoyed the hysteric little city.

Oct 4 (Monday) - Day 202 - Donnacona, PQ to Quebec City, PQ  (34.3 km - 4:16 travel time - 5725.8 km total)
That was a short autumn...Bonjour L`Hivre! All day it was cold, windy and Kevin fantasized about his great gear that Jane will ship to Edmundston, New Brunswick in 12 days... Still, it was pleasant traveling through the reds, yellows, purples and greens on the backroads and bikepaths leading into Quebec City. The Days Inn was very busy with colour seekers, but provided Jane & Kevin with a nice discount for a couple of nights. Time to take a break in the sensational historic city of Quebec.

Oct 3 (Sunday) - Day 201 - Saint Anne De La Perade, PQ to Donnacona, PQ (50.0 km - 5:17 travel time - 5691.5 km total)
Under cool and delicious temperatures, Kevin lazily does a get-go around 945am. He maintains an exciting pace all the way to Donnacona with gorgeous shoulders, wonderful autumn colours, and a tire change (the last original tire goes into retirement) to meet Jane there for an eating adventure. It`s a short trot to a nearby fruit stand who permissioned the couple to car-camp in their yard. And then the chillies set in...

Oct 2 (Saturday) - Day 200 - Trois Rivieres, PQ to Saint Anne De La Perade (43.7 km - 4:39 travel time - 5641.5 km total)
Under incredible conditions, Kevin is cheered out of Trois Rivieres by Jean-Francois & Sylvie Philibert and of course, Sweet Jane. He enjoys a splendid shoulder, temperatures between 12-15 degrees, and one of the most joyful days of travel in a long time. SO many people cheering and honking and waving and smiling. The local weekend newspaper (Le Nouvelliste) had a great article about the trip, and it seems lots of people read it. He maintains a good pace to reach the destination in time for a huge eating binge before he & Jane waltz off to a rest stop for a superb car-camping moment.

Oct 1 (Friday) - Day 199 - Trois Rivieres, PQ (Rest Day)
Club Radisson Maikan stored the RR and hosted/translated with Le Nouvelliste`s Michel Cloutier. In one of the most enjoyable interviews Kevin has enjoyed, Michel probed into new areas of questioning. Quite a feat considering Kevin has been questioned by over 1000 people about this trip so far... The rest of the day was touring and relaxing in the delightful place called 3 Rivers.


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