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What's New!!


I can't thank my sponsors enough! ...

But here are their links to their websites. (if they have one)

logo-c4families.gif (9180 bytes)
(Home of the "Computers 4 Families" ... Buy computers direct from the manufacturer!)

logoyess2.jpg (21164 bytes)
(Designer and manufacturer of the RoadRunner.)

logoterrelogic.gif (4343 bytes)
(Check out the Dryad Hanging Tent Kevin will be using.)

RunningRoom.gif (5494 bytes)
(Providing Kevin with tons of running gear!)

logovasque.gif (5509 bytes)
(Guess whose boots Kevin will be wearing?)


logocontour.jpg (11801 bytes)
(The finest in outdoor clothing and all-weather gear.)


(Fireball is a proven performance enhancing energy source!)


logostealth.jpg (21043 bytes)
(The Stealth Energy Bar! ... Shazamm!!)

logopentax.gif (22373 bytes)
           (World famous Pentax providing Kev with a waterproof camera)

logosoltek.gif (2084 bytes)
           (Solar energy panels! ... Save the oil!)

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logomacd.gif (10253 bytes)

logoryders.gif (2430 bytes)

(Ryders Extreme Eyewear)

NFTrailway.gif (12379 bytes)
(Recreational trail from St. John's to Port aux Basques)

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