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Nov 19 - From : Mary & Gil Boyce, Saint John N.B.
Saw your pages today. Something else! Hopefully all is well with you. Printed off some pages, especially your wonderful writeup of the family. Nice to see us, and the poop machine in print. Gil will be pleased to read what I gathered. I'll try to send another message before to long, and hopefully a message from the Gibster.  All our love,and best wishes,  The Boyce family. 

Nov 18 - From :  Ed & Marta Mumford, Port Coquitlam, BC
Hello My Friend I was sitting at the computer trying to figure out this paper jam in the printer. Wouldn't you know it. Last page of a project do today.  Thought I'd relax for a minute and check out the page.  Kevin you are truly an inspiration to the world. With the passing of good people (people who try to use their stand in life to make the world a little better) like Greg Moore and Payne Stewart, it just drives me harder to make sure our children grow up and take these good peoples place. To truly contribute to the betterment of the world. As Marta says "Don't be a filler person" Someone who just takes up space in this precious world. We must all find the good and follow it! God Speed my friend, we are always thinking about you   ...  Ed, Marta, Carly, Amanda and Nicolas

Nov 5 - From : Hedy Davidson, Burnaby, BC
Hello Kevin -- Just a note to tell you that I miss you! Think about you heaps and miss you tonnes. Okay - now that I've gotten that out of the way... *g* - Hey -- *g* Rest Period over -- time to run again friend! *g*

Oct 24 - From : Audrey Covey, Lunenburg NS
Enjoyed visiting your website and reading your cross Canada adventure. It must be an unforgettable expierence. Best Wishes. Auntie Audrey

Oct 23 - From : Fraser Williams, Mississauga, ON
Dear Kevin,  Just heard from your Dad and he referred me to your site. It has been a awhile since you were "de-McNalled", but I still remember how helpful you were to me in my fledging computer days. I wish you well in your current venture. I will be following along from now on. Fraser Williams 

Oct 20 - From : Lori, Vancouver, BC
Hey and I have a mutual friend...Dan Kirkpatrick...I met Dan in England a few years ago and Nikki was an old flatmate of mine...small world or what. Anyway just recently got mail from them and Dan suggested I look you am impressed. I recently made my way across Canada myself (from Ontario) but under less ambitious means (I bonded with Greyhound for 3 1/2 days..some would say that is ambitious...others just down right crazy!) I truly gained a new perspective of my country and what it means to be Canadian in the short days that it took to travel to Vancouver...I can only imagine what you experience has been like! All the best and enjoy your adventure!

Oct 16 - From : Cathy, Cranbrook, BC
Quick message from the 'Foot Lady'. As I was reading your update from Trois Riviere (sp?), I thought of some news to pass along. My husband and I are expecting! At first I thought, "why tell Kevin? It's not like we're long time friends". But then again, the topic was about fertility, you did ask for news, and hey, by some perspectives this baby belongs to the world - though I can't see myself being buying into that philosophy with more than superficial agreement. Trust all is well with you. Husband, Curt, and I are just headed for a week in Montreal. Too bad we've missed you, I would have definitely tried to say hello in person. God Bless. 

Oct 14 - From : Hey Coyote,  How've you been doing since the last time we saw you?  Looks like you've travelled a long distance. We last saw  you at Kekabeka Falls,On. Remember, we walked you up the hill before you made you're way towards Thunder Bay, and we went the other way to Kenora. We finnished our trip about a month later, after going a total of about 3000 km. We stayed for a bit in Kenora, and worked, but then travelled back to Winnipeg. Now we have moved to Ottawa. Dennis remembered that we had your card so we decided that we were going to come to the nearest Library to see where you are now, and I must say that you have made it a long distance. Well, you keep it up, and we are both looking foreward to seeing you on CBC at New Years. Good luck in the Future, and have a safe trip! Biker Dennis and Biker Jackie

Oct 8 - From : Salut Kevin, Je t'ai vu à la télévision hier(le 7 octobre) et j'étais très surpris de te voir dans les côte de Charlevoix près de de Baie St-Paul. J'espère que cette partie très difficile de ton voyage s'est bien passé. Ne lâche pas tu es presque au but. N'oublie pas de mettre ton site à jour pour que nous puissions te suivre. À bientôt

Oct 5 - From : bikerdennis and bikerjackie, Ottawa, ON
Hi Kevin ! Nice to finally see your web site. We last saw you in Kakabeka falls on our way back to Kenora. I guess the bugs will soon be gone however I hope you have some sort of heater for the months to come.  Jackie and I completed 3000 km. of cycling on August 7th. It was such a great time though , that we are planning to go from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian west coast. Jackie says she,ll be ready sometime in the turn of 2000. good luck and see you again

Oct 3 - From : Joanne Chang, Vancouver B.C.
Hi Kevin !  Sorry its taken me so long to drop a line, my brother just hooked us up with a lap top, its a little slow but
it works for us.   Rick and I got married on Sept 12/99, it was a fabulous day. I'm looking forward to checking out your web page to see whats happening!!!!! talk to you soon. Love Jo Jo 

Oct 3 - From : David Fisher, Oakville, Ontario
Kevin  What food do you like to eat on your journey? Can we arrange for a meal to be prepared for you at a future rest stop? I'll need your help on this one regarding your scheduling.   My wife, kids and I believe that to assist you we could feed you on your journey. (I hope you don't remember, but I was the fool that had asked you if you had given up on your national running quest in early September) Please let me know what city or town, time and location that we can send our offering of sustanance or food to you. We are all with you and check the Website for your progress. Cheers  ... David Fisher  + (5 year old Jack, 2 year old Molly and 31 year old Margie)

Sep 27 - From : Kristin, Edmonton, AB
Dear Kevin, Hi this is Kristin Lori's youngest daughter. Hope you get to St.Johns safely. Good Luck! And I Hope I meet you some day. From, Kristin 

Sep 23 - From : Paul Audet, Markham, ON
Don't break a leg.

Sep 20 - From : Kim Harder, Edmonton, AB
Hey Kevie!  This is Kim (Lorraine's daughter). I reallt enjoyed talking to you and I'd love to meet you in the next year ( or whenever you have a minute). I've been trying really hard not to be bored because "boredom is purely internal" right??!! You're totally cool and I admire you for your strength and determination. Are you doing this for a cause? Well, I hope you'll email me back soon but have an awesome trip! REMEMBER: Dec.31, StJohn's, on CBC--"KIM IS TOO COOL!!!" Thanx Buddy! (: Luv and Hope, Kim Harder 

Sep 19 - From :   Dean Hachey, Claremont, Ont
Good day Kev! Hope things are going well for you as you tackle the last 3rd of your journey! All's well back here in Claremont. After the 3 day party celebrating your departure was over, we realized we actually missed you a little bit. It was great having you stay here with us during your T.O. stay. Cheers! Keep it up. Dean.

Sep 19 - From : Baby Chernenko, White Rock, BC
Hi Coyote! ... I was just sitting here in my hot tub with my girlfriend and I was thinking about you! ... When you get back let's go hit the Grouse Grind! ... My dad says you're quite a wimp so I shouldn't have any problem beating you up there! ... I miss you already ... even though I haven't met you yet! ... You can tell me what my dad is really like! ... he won't show me his Carpe Diem video :-(   ...  Love Baby Chernenko!

Sep 18 - From : Caroline,  New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Hi Kevin, So glad to be receiving news of your trip on my E-Mail. My husband and I are the pure 100% Cajuns you met in Falcon Lake, Manitoba. We told you to come here to the French Quarter with "Coyote" you'd fit right in. Take care, God Bless you as you reach your "star"

Sep 16 - From : Clare Thompson, Dryden, ON
Hi! Kevin We have been watching your progress ever since you left us here in Wabigoon. Congratulations on reaching the Capital. Elaine and I wish you the best on the rest of your journey. We will be with you in spirit.

Sep 14 - From : Roy Smith, Orangeville, Ontario
Kevin: Your experience in Toronto has become the rule instead of the exception. You are absolutely right when you say that the effort is what counts and not the result. That is what is disturbing about the "Toronto Attitude", it is all result oriented.  We met you in northern Ontario as we made our way to western Canada for a holiday. As a result of that trip I have retired from the Toronto Police Service and we are relocating to western Canada where efforts count more than the results. May the sun shine on your face and the wind be at your back.

Sep 7 - From : Mike Hollands, Mississauga, Ontario
Hey Kev! It was great seeing you again while you were in Toronto. Too bad about that comedy thing huh?
Just kidding, I actually laughed out loud! Thanks again for letting me join you for 3 days of roadside fun. And for the fantastic foot care too! You worked magic and I'm sure I'll suffer no long-term effects! I actually really enjoyed it, it felt great. I hope the rest of your journey brings many more Ridge Roads and safe travels. We'll be watching for you on Dec. 31'st. Have a great year!!! Mike (Throbby-toes) Hollands

Sep 7 - From : Dave Maloney, Marmora, Ontario
Hi Guy. Saw you first in Havelock on Labour Day in the late afternoon and then on Tuesday morning about the county line between Peterborough and Hastings. I was on my way in to work in Markham. That's quite the 'cicle' you're pushing. Good Luck!

Aug 20 - From : Carolyn Young, Vancouver, BC
Hi Kevin! It's the pregnant one writing to you! Picture this. Me with a big beach ball under my shirt. That's me! I finally have a moment to send you a message but I have read your daily logs from time to time. What do you mean the dog pee'd on the roadrunner? Did you pee back? It would only be fair. Well I'm almost finished work but certainly not finished at home. Rob and I better get the nursery going as time it ticking away.  Keep it up, I bet the best part of your trip is yet to come! Thinking of, CY

Aug 17 - From : Harold Thomson, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kevin: I met you briefly in front of our legislative building in Winnipeg Manitoba and have been following your adventures from time to time on your website (what a great idea!) I am glad to see you have weathered the Northern Ontario bush (mosquitoes regretfully wave goodbye to their daily meal) and are headed to Toronto. Best of luck in your ongoing journey. Cheers Harold Thomson (you have my photo looking at Roadrunner)

Aug 16 - From : Kate McCarthy, Thornhill, ON
Hi Kevin, I was driving home to Thornhill on Sunday August 15 from Sudbury when my husband and my 2year old Daughter stopped for a quick bite at the Loose Wheel Family restaurant on highway 69. That is where I noticed "The Roadrunner". I was intrigued by that piece of equipment. I kept looking for the pedals and my husband said that you run in it and not pedal it. All I have to say is WOW!!!!! I come from some serious athletes in my family so I can totally appreciate every step you take on the highway. Since I saw you that day I have bookmarked your website and will check on it frequently.  I hope the rest of your journey goes well. All the best., Kate McCarthy

Aug 16 - From : Ben Ladieu, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Kevin, You are another inspiration to me. my father who is also an ultrarunner, showed me your website, and I am glad I can look at it. I myself am planning to do a trip, except mine is to go across my country the USA. I will not be running but backpacking across. my intensions are similar to yours, meet new people, see the country, see how people live life in other places. I want to document my trip with a video camera, and interview people on the way, which then afterwards to be edited into a documentary. I've read a couple of books on the cross country subject:Worldwalk, by Steven M. Newman, and A walk across America, by Peter jenkins. I want to read another book by Bill Bryson, on the subject but have yet to get it. This is such a drastic thing that you are doing and I am so glad that others also share the same desires, and views on things. I have only seriously thought about this in the past three months, but now i know it is in my destiny. I really hope you make your destination on time, for i need reasurance that it can be done. you are living proof. I wish you the best and good luck, I will keep watching. Ben

Aug 15 - From : Darrell Holmes, Timmons, ON
Hey Kevin, It was great to see you after three years. I had a fantastic time in Sudbury. I wish we would have had more time together, but we made the best of the time we did have and I enjoyed it immensely. Ana and Samantha send their love and wish you well on your journey. I am signing off, I'll drop you an e-mail in a few weeks. I look forward to your journal entry when you hit Orillia. Until then, save travels my friend.

Aug 15 - From : Morna Ropert
, Sudbury, ON
Hi Kevin  Glad to hear you had a good time in Sudbury. Got my first update today and was interested in your comments on fun-how true. Am keeping a second copy of the article in the Soo Star in case you do not get the one I sent to Vancouver. My daughter Judith says she sent you a message from Calgary. Our son Steve who you met is looking forward to another year in Tanzania. I must leave Bruce Mines and the north channel for a week in Toronto but unlike you i am not looking forward to it! Keep running. Morna

Aug 12 - From : Judith Berzins, Calgary, AB
Hi there! My mother told me to come to this site and to especially to read your journal for August 6th, now I see why. I should mention that my mother is Morna Rupert. This is a really nice site you have set up here and I wish you the best on your very ambitious trip! Judith Berzins

Aug 6 - From : Sandy of the Taft Family, Sandia Park, New Mexico
Hi Kevin!!! We are a family of four who heard your campfire talk at Kabeka Falls, Ontario roughly July 8th or so. We have been thinking about you and drawing inspiration from your endeavor, and your words about it. We wish you all success and thank you for being so alive and sharing yourself with others. We have a Kevin, 8 years old, in case you didn't know, Kevin means gentle and lovable, you seem to have much of both. We will follow you and wish you all great gifts and blessings. The Tafts 

Aug 5 - From : Alan Covey, Yarmouth, NS
Been following your trek these last few months and am truly envious and excited of your adventure. I will follow this up with a little dare if you can stomach some ROADKILL. Best of luck as your journey continues.

Aug 3 - From : Donna MacIntosh (CHIJer), Toronto, ON
Hey fellow adventurer, been following your trip and am enjoying hearing about your slowed down version of my completed trip. We passed many other cyclists along the way who mentioned that they encountered or atleast heard about the guy that was running with his orange cart!! Your famous!! (or nuts!!!) Good for you for sticking with it, you're halfway there now.  I'll soon be heading back to Vancouver, I thought I'd drive this time. I'm leaving Toronto next Wed, Aug. 11 and will be heading north to Sault Ste Marie (then I'll go through the States, less construction). Hopefully I'll see you somewhere along the road, don't worry, my driving is better than my cycling. If you know exactly where you'll be on that day, let me know, it would be fun to meet up and swap travel stories again. In case I don't see you, I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey. Have fun!! Donna MacIntosh (former CHIJ cyclist)

Aug 1 - From : Haney-Hiscocks Family, Saint Armand,QC.
Hi Kevin. We met briefly in "mosquito land" Upsala,ON. You were just getting ready to leave for the East and we were heading West. Well we made it to Vancouver (we being 3 boys and 2 parents). Now we are back home after 4 weeks on the road. It is truly a wonderful feeling to travel this lovely country of ours. Good luck to you. We will be sending a postcard your way. You know how we got your e-mail address? I had taken a photo of you and the Roadrunner in Upsala. When I developed my photos, I noticed the fine details- a Web site! Ever neat! Continue! We will be following your progress. From the Haney-Hiscocks Family 

July 31 - From : Roy Smith, Orangeville, Ontario
Kevin: We met you at a gas station on Hwy 17 just west of Kakabeka Falls on the morning July 7th as we motored our way west. Keep up the pace. 

July 30 - From : Amy H., Waterdown, ON
Kevin,  I think it's awesome what you are doing! I stopped in at Pancake Bay today, but unfortunately missed  your talk. I did see your trailor and that's where I got your website name. I just want to wish you luck and hope the rest of your journey is as enjoyable as the first part has been. Where else are you stopping up there? If your schedule gives you time, try to stop at the pictographs. They're amazing! Good luck and have fun!

July 30 - From : Marc Morin & Bob Price, Vancouver, BC
Way to go Kevin. We're impressed. I guess you can eat anything you want & still lose weight. We on the other hand can't even smell a donut without packing on a Kilo or two. I can't believe you have gotten soooo far sooo fast. seize the day!! & avoid the SEMI's, mosquitos, blisters etc... Regards & Great Luck. Bob & Marc

July 29 - From : Richard Mager, Raleigh, NC
Hello Kevin,  My name is Richard Mager. I'm Chris , Paul and Jacquie's brother. I thought I would send a message wishing you luck on your journey. I wish I would have been in Winnipeg to help show you around with Paul and Gord. I live in North Carolina, however, which limits the time I spend in Winnipeg. It must be an amazing journey. You will be able to look back on it the rest of your life. I hope that all of Canada is treating you with hospitality. I have always wanted to hop on my bike and just keep on riding, so I tip my hat to you for following your dreams of running cross country. I travel to Vancouver often for work, so I may see you some day when I visit Chris. Keep up the good work. 

July 26 - From : Bike with Mike, Kenora, ON
Hi Kevin! Thank you for your e-mail. I am sure you were glad to meet Jane in Wawa after travelling so many Kilometres by yourself. It sounds like your trip is going well. I met John Ryan in Thunder Bay, as well. It's interesting to meet other people like yourself and John Ryan travelling across Canada for a cause or a personal journey, etc. I am now in Kenora. We have a fundraising BBQ here tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. I wish you smooth travels as you work your way to Newfoundland.   Good Luck and have Fun! Michael a.k.a. Bike With Mike

July 9 - From : Emily Kerton, Kakabeka Falls, ON
Kevin! You have the most amazing attitude that I have ever seen on any person. I wish you all the luck in the world and will be with you in a postcard when you arrive in St. John's. Thank you again for your wonderful presentation in Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. I hope that everyone gets a chance to experience your talks. Stay the way you are and I'll be watching CBC at 11:45, Dec. 31! Good luck! Emily Kerton, Kakabeka Falls, ON :)

July 4 - From : Cody Brooks, Cochrane, AB
Hi I am 12 years old and I am a runner also. I Run 10 and 12k and personaly do not know how anyone could run so far! What made you decide to run for such a long distance? I can't even run 20k. well have fun and good luck! 

July 2 - From : Roland and Edda Swan, Wabigoon, ON
Hi Kevin: Guess by now you are on your way again, having left Ignace and heading for Thunder Bay. It was fun meeting you again in Ignace and spending the better part of the day with you. The fire works on July 1 in Wabigoon were fantastic - you would have enjoyed them a lot. Marlene and Norman and the girls were in their sailboat on the lake and saw both Dryden and Wabigoon Fire works at the same time - try and beat that one! We are so glad to have met you and hope that you will keep in touch. We will certainly follow your journey on the e-mail. Hello to Jane - hope we will meet you someday too. Keep on going. You have a fantastic attitude and will succeed at anything you set your mind to, even going across Canada on the rail!!! We'll be in touch again. Love Edda and Roland

July 1 - From : Virginia,  Kitchener, ON
HI Kevin, Happy Canada DAy. I hope you enjoy a good day. You are truly showing great Canadain spirit. Enjoy a great Canada Day! Happy Trails..  Virginia

June 24 - From : Al Howie (Ultra-Ultra! Long distance runner), Victoria, BC
Hey buddy!  You're really living! I'm green with envy! Yours is a true adventure and you're coming through like a true hero! For the duration of my own Trans-Canada run I was chained to a relentless, sometimes tedious treadmill of 'run, eat, run, sleep, run' by my self inflicted goal of a new Trans-Canada record, the rather audacious intent of averaging over 100 kms a day and, most significantly, my obligations to my sponsor the 'Elks and Royal Purple of Canada' to come through and raise money for their national charity 'the Purple Cross Fund' which assists children with special medical needs. I was pampered the whole way, as long as I put in the miles I could indulge in as much Hagen-Daz vanilla ice-cream as my heart desired,I met my running goals and in excess of $750,000 was raised. But for a pure running adventure, a true 'pioneer of the'90s' endeavour; your efforts have mine beat hands down!!  "Run on buddy; we're proud of you!" Al Howie, Victoria BC Canada

June 22 - From : Shannon Gadbois, Brandon, MB
Hi Kevin, What a great idea to travel across the country to bring greetings at the turn of the century. I saw your story on the local Brandon news station and was compelled to write and say "great idea and good luck." If you stop in Kingston, go to the Pilot House pub downtown. My brother is the manager there - lunch is on me! My brother's name is Troy Gadbois - He's the manager at the Pilot House on King St. Best of luck. Shannon Gadbois

June 21 - From : Jeff Friesen, Vancouver, BC
Dear Mr. Thomson, It's ok - we all forgive you. You can come home now. We miss you, even. The City of Vancouver.

June 16 - From : Angela South, Wales, United Kingdom
Hi Kevin, I am one of the Ladies of Lallybroch which is where I met my dear friend Hedy who told us about you I have sent you a postcard from Wales, have you ever visited? it is a beautiful country. I think what you are doing is wonderful and will be checking out your website as you go. (with my two children Nick and Ceri). I will be visiting Brampton Ontario in July but you will be well on your way by then. Anyway well done lad, keep it up we're all rooting for you. Angela aka Lady Gwenllian of Lallybroch (no I'm not nuts, honestly)

June 14 - From : Yves Campagna, Quebec City, QC
Hi Kevin, Today, near the Quebec city bridge, I met Michel Robichaud, he who travels from Vancouver to Cape Breton on his bike. He told me he met you somewhere along the way and asked that I inform you of his trip. He is doing well after meeting with his girlfriend for a couple of days in Montreal. He sais hello and good luck to you. If you happen to go by Quebec city, drop me a line. Bye, Yves Campagna

June 14 - From : Julie and Dan Glavind, Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA
Hello Favorite Super Hero!!! I love your ramblings on missing people. I'm in the zone with you on that one. Been living in Lancaster for 8 months now and have the missing people down pat. It's not entirely a bad feeling kind of makes me all warm and fuzzy at times! Would love to know your route through Ottawa. I hope to drive up to visit with you or ride my bike along side you awhile. Also have family in Orleans so if you need a place to crash please let me Sis-in- law is an exceptional cook :) My knowledge of cows, horses, birds and mosquitos has increased dramaticly through your findings. I'm starting to think of you as a "Bill Nye the Science Guy" with wanderlust. Thinking of you always and thank you for being such an inspiration! Love ya, Julie Glavind

June 13 - From : Denise Brackstone & JP Morrison, Vancouver, BC
Dear Kevin: John Paul and I think of you everyday and are watching your journey with awe and envy. We are so pleased to watch you accomplish this adventure and are grateful that we may share it with you (through the website). Take care, Kevin. We miss you and Carpe Diem.

June 8 - From : Chris Doiron, Brandon, MB
hey man, you visited my school in brandon on june 4. so do you think your going to like st. johns newfoundland?

June 4 - From : Bobbert, Brandon, MB
You were just at my school. It is June 4. My school is Linden Lanes. We really enjoyed your visit. Some questions that we would like you to answer that we did not get a chance to ask are:
1) How much was "the roadrunner"?
2) Where did you get the idea to run across Canada?

June 4 - From : David Blaikie, Manotick, ON
Dear Kevin: Just a short note to congratulate you on the progress of your run and to wish you well in the days, weeks and months to come. I have posted your report from Brandon on Ultramarathon World and I have also put a link to your fine web site on my home page. Best wishes, David Blaikie

June 4 - From : Rick LeBlanc, Saint John, NB
Hello Kevin,I got your address from Rob.My wife and I went to San Fran to visit them. They are doing fine and having a ball in the big city.Rob got us Rolling Stones tickets for their last concert in San Jose Calif.I`ll bet you are meeting a lot of interesting people along your trip. How are the sneekers holding up? Hope you are catching good weather along your journey.Good health and luck and if I can do anything for you, let me know. I`ll keep track of you.P.S. Proud of you lad.Rick and Lisa.

June 3 - From : Susan Burns, Brandon, MB
Hey, Kevin, I go to King Goerge, the school you dropped by in Brandon.I just wanted to wish you the best of luck, in your tour across Canada. You were a great motivater!!! Goood luck, and best wishes.

May 31 - From : Brave Dave, Calgary (Behind you...)
Kevin old tot!!! Greetings from behind you!! I challenge you to keep your spirits up as always even though you may be carted off by avian insects any day now. Also - try manouvering your RoadRunner through a train - moving or otherwise. Have fun and seize the whatever!! Love from Renate too...

May 30 - From : Jean Chernenko, Delta, BC
Hi Kevin: Just returned from Prince George, everyone says HI!! and wishes you well.. Jayson's Grad. can you believe it!!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip and meeting a lot of interesting yourself...Do you have aplace to stay in Ottawa?? My friend Larry is there!! or maybe I should meet you there with a "LASAGNA" All my LOVE :-) Jean

May 30 - From : Ray Aubin, Ottawa, ON

Hi Kevin -- this is your Uncle Ray. I was wondering which route you'll be following from Toronto to Ottawa. Are you going along #2 highway or are you taking highway 7 through Peterborough? Who knows, you might meet somebody you know on whichever route you take! Wishing you well on your endeavour -- Uncle Ray and Aunty 'Booey'.

May 28 - From : Cheri Kutynec, Vancouver, BC
Hi Kevin, you crazy mad man. I just figured out I will be in Ontario the same dates that you just happen to be running throu. Any chances of meeting up somewhere? I will have free time on the 20th and 21st. Let me know where you anticipate to be on those dates.
Hope to see you soon.... Cheri

May 28 - From : Lynne Mutrie, Vancouver, BC
Yo Kevin, I'm loving reading your journal entries...this last one, being an ordinary person doing your jaunt. HA! You are extra-ordinary because you allow your passion to be realized. I love your words to encourage all that it's OK- and way fun- to persue dreams. I'm glad you had a chance to see the Sunset Riders. Have fun meeting the many amazing people throughout your journey! Love ya' Lynne

May 26 - From : Kay and Rory, Vancouver, BC
We are thinking of you "lots" and especially enjoying your journal entries. The Carpe Diem Leftovers, a name provided by Rich are planning their first hike this weekend. We'll be thinking of you as we climb the "Chief". I look forward to hearing about your new adventures, as I have never been east of Regina.

May 26 - From : Gordon Barnes, Regina, SK
Good afternoon. I was pleased to be able to meet Kevin when he came up to the Mayor's Office, in Regina on May 21. Also to be able to see his "road equipement" and hear how the trip is going. The Leader Post did a very good story - it ran on May 22, 1999. I hope the journey is continuing to go well. Gordon Barnes, Executive Assistant, to the Mayor.

May 26 - From : Ted Schredd, Vancouver, BC
Kevin, Left a message for Kinesys have you heard from them. Did you get your birthday present? You are doing a fine job. Love ya, Schredd

May 25 - From : Fred Schenkel, Vaudreuil, PQ
Hi Kevin, We missed you on our "Grapes of Wrath" trip to Montreal! From your journal it seems that we spent the night of 13.May in Swift Current too! Sorry we drank the bottle without you! But maybe you can catch up with us here in the western suburbs of Montreal! We will keep in touch! Nil carborundum illegitimus!! Fred and Yvette (formerly from Creston) 

May 22 - From : Laureen McPherson, Swift Current, SK
Hi! Seen you in front of the Library at Swift Current, now I wish I would've talked to you but I did not as I don't know maybe a little shy, who knows but after reading your history, was rather surprised. I lived In Weyburn, Saskatchewan for many years but as a youngster grew up on a farm near the town of Tribune. It caught my eye when you said your father was a United Church Minister, we had a Minister at our church who was a Reverand Thomson, and I think his first name was Ken, but I could be wrong. He had boys, two I think but I may be wrong. Was this your father or was he at the church in Weyburn. Our family just moved here to Swift Current in October 1998, prior to that we lived in Weyburn for many years. Anyway just found this interesting. Good luck with your run, and I admire you for your bravery and sense of adventure. Laureen McPherson

May 22 - From : Leah Ecarnot, Pense, SK
Hi,Kevin! This is Leah Ecarnot from Pense. I wish you the best of luck. I wish you would of stayed in Pense longer. I saw you in the newspaper. Love, Leah

May 19 - From : Paul Mager, Winnipeg, Man
Hello Kevin,Chris Mager is my brother and he suggested I send you a message. If you need a place to say when you are in Winnipeg, please get back to me. If not I'll keep track of your progress and look for you on June 11th. P.S. How far is the Roadrunner ahead? And Chris says hi.

May 19 - From : Ron Sanderson, Vancouver, BC
Kevin, I hope you have reached Regina as planned today. Those winds on the prairies can really wear one out, hopefully they are blowing the right way. I was born in Regina and have lots of distant relatives in small towns along the "Transcanada". Say hi! if you bump into one. As I think about what you must be going through on your long run, a saying I once heard comes to mind "We don't live in the world, the world lives in us". If that's the case, you are probably discovering it! You are an incredible inspiration, good luck the rest of the way.

May 13 - From : The Roche Family, Medicine Hat, AB
Dear Kevin, We had Kraft Dinner tonight just like you had at the campsite, (except we didn't put in any ketchup or sausage). I (Jordan) forgot what the flavor tasted like because Mom wouldn't buy it for us for a long time...I hafta go have my bath now, Bye.

Sean's favorite poem about that thing called weather...its from Winnie the Pooh.
Wether the weather be cold
Or wether the weather be hot
We have the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Wether we like it or not!!

So there! Sean also has another joke for you. What is a toad's favorite drink? Croak-a-cola!

This is Mom here - I forgot to say thanks for including us on your website, it's great to be a part of this incredible journey. Ah yes, and shall I also express my gratitude to you for re-introducing our boys to Kraft Dinner!? You see what an influence this Kevin is? They know that athletic guys only eat healthy food, "so Mom it has to be healthy 'cause he eats it." Guess who had to go buy some today. Kevin, did you get stocked up on your Stelth bars yet, or should we all start mailing you a handfull or two? Please keep in touch, let us know if we can assist in any way. Really enjoy your literary style and your humerous approach to life.
Bye for now, Jordan, Sean, Karen Roche.

May 13 - From : Lindsey, Roche, Switzerland
hey, a big high five for you! what a great job your doing, i having been thinking about you and hope that your doing well. I am heading home soon and im sure that ill be able to sneak a famous suisse chocolate bar through customs for you! keep running, lindsey

May 12 - From : Jason Landry, Calgary, Alta
Hey Kevin,  My girlfriend and I ran into you (not literally, of course) at the ESSO gas station in Maple Creek, SK. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and let you know that we did find the Great Sand Hills. Unfortunately there were no postcrads so we'll have to find a couple around here. Also, we have a couple photos that we'll upload and email to you, just in case you're interested. Take care Kevin.  Jason Landry

May 11 - From : Rick, Venice, California
Hi Kevin, My name is Rick & I live in Venice, Ca. I'v been following your progress. GOOD JOB !!! Cool how yer doing it with the RoadRunner too, Great Idea. I'm fighting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma now, went thru 9 months of Chemo and am going to John Wayne Cancer Institute now. I have one more "scheduled" treatment next week after 10 of them. I started running Ultra's after a few years of Marathons. I finished my 1st 100 Miler in Texas in February & am entered to run another one in Wi. in 25 days. You are an Inspiration to me!!! I hope someday to run from Oregon to the Mexican Border to raise money for Cancer Research. Just wanted to say Keep it Up, one step at a day at a time. Take care, Rick,  Venice, Ca.

May 11 - From : Rochelle, Vancouver, BC
Hi Snowbound Kev  ... After reading your latest journal entry, I won't even begin talking about our weather! I had the pleasure of a 3-hour drive through the prairies and rolling hills of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the prevailing thought throughout my entire drive was how amazing our country is! So I am glad to hear that you are enjoying every kilometre of it, even if you are being snowed on. And from the westcoast, the Carpe Demons dragonboat team says "hello and paddles up!"  Love, rochelle

May 11 - From Fred & Yvette, Creston, BC
Hi Kevin!  Keep it up! We are leaving Creston BC direction Montreal tomorrow, and should catch up with you sometime before Regina. We will keep a bottle of white wine on ice just for the occasion! See you soon! Fred & Yvette

May 11 - From Dean Hachey, Claremont, ON
Hey Buddy! I can't believe you're doing it!!! The Claremont Clan enjoys your updates and hearing about your exploits as you visit the homes of innocent/unaware Canadians. I am looking forward to your arrival in Orillia and joining you for a little run with Mike for a few days! Cheers! The Claremont Mulweeny's

May 10 - From The Roche Family, Medicine Hat, AB
We, the Roche family, of Medicine Hat, AB, have had the great pleasure of visiting with Coyote Kevin while he passed through this area. It was initially mind-boggling that someone would be running across this nation without looking for donations to their charity ... now that I think of it, that's why we stopped Kevin. I tried to read his information on the side of his contraption as we drove through the intersection but couldn't figure it out. When he explained to us what he was doing, I was really impressed. Well our family had an absolutly wonderful evening with your friend! My husband and I just shook our heads after thinking "...can you believe this guy...??...what an incredible person he is!" Kevin even helped me with an emergency situation, but that's another story. Now that we have checked out the website, we have an even greater admiration for this fellow and for all the supportive friends he left back home. Thank you, thank you all for the work you have done and are doing to make this journey a success. A "chance" encounter with Kevin has given our young boys a REAL hero to admire and emulate, and an unforgetable friend. We keep you in our prayers. Sincerely Patrick (Pat) and Karen Roche

May 5 - From : Mark Durst, Newmarket, Ontario
Hi Kevin,  I really enjoy and love your updates. It sounds like you were an encouragement to the people of Taber in a time of need.  I agree with your point of mind before body. I would also add to that point  Action before Emotion: in other words as opposed to not running because you don't feel like it, just run. Wishing you the best, Sincerely, Mark Durst

April 27 - From : Melanie, Somewhere in Europe!
I'm so happy things are going great for you. Somehow no matter what you do you make it great. Got your message. Yes, I am in Europe. I wrote a couple of really neat songs. One is called 'Blue can be bright" the other is "making magic" . hmm my songs seem to be taking on a "kevin-ness" about them! love you dearly, melanie

April 27 - From : Mark Durst, Newmarket, Ontario
Dear Kevin, I am very proud of you. You are doing a great job, and your letter is both educational and an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing this experience with me. Sincerely, Mark Durst  PS .. When do you expect to be in Toronto, I need to start training to do the one day run. (It feels so inadequate talking to a guy that does this run every day)

April 26 - From : Rick Niceguy, Lethbridge, Alta
Hi Keven. I was the guy who passed u just west of Ft. Macleod & then turned around to have a chat. What about the "orthotics from hell". What happenend there & y? What's the reason for your run? All the best. God bless & protect you from all harm, in Jesus Name.

April 26 - From : Kevin Roosdahl, Vancouver, BC
Congratulations Kevin! I found your website and I am fascinated and impressed. You've done it! (rather, you are really doing it) Good luck and I will watch your progress! Meep meep!

April 26 - From : Ron Herold, Vancouver, BC
Here's a little snippet of wisdom that I thought I would pass along to you.....a herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular culling of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, kills brain cells, but it naturally attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers. This is indeed something which we always knew to be true isn't it?....hope you're doing well, and remember, going across Canada is a huge and demanding undertaking, so try to stay off your feet.....

April 23 - From : Karen Lavers, Charlottetown, PEI
Good luck Kevin from your friends in the City of Charlottetown "The Birthplace of Canada" - Prince Edward Island. See you in Charlottetown. It is indeed a pleasure to read your journal entry's - you are definitely enjoying your journey.

April 22 - From : Cathy Soderstrom, Cranbrook, BC
Kevin! What's been happenning, just read your note about the orthotics from hell. That's aweful, but don't dispare. With the degree of demand you are placing on your feet, perhaps they are especially sensitive to even slightest correction. Can you get access to a dremel and ever so slightly grind the underneath to lower the amount of support in the 'golf ball area'.? The other possiblility is that over the past few days, your feet have accommodated and everything is is starting to feel normal again. Any chance of you coming back for a quick adjustment appointment? Just kidding. Unfortunately I can't drop everything and join you. Let me know how it is going. I feel very responsible for the well-being of your feet!

April 19 - From : christine weisheit, coquitlam, BC
Hi Kevin, I've been reading your journal entries and I'll be darned but each one has brought me a tear of joy and a sense of pride in knowing you. Your an awesome inspiration. Happy thoughts to you as the new hiking season is about to begin. We'll miss you.

April 19 - From : Clayton James Barber, Sparta, ON
Kevin I hope you had better weather there for your jourey today then what we had. I am sorry this letter is not really exciting. As this is my first attempt at commuicating with any body on the computor so if can find any humour in your body to laugh at this message, as you can tell I'm not real smart at writing letters that don't say any think YOURS TRULY JIM BARBER

April 17 - From : Cathy and Curt Soderstrom, Cranbrook, BC
Great to meet you. I trust your feet continue to feel better. If you 'run' into problems along the way, do feel free to send me a message and I'll try and help out with suggestions. My husband and I are enjoying the web sites and keeping updated.
Cathy and Curt Soderstrom

April 15 - From : Eileen Bistrisky, Vancouver, BC
Hey Elmer Fudd! (or is it the Count of Monte Crisco?) Hope you're feeling like a little golden daffodil bursting forth in a glorious meadow filled with sunshine and singing butterflies. Life has been busy here, but what else is new? Just wanted you to know that I enjoy reading your journals and hearing how your trip is going. I look forward to your next entry. Party in the Patio! Eileen

April 14 - From : Lea Thomson, Vancouver, BC
Hey Kev. The sun has been shining in Vancouver for some time. Life here is so wonderful. Thinking of you often and thinking of my next adventure daily. Getting the gang to together to watch the Morocco Eco Challenge. A big group going to see Melanie play this weekend.  Invited Jane, hope she shows. The gang is all thinking of you. Enjoy !

April 14 - From : Fred &Yvette Schenkel, Creston, BC
Dear Kevin, by now you should have your foot care 1.aid kit which you forgot in Creston.We hope you did not miss it too badly! Good Luck! Fred & Yvette

April 13 - From : Shannon Wilde and Ken Strang, Saskatoon, SK
Hi Kevin! Ken told me about your great adventure. Because I'm more of a letter writer than Ken he asked me to drop you a line. We wish you continued success and will be looking in every once in a whille to see how you are doing. Shannon Wilde and Ken Strang

April 10 - From : Terry Rice, London, Ontario
Kevin,  I sat beside your father (Ken) last night at a London Knights, OHL playoff hockey game. Your father was so kind and just fun to be around. My friend Kelly and I enjoyed his company...I can see where you get your "zest" for life. Anyway, he informed me of your journey and this web site...and what a fantastic web site it is. I just wanted to wish you all the best and thank-you for encouraging me to keep my volume set at "unlimited". I will continue to follow your journey and lookout for you when you're in the Toronto area. Truly inspired, Terry Rice, Dorchester, Ontario

April 9 - From : Susan Brown, The Running Room, Vancouver, BC
Hey Kevin, Just a few words on behalf of the running room gang. YOU GO BOY!!!! You are truly an inspiration not only to all of us who are truly blessed with knowing you but to all the folks you will cross paths with in your amazing adventure. Whenever I'm feeling tired or unmotivated with my own triathlon training I click on to see how you are and how you are feeling and and it gives me a kick in the pants and out the door I go. Keep truckin' and remember you are in our thoughts.  Thanks for being such an inspiration.  Kisses and Hugs, Susan and The Running Room gang. 

April 6 - From : Arnine Weiss, Pennsylvania, USA
hi kevin.... follow your dream....enjoy every thoughts are with u..I am training to race-walk the Dublin,Ireland marathon in Oct. I am participating as a member of the Leukemia "Team in Training". I will raise $4,000. for the Leukemia Society. My oldest son is a cancer survivor, so this is a labor of love.....I am from PA. Best wishes, Arnine Weiss

April 6 - From : The Roberts, Prince George, BC
Hi Kevin: Just spoke with Rob and he said that you have arrived in Castlegar. Way to go !!! Keep up the good work. Hopefully you don't get snowed on too much. We went camping last weekend and we did get snowed on so we can appreciate it. We just want you to say hello to Pam & Ray for us. We haven't seen or heard from them for quite sometime. Good luck on the rest of your adventure Kevin.. Cheers, Deb & Jim & Kids and our new family member Timber...
timber.jpg (10956 bytes)

April 5 - From : Dave, Cyndy, and Emma Chernenko, Port Coquitlam, BC
Hey Kevin Missed you at Easter Dinner, Mom did her usual Turkey and Ham feast. Sounds like you are making good progress and just keep plugging away the weather will only get better. Take care and we will talk to you as your journey unfolds. Dave Cyndy and Emma

April 2 - From : Janine Tasaka, Vancouver, BC
Wow.  AMAZING site! Kudos to you and your webmaster! My name is Janine Tasaka and I'm a friend of Greg Sproule and Darryl Malby. Darryl told me that I must check out your site as I am helping to organize a similar tour next year. We are just in the throws of developing our web site and obtaining sponsors. On Feb 26, 1999, we are leaving Vancouver on a 6 1/2 month cycling tour of North America. We are "Cycling for Kindness" and as we ride into each of the 28 major cities, we will hold kindness forums every Sunday where people will be able to share stories of kind acts, which we will gather and ultimately produce a 'Cyclopedia of Kindness' book from people all over North America. There are 3 people who will be cycling the entire ride and there are 6 of us going along via van/motorhome to organize the city forums, coordinate the website and correspondence, and just experience the experience.

We are so excited and your site and your personal journey has added a bit of inspirational fuel. Just wanted to say thank you so much for the info (especially your journal entries which really add a let's-live-vicariously-through-kevin type of element). Just wanted to send you a quick note now, but hopefully you won't mind acting as a bit of a long-distance mentor for us once the (gazillion) questions pop up! Take care and I'll be in touch again. Stay safe, happy and free, Janine

March 31 - From : Hed'ster, Burnaby, BC
Oh my Stars Kevin! Its only been ONE week and here I sit missing you like crazy! Your journal reads wonderfuly and I take comfort in knowing that you are meeting up with so many positive people, but, know too that you are missed here (already)! Huge Hugs to you Friend!   Hedy

March 30 - From : Julie & Dan Glavind, Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA
Hi Kev, Just wanted to let you know we are keeping an eye on you and wish you lots of love and laughter along the way. If you get lost and come South we are in Lancaster Pennsylvania so drop in for a swim! There are quite a few Horse and buggies here so mind where you step my friend. I figure by the time you reach your goal on the East Coast you will have decided to pogo stick back to Vancouver via the States. Thinking of you, Julie & Dan Glavind the old(not that old) Receptionist at Spectrum

March 30 - From : Bernadette Walsh, Tourism St. John's, NFLD
Greetings Kevin: I received the mail already today in St. John's, Newfoundland, and low and behold, two postcards. This brings the total to 8! I happened to be out of town for the last few weeks and my boss (whose name is also Kevin) thought I was sending him postcards of encouragement (Go Kevin Go). He also thinks his new petname (other than a few swear words I call him at times) is Coyote Kevin.  Oh well, I have now reclaimed the mail ... my Kevin is depressed so I'm goin send him a postcard and continue to call him Coyote Kevin. In the meantime, Kevin .... You Go!

March 29 - From : Lynne Mutrie, Vancouver, BC
Hey Kevin,Your passion is addicting! I'll be checking in often to send and receive warm thoughts. Have a blast Kevin! And we'll try to cross paths...if you see a couple of cyclists and a motor home- you know you have a warm place to sleep. Hugs and kisses, Lynne.

March 28 - From : Melanie, Vancouver, BC
i can't seem to find a roomate who bakes banana bread and drinks orange juice. also needs to be extremely motivated and persuing a you know anyone! i really miss you. it was great exploring this web page i feel like i am giving you a huuuuuuggge hug`! here it comes! you melanie
meldekker.jpg (10178 bytes)

March 26 - From : Marta & Ed Mumford, Port Coquitlam, BC
Hey Kev;  You are in our minds a lot these days. Projecting waves of energy, warmth, laughter and love so you'll have something to draw from when needed. But we are confident that your powerful karma will overcome all and affect all who cross your path. Love from our girls and our new one on the way. Love and hugs from Marta and Eddy.

March 26 - From : Jono, Cheryl, and Hillary, Vancouver, BC
Coyote Kevin! We're keeping up to date with your progress. You're still chasing the road runner - good job! We think about you and talk about you everyday at the office. Your spirit and amazing YEE-HAW calls still echo the walls! It's great for you to be sharing your energy with the rest of Canada. We know that you're up in the mountains now Kev - an old wise man once said "When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" (but we know you'll never feel this way...right Kev?) Hang in there, you're awesome!!

March 22 - From : Ted Schredd and the Lovely Dee, Vancouver, BC
Kev,  how is it going? We should be in the Okanagon on March 27, 28. Give us a call and let us know how we can hook up with you.  Peace and Love,  Ted and Dee  PS Nice website Rob

March 22 - From : Rochelle, Vancouver, BC
Hey Kev,  First day in the mountains today - I'm thinking of you and sending you "high altitude" vibes to help get you up those hills. :-)   Rochelle

March 22 - From : Gail Mullock, Agassiz, BC (Hooray)
Hi Kevin, met you this past weekend on the highway between Agassiz and Hope (on Day 4 of your journey) - you were in top spirits despite battling our famous 'Agassiz winds'! Being a proud Canadian myself I plan to enthusiastically promote your post card campaign. Good fortune in your travels and I wish you many great adventures along the way.

March 21 - From : Kevin Binnie, Maple Ridge, BC
Kevin, Last time I saw you was the Spectrum Weekend at Sun Peaks. It's good to see you getting out and fulfilling your dreams. So, from Teri-Lee and our girls, Carol-Anne and Amanda, we wish you joy and success in your travels.

March 20 - From : ZOYA, Burnaby, BC
Hello Kevin, Today I picked up Vancouver Courier and saw you article. I think it is great that you are running just for fun and adventure. I also hope that in few months I can start running across BC for a good reason possibly peace/environment or just fun:)  I wish you all the best and hope that you find what you search for along the way. I will check your site often to learn more about ultra distance running for any tips that may help me as well. Good luck :)

March 18 - From : Daniel & Nikki Kirkpatrick, England
Greetings from the England chapter of the Running Into 2000 fan club!!! The club is a little short on funds so weren't able to send a representative for the send off. Wishing you a new adventure every day, as always. Will be thinking of you often.

March 18 - From : Antonia Ife, Maple Ridge, BC
Thank you for speaking with me today, Kevin. I will be thinking about you in the next nine months, and hoping that your trip is successful in bringing you adventure, fun, new friends and happy memories. Thank you for attempting to unite our country as we face the millennium. May you achieve all of the dreams you pursue. Take care, Kevin.

March 16 - From : Ginny Hogan, Vancouver, BC
Kevin, Well tomorrow's the big day. Your doing something most of us wouldn't even think of doing and we are proud of you. I'll be watching your progress. Good Luck and take care. I wanted to say Run Kevin Run but that line has already been taken.
Ginny (Nancy's sister)

March 16 - From : Maria & Mike Mulweeney, Mississauga, ON
Run Kevin run. See Kevin run.
May the force be with you.
See you in Orillia. Maybe Maria will rub your feet!

March 15 - From : John Lew, Toronto, ON
Kev, buddy, crazy as ever. So are you planning on stopping in for a beer along your way to the east coast? (kidding) Best of luck buddy. May this journey be full of excitement. Take care.

March 15 - From : Hedy Davidson, Burnaby, BC
Hey Buddy! Hope that you have an amazing day today filled with Happy & Memorable moments to Delight you! Only three days til the BIG EVENT! Looking forward to celebrating the First Day's Run with you! Much Love, Hedy & Leo Davidson

March 14 - From : The Roberts Family, Prince George, BC
Hey Kevin, Happy Birthday! & Good Luck on your run. It will be quite the adventure you should have a great time. Your tent looks much more comfortable than our porch was that Christmas at -40. Anyways have a great time and we will be following you on the internet.
Good Luck!  Jim, Debbie, Tannis, Jayson, Tony

March 14 - From :  Maureen Aubin, Hull QC
Hi cousin Happy birthday tomorrow. I am just exploring your page and the rest of the family is coming over so I am going to show them the pictures and stuff. Have a nice trip. When you come through Ottawa we`ll be looking forward to running with you a few feet :) You`re welcome to stay over if you need a real bed and a hot shower.
See you soon. Maureen

March 13 - From : Rob Chernenko and Carolyn Young, White Rock, BC

robcy.jpg (14331 bytes)

Hey Kev! ... Only 4 more days until liftoff! ... I look forward to running with you on the first day and I will miss your amazing friendship for the next 9 months.   You are now about to truly "Seize the Day!" ... and as Carolyn Arends sang last night ... "With the wind at your back and the sun in your face and a song in your heart ...go with God" ... Good Luck my friend! ...


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