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What's New!!



Kevin Thomson

In March 1999, Kevin Thomson will be running his longest route ever—from Vancouver to St John’s, Newfoundland.

With the encouragement of his friends, Kevin began running in 1992. He built himself up from a five-minute jog, to being able to run for 45 minutes. Prior to this, he had not participated in any competitions and did not consider himself physically fit. He had never participated in sports during his teenage years and was a shy, quiet individual.

His first race was the Pointe to Pointe 10k in Toronto. Kevin enjoyed it immensely and decided to continue strengthening his physical endurance.

In 1993 Kevin moved to Vancouver and opened his own outdoor adventure club—Carpe Diem. In 1996, he participated in the Vancouver marathon. He became ill the night before, but decided to participate anyway rather than forfeiting the $100 entry fee. It was miserable, but he finished.

He continued to challenge himself with longer distances of running. He tried "ultra running" (this is any distance that is longer than a marathon route of 42 kilometers) and in 1997, he partook in the Chuckanut 50k Trail Run.

His next ultra run was the Okanagan Wildhorse 80k. The route went through Wildhorse Canyon, and reached elevations of 10,000 feet. It took Kevin 11 hours and 35 minutes to complete the run.

With this new confidence, Kevin attempted the Sea to Summit adventure race. This consisted of 110km of mountain biking, 19 km of paddling, and 10 km of hiking/running. The race route was from Vancouver to Whistler over a two-day period.

He has appeared on Rogers Daytime Show and the Vancouver Breakfast Show as the "Adventure Guy."

A native of Montreal, Kevin also enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, speedgolf, inline skating, cycling and skydiving.



March, 1999

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