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What's New!!




 Q: So why are you doing this?

A: Canada is a great country. We're at a very exciting time in history, and Canada is poised to be a world leader in many areas. My main sponsor, Patriot Computers & I believe in celebrating the future. It's a time to be enthusiastic and optimistic about Canada. This run is a grass roots and national celebration of Canada entering the new Millennium together.

Q: Why haven't you tied in a fund-raising aspect to the run?

A: There are many worthy causes to raise funds for. And there's also many things to be happy about. This trip is about joy and the celebration of Canada. It's about fun. So you could say it's a FUN-raising tour, but we're not asking for anything. Except maybe sending a postcard to St. John's, Newfoundland, if you'd like. Send your greetings to St. John's. That's where the new Millennium enters North America first, so that's where I'll celebrate it.

Q: Why are you going solo and self-supported?

A: I enjoy spending time alone, and I enjoy spending time with people. This is a great way to do both at various times. It was a creative challenge to design a device that would allow me to perform a running stride and still carry my gear. Since nothing existed, it was fun to imagine and create the "RoadRunner". If you've ever designed something from scratch, you know how much fun it can be.

Q: Can you ride the "Roadrunner" down the hills?

A: Yes, but I will not be doing that. This is a foot-powered trip. I want to look at the map of Canada when I am done and be able to say to myself that I have got from side to side under my own power. One step at a time.

Q: Are you crazy?

A: Yes. Aren’t you?

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: Al Howie has run across Canada at a blistering pace of 72 days. My run is a casual tour compared to his amazing crossing. I am inspired by anyone who pursues their dreams. When I behold a proud parent, a struggling musician, a visionary ahead of their time, a first time skydiver, a cheerful waiter who has twinkles in his eyes or anyone who embarks on a personal challenge, I am inspired.

Q: What is your message?

A: Think your own thoughts. Realize it is all about choice. Live your own dreams. Take time to celebrate this great country, this great world and love others like you want to be loved.



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