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What's New!!



Running into 2000

Kevin Thomson, former owner of Carpe Diem Adventures, will be running from Vancouver to St John’s, Newfoundland between March and December of this year. The Running into 2000 Project is a celebration of Canada entering the new millennium.

Kevin’s objective is to encourage Canadians to send 50,000 postcards heralding their millennium wishes to St John’s, where Canada first enters the millennium. Kevin is included in the millennium ceremonies at St John’s, and will be arriving on stage with bags full of these greetings from all of Canada.

The idea for the millennium run originated in 1995 with the referendum vote. Kevin remembers watching the outcome of the votes in Banff, BC. He remembers feeling sad because he had not done anything to express his love for Canada. The thought of Canada no longer being a united country lingered in his thoughts.

In March of 1998, Kevin decided he needed to take a break from Carpe Diem Adventures. He had always had goals of completing a long distance journey run and of wanting to explore Canada at a slow, leisurely pace. He combined these goals with his wish to celebrate the new millennium in a positive way, and resolved to run across Canada collecting memories of a strong united country. His final commitment to do the run happened when the Prime Minister enthusiastically responded to his letter about the millennium run.

Kevin determined his route by analyzing how many kilometers he would


Running into 2000


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be comfortable running each day. As a result, he will be covering 30 to 50km over two to four days, followed by a day of rest. The run commences on March 17, 1999 and goes straight until New Year’s eve, December 31, 1999.

Kevin began his search for sponsors by looking at what products he enjoyed and was familiar with. He was fortunate to receive support from large corporations, such as Patriot Computer Corp, as well as a lot of small businesses. The majority of his sponsors donated their services/product because they enjoy seeing someone embrace life and challenge himself.

Kevin’s training program is based on the Running Room’s marathon training schedule. In early December, Kevin began his training with daily runs between 4 and 5 km. He also cross-trained with stationary cycling, mountain biking, and weight training. During the next three months, he gradually increased his weekly long runs, maintaining a minimum of 50 kilometers each week. He alternated his cross training routine to include indoor stairclimbing, snowshoeing, and the Grouse Grind, a hiking trail north of Vancouver. As he approaches his start date, Kevin will be tapering down his longer runs and replacing them with daily runs of 15km.

Kevin follows a special diet that was designed for him by Cheri Kutynec, a nutritionist for the BC Cancer Society. His daily eating plan will consist of 60% carbohydrates, 25% fat, and 15% protein. His goal is to consume 4500 calories per running day and 3000 calories per rest day.


Running into 2000


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The millennium run is different in that Kevin will not travel with an entourage. He will be transporting his goods with him in a custom designed cart, known as the "RoadRunner." The RoadRunner was designed and manufactured by YESS Products Ltd., the makers of BMX bicycles. It is made with T6061 aluminum, weighs 26 pounds and measures 280cm by 82cm. Its features include twin v-brakes, front and rear running lights, four solar panels, a cassette deck and radio with external speakers, an odometer, a weather dome, and a cooler. The RoadRunner is orange in color and decorated with all the logos of Kevin’s sponsors. Kevin will have additional supplies mailed to him at the mayor’s office of each place that he visits.

During his journey, Kevin’s sleeping quarters will be a DrYad suspended sleeping tent. This hanging tent is made of 420-denier waterproof nylon and can be suspended between two trees. Kevin can wake up with a bird’s eye view of glaciers, the Rockies, waterfalls, rivers, or any of the spectacular scenery that Canada has to offer.

Kevin intends to keep three different journals of his trip: a diet journal that will monitor his nutrition, a journal about the physical aspects of the trip, and one journal to record his thoughts and feelings. Kevin will also be taking a myriad of photographs (courtesy of Black’s and Pentax) so he can publish an account of his experiences to share with his fellow Canadians. These photos are available on the website.





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