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Jan 5, 2000 - From :  abby miller, saint john N.B

Jan 5, 2000 - From : 
lindsey, Vancouver, BC

Jan 4, 2000 - From : 
Cynthia Piroli, Derby, England
Dear Kevin,  So glad to hear you finally made it, you madman!!! For an even better trick, I'd like to hear how you're going to walk all the way back to Vancouver!!!! Hope you had a wonderful New Year's and congratulations on your accomplishment. Yours sincerely, Cynthia Piroli 

Jan 4, 2000 - From : 
Paul Audet, Markham, Ontario
Like, there was no actual doubt. was there?  I still think you should have run from St. John's to Vancouver. You could have done a take off on the millenium bug chasing you around. Y2K might have been the false apocolypse but you are now truly a legend.  Take care (and get a job.)

Jan 4, 2000 - From : 
Jean Chernenko, Delta, BC
Dear Kevin:  Congratulations on a job well done !!!!! Just back this AM from Prince George, We all toasted you as we ran bare footed through the snow to the Blazing Bonfire - Hot Tub - Sauna on New Years Eve !!!! Will have a big Dinner ready for you when you get home.... HI to Jane, if she's there, hope you get to see Garry... So Congrats again !!You did indeed CARPE DIEM Love :-) Jean

Jan 4, 2000 - From : 
Mike & Lisa Hopkins, Vancouver, BC
Happy New Year, Kevin ! Congratulations !  It was great reading about your journey as the weeks went by. What becomes of the RoadRunner now ? I think you should use it on future hikes, just to slow you down to our level ! Or maybe it'll be used in the movie !  See ya !

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
virginia, Kitchener, ON
Hi Kevin, WOW!! You are amazing! Congrats on a great acheivement! Virginia

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Maureen Bonar, Brandon, MB
Way to go Kevin, I have thoroughly enjoyed following your dream. I little piece of everyone you met along the way went with you across Canada & for that we thank you. We look forward to hearing about your next project. Thinking of you inspires me, Happy New Year and all the best.

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Kate McCarthy, Thornhill, ON
Way to go Kevin! What you did took determination and courage some could only dream of! For someone that I have never met before, I have throughly enjoyed following your journey to the east coast and reading your journals. Best wishes in the new century!!!

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Diane K, Toronto, ON
Hi Kevin! Congrats! You spoke to our running group back in TO in September - an inspiring message. I'm so glad you made your dream come true. We need more Canadians like you. Congratulations & best wishes for 2000.

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Craig Dieno, Comox, BC
Mr. Kevin, now that's perseverance, i went to count up the months on my fingers and it came to ten that's alot. i just saw you on the cbc and got the web address off your sturdy trailer you are now a canadian icon kinda like stompin (the real mega canadian) tom conners a job well done so big congrats to u. craig dieno

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
The Hachey's, Claremont, Ontario
Well - there was NEVER any question of you acheiving your dream -- how WONDERFUL FOR YOU KEVIN!!!!! I am bursting with happiness for you!! CONGRATULTIONS!!!  Hurry back friend...have you seen what Eileen is planning...Mummies from Space?? ?? HELP!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO - Hedy

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
The Hachey's, Claremont, Ontario
Well done buddy! What you've done is an amazing accomplishment. The Mulweeny's were all thinking of you during the holidays and are very proud of you. Keep dreaming, and just as importantly, keep doing. Cheers! Dean, Judy, Lindsay and Madeline.

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Andrea Cobham, Vancouver, BC
O.K. this is a little late, but as I'm only technologically linked at work - I had to wait until I was back "on the job" until I could send you my words of amazement and congratulations at all that you have accomplished this year! Wow! I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to see you when you get back to Vancouver, but for now I hope you are just enjoying a few days of relaxation and are relishing in your accomplishments! See you soon!

Jan 3, 2000 - From : 
Julie and Dan Glavind, Lancaster, PA
Congratulations Super Hero!!! You are an amazing man Kev!! May the end of this journey open new doors to many more adventures. We are telling all our American friends off your journey. Now they truly believe we Canadians are whacko, but alot of fun to be around. Love and laughter to you always Kevin, Julie Glavind

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Alessandro, Vicenza, Italy
Hi Kevin, congratulations, we were all with you!  Next year all togheter, again!

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Kay and Rory, Vancouver, BC
"Hats off" to you Kevin or should we say "runners off" to you. What a feet, I mean a feat. You done good. Congrats!

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
randy dokuchie (, Vancouver, BC
Congratulations on your successful journey all the best in 2000 and beyond.

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Ross Newhook, Placentia, NF
Hi Kev; Saw you on TV the other day on your arrival to St. John's. Congrats! Hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations on the waterfront. Hope to see you before you leave. Give me a call when you get a chance .... 227-2282 or 682-2349.   Best regards, Ross

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Sue & Henry, Hope (well, beyond Hope), B.C..
Hiya and congrats!! Henry caught you on CBC the other morning touching the mile 0 marker. We had two other friends on TV that same day...THAT will never happen again. Hope you have/had a marvelous new year's celebration. Keep in touch, and we'll make a point to get together when you return to this coast. Adios, amigo. Love,Sue & Henry

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Lorie Potter, Langdon, AB.
Way to go Kevin! I have followed your progress since the spring, and want you to know that I have saved some precious nuggets from your journal "ramblings" in my "Inspirations" file. Thank you for making me stop and think. My nephew in Brandon, MB ran with you for a bit when you passed through - I think his long-distance running class joined you. So when I stumbled across your website via patriot's homepage, I knew there was a reason for this connection. As we reflect on the past year, and look forward to 2000, your unbelievable accomplishment can be held up as an example of what can be done witht he "right stuff". Thanks for an entertaining, insightful, and learning year, for all of us. And I don't believe that this is 'the end of the story'!!!!

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Jeff Friesen, Vancouver, BC
Howdy Kev! Congrats! I'm really proud of you for living it like you planned it. I heard you on the CBC noon news the other day! Now *thats* status. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Jan 2, 2000 - From : 
Richard Dufour, Quebec.qc
Congratulations Kevin on your run. Phil and I ALSO arrived on the plains of Abraham at midnight on the 31 to celebrate the New Millenium with the Jamboree, there was 3200 Scouts from around the world on the finish line for our 2000 kilometer walk.Let us know of your next big trip. Have a nice rest and a Happy New Year with your friends. Richard and Phil 

Jan 2, 2000 - From :  Gerry & Heather Overton, Dunrobin, Ont
Congrats on completing a true Canadian pilgrimage, An awesome accomplishment. We enjoyed following your progress. 
If you're looking for things to do in the Newyear: Consider putting it all in a book. I'm sure it would be a good read. about you and the Road Runner take a trip from Pond Inlet to the Florida Keys.  But for now, Relax and Enjoy 

Jan 2, 2000 - From :  Emily Kerton, Kakabeka Falls, ON
Way to go Kevin! Congratulations! I've followed you from Ontario on and you will have some 
amazing stories to tell! Keep up your incredible attitude! I could only wish to have half of your
positive energy! Hurry up and write that book!

Jan 1, 2000 - From :  Monisha Khanna, Richmond, BC
Kevin, I am so happy for you...I can't wait to see you back in Vancouver!

Jan 1, 2000 - From : 
Congrats Kev and Happy New Years.I hope you have a wonderful 2000 and I am very proud of you and your accomplishmments.Keep up the good work and keep your stick on the ice.Lol

Jan 1, 2000 - From : 
Congratulations, Kevie!!! Was there ever any doubt that you would complete your dream????
Hope to see your smiling face in the year 2000!  Roy says "congrats! sweet potato pie!! " from the frozen north - Fort MacMurray. 

Jan 1, 2000 - From : 
Paul Mager and family, Winnipeg,Manitoba
Congrats Kevin,Be proud of your accomplishment,we are.Give us a wave when you're flying back home over Winnipeg.What's the next project,a book? love from all the Magers

Jan 1, 2000 - From : 
Ted Schredd, Vancouver, BC
Dear Kevin,
Congratulations on your run. Whoopie. Get home I have a few chores for you. I need to move some desks up four flights of stairs. The car needs washing. The dishes have really built up and the Cat Box is overflowed onto the carpet. Most of the poo bits have dried up though....all the guitars are out of tune and nobody knows how to make Kraft Dinner. 
Do you still have the five bucks you owe me? Christmas was really tough this year without your five dollars. 
If you are looking for work I know one of the shift managers(the french fry captain) at the local McDonalds. If you put together your resume I'll put in a good word for you. 
I hear you are pretty anorexic these days some come by for a lard sandwich.
Your friend Ted

Dec 31, 1999 - From : 
The Millers, Saint John,  NB
Well kevin you must feel great! we have been thinking of you often scince you left us in nov. We hope you are being treated well in St.Johns N.F.L.D. Please keep us posted on what comes next as we are sure something must be just arround the corner. Take care Happy New Year and congratulations on your run, we are all very proud of what you have done. love from Mark Sheila Abby & Ben

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Zak Pawliuk, Vancouver, BC
Congratulations!!!!  Wow!!!! You Rule!!!!

Dec 31, 1999 - From : The Haney-Hiscocks Family, St.Armand, Quebec

What a personal feat! You made it! Congrats to you! And thank you for the updates in the form of journals etc. We have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. You are truly a master of prose. I hope that your web page stays on for a bit longer. Thank you and all the best!! Mary Ann Haney

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Aubin Family, Ottawa, ON
Congratulations Kevin on accomplishing your goal...Beulah 
We're all here together for new year's eve -- taking the time to wish you a happy new year and congrats! ...Diane (Maureen is feeling pressure to say something significant......)
Hi Kevin ....congratulations...See you on the way back... Maureen
Congratulations Kevin, you made it I never had any doubts that with your determination you would land in St. Johns on the 31st of december. Weve been rooting for you all along We are very proud of you. Uncle Ray

Dec 31, 1999 - From : David Fisher (Margie, Jack and Molly), Oakville, ON
Sorry for unknowingly questioning you and your tenacity and resolve at the mid-point of your quest. Excellent and inspiring. We have followed you through the past months and applaud you. If you are ever in our neighbourhood please stop over for a rest and chat. Cheers

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Lynne Mutrie, Vancouver, BC
Way to go Kevin! Congradulations on the completion of the journey, and "cheers" to the beginning of your next one! See you in Vancouver soon. Happy New Year, Lynne

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Wes Hogan, Enfield, Nova Scotia
Hats off to you. You have accomplished a serious feat. Your dogged determination along with your can do attitude is a gift you should be proud of. A lot of people when hit with obstacles in life choose to quit or become disillusioned and succomb to defeat. You on the other hand rose above that to move forward in your journey. Buddy, I wish I could be in St. Johns to share in your victory. Keep in touch ,say hi to Joyce, Ken and Scott and try to pass on that positive  attitude about life to others as, as you would say "this is a good thing" not all people poses it, few care about it ,yet everyone is  better off with it so pass it along as you have a lot to share. Take care, it was good to see you after all these years. Wes 

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Jim, Deb, Tannis & Jayson (& Jean), Prince George, BC
Hi Kevin: Happy New Years ! Congratulations on successfully completing your 'adventure'. We all knew that you could make it. We will have a drink in your honour tonight while bringing in the New Year in the Hot Tub - Prince George style !!!! Love, The Roberts

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Clare Thompson, Wabigoon, ON
Congratulations Kevin: The Swans will be with us to help bring in the new year. We will be thinking of you and the great trek you have made. All the best in the New Year. The four Goons from Wabigoon

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Stewart McKeen, Saint John, New Brunswick
I am Gilbert Boyce's father in law, and the means of him receiving the updates on your trek. Our congratulations, on having done this marvelous deed. 

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Eliana and Family Northwestern Tent & Trailer Park, Dryden/Ont.
Dear Kevin
We never doubted it, that you will be able to make it. Our congratulations to you and that your journey did come to a  happy ending. For the new year 2000 we wish you and your family all the best, keep a good health and we will always remember you.  By the way, since November 9. 1999 we call ourselves happy canadien and now we even feel more for  your expedition.   We are very proud of you and admire your courage to do such a thing. Love from Dryden Walter, Eliana, Christopher, Stephanie and Dog Kelly

Dec 31, 1999 - From : 
Susan, Brandon, Manitoba
Wow, you made it! Everyone that has been following you here in Brandon is very proud of you, Kevin! I never had a doubt that you wouldn't do it...I smiled when reading your thoughtful updates; sometimes they put a whole new perspective on things. Glad to hear that you achieved your goal!

Dec 31, 1999 - From : 
Darrell Holmes, Timmins, Ontario
Hey Kev, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course you did it, you are an inspiration to us all. Hey what's next?? Happy New Year and God Bless

Dec 31, 1999 - From : 
Eileen Bistrisky, Vancouver, BC
To the Count of Monte Crisco! It was a joy following your journey across the country since your departure that sunny day in March. (Note to non-Vancouverites, we don't actually get sunshine in Vancouver.) I am sorry that I haven't written to you more, but I have followed you in spirit all the way. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Can't wait to have you back in town. The Spectrum weekend is going to be great this year, and we need you back in the program. (We're taking them to Egypt and the theme is Mummies from outerspace, but it is supposed to be a surprise so don't tell anyone) xox Eileen

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Caroline and Jay Marse, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Hey Kevin, Congradulations go to you!! When we met you in Falcon Lake, Manitoba, and you told us what your intentions were, we were amazed!! What courage you have!! We feel very priveleged to have "stumbled across you" in the Campground. God Bless you. 

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Dee Rogers, San Francisco, USA
Kev!! You did it - congratulations!!! You constantly amaze and inspire me with how easy you make it look to make your dreams come true. Now come home...  Can't wait to see what you'll create in the next millennium. All the best,  Dee 

Dec 31, 1999 - From : 
Mike Hollands, Mississauga, ON
Hey Throbby Feet!!! Congratulations.... How are you planning on entertaining us in 2000? Why don't you take a break now.. Have a great year...

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  Giselle Krieger (Perreault),  Hawaii, USA
Happy New Year Kevin...You did it!!! Mike and Maria told me about your great adventure while I was in Saudi Arabia and now since I am married and living in Hawaii...I was able to follow your great adventure. Wishing you all the best in 2000. Take Care Love Giselle (your red head friend from Missisauga Ontario) 

Dec 31, 1999 - From :  J. McMillin, Kenora, ON
Kevin - Happy Millennium - Happy Journey's End; Congratulations! As we turn to a new century, the tri-municipal area turns into one new "City of Kenora" - Hope you remember your time spent here on beautiful Lake of the Woods. Best wishes for a Happy New Year, although I suspect it will be difficult to top your 1999 aspiration. All the best. Joanne McMillin, City Clerk, Kenora

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Garry Chernenko, St. John's, NF

I admire your courage and determination needed to complete your journey across this country. It was no small feat, both physically and mentally, so congratulations !!!

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Lynn Ann Duffley,
Keirsteadville, NB on the Beautiful Belleisle Bay
Congratulations Kevin! ... Happy New Year! We have been offline for sometime, so I am pleased to be able to send this note before the New Year! We ejoyed your visit and it was a hoot as always to see you. My girls often ask about you and of course they expect me to know exactly where you are at that moment in time. They think it is great that you get to sleep in a tent outside! Brrr!! I know you have enjoyed every moment and captured many memories of your "here and nowness", including the ultimate completeness of your endeavour. I will be thinking of you while you savour your grand finale. Imagine you have a lifetime to recapture each moment and relive it through your thoughts and memories, let alone your pictures and journal. That is a treasure! Your journal, by the way, is a great read. I hope your next visit to our home will last a little longer and occur during the summer months. Then you will be able to enjoy the "isness" that is Belleisle, when you can drip your toes in the warm waters of our Beautiful Bay, take a running leap off our raft, slip slide down the water slide, and cruise the Bay while tubbing. I look forward to that visit, try to make it soon, please bring Jane along too! By the way, it is said that a one's wealth is not measured by what one owns, but by the friends one has! Obviously, your wealth is in abundance and I consider myself extremely fortunate to call you "my friend". Take care.  Love, Lynn Ann, Mark, Rachael, Vanessa, Mariah and Kirstin.   
PS. Rachael's 10th Birthday Gift was an Electric Bass Guitar, a "wonderful" compliment to Vanessa's sets of Drums!! 

Dec 31, 1999 - From : Rob, Carolyn, and Matthew Chernenko, White Rock, BC
You did it! ... Congrats Coyote! ... We miss you Kevin ... 

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