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What's New!!

Kevin sends a special Thanks! to:

Adam Kosnicki at Super Sport in Vancouver for being able to imagine and produce a wearable harness that will carry my load to St. John’s.  
Al Howie in Victoria, BC who has the record for running across Canada in 72 days in 1991. He is a 50 year old diabetic who has suffered numerous physical setbacks during his life. In the last 15 years or so, he has been and is one of the most prolific long distance runners of our era. He is the kind of fellow that makes my trip look like a nice stroll.  
Alison Hill at Vancouver City Police for deciding I needed a motorcycle police escort out of the city.  
Andy Harkness at Gatorade in Toronto for supporting me with product for the trip  
Annette Power at Anchor Events in St. John’s for arranging for me to be in the New Year’s ceremony.  
Barry & Nona of Maple Ridge for letting me camp out on their yard for a training run and then having a party for me on the first night of my journey. 990317_barrynonasm.jpg (12820 bytes)
Bernadette Walsh at the mayors office in St. John’s for letting me send a bazillion postcards to her office (hopefully).  
Bill Husada at YESS Frames in Surrey, BC who has made this trip possible. Without the RoadRunner, I would have a pretty large backpack or some other conventional gear that would not be half as exciting as what we’ve come up with. I cannot believe he did it, and it’s great! billhusada.jpg (15932 bytes)
Bob Britton at the Running Room in Edmonton without whose support, I would be running to St. John’s barefoot and naked. You can all thank him for that.  
Carl Anderson in Vancouver who used his genius mind to help me with many little details for the RoadRunner. My inventor mentor. carlanderson.jpg (14509 bytes)
Carl Peterson who put Jane & me up for a couple of luxurious nights in his Naramata cabin. I think hot tubs can solve most every trouble the world has ever seen.  
Cheri Kutynec who has analyzed my current nutritional intake and after she got over the initial shock, came up with some ideas for all my foodstuffs during the trip. Without her guidance, I would be a nutritional disaster.
Chris Mager in Vancouver who got me started in long distance running. And even though he won’t admit it, he’s been a huge inspiration to me in showing me what the human body is capable of achieving.  
Christine Otani at Pentax in Toronto who was the most rapid response to partnering with Running Into 2000 that I have ever encountered. I like it when people can make decisions right away. Especially when they’re favourable ones!  
Chuck & Richard in Hedley for showing me and my friends a good time in a small town.  
Clive Court at Kwantlen College who believed the project had PR merit and passed on the idea to his students.  
Corey Roosdahl in New Westminster, BC who has always been there for me graphically.  
Deirdre Rogers in Vancouver who has been a wonderful support person throughout this and many challenges I’ve faced over the past 5 years.  
Ernie at the Evening Star Motel in Greenwood who thought I could use a warm cozy room prior to my assault on the Eholt summit.  
Eileen Bistrisky at Effective Event Management in Vancouver who has taken over my Special Event responsibilities so that I could leave town for a while.  
Frank Wolf in North Vancouver who has paddled a canoe from Saint John, NB to Vancouver in a single summer. He has shown me by example what people are capable of doing even while experiencing monumental setbacks.  
Gabby at YESS Frames in Surrey, BC whose aluminum welding skills have been praised by everyone who closely has examined the RoadRunner. gabby.jpg (12419 bytes)
Gary MacKenzie at Body Science whose energy and enthusiasm about his Fireball and Stealth products have convinced me that they are going to save the planet. garymackenzie.jpg (15353 bytes)
Hedy Davidson in Vancouver from whose lips have uttered only happy thoughts, laughter and positive outlooks that have jump-started many a day for me. She’s also done enough pre-trip research for me that the actual trip will be relatively simple. hedy.jpg (20418 bytes)
Hunjar at YESS Frames in Surrey, BC whose aluminum welding skills have been praised by everyone who closely has examined the RoadRunner. hunjar.jpg (15670 bytes)
Ian & Alison at the Western Traveller Motel in Grand Forks for their huge hospitality, and their insight into the route change that they encouraged me to make.  
Jane Miller in Vancouver whose emotional support has been crucial to my sanity. She has been my sounding post for every dark thought and experience that this journey has created to date. She has provided the hugs I have so often desperately required. She has put her life on hold to ensure that my trip has a smooth start. She has been a superhero for me. janemiller.jpg (14078 bytes)
Jeff Friesen in Vancouver whose brain has encouraged me to think strange things and shown me how they might be possible. JeffF.jpg (3500 bytes)
Jessica Gibson for providing me with ample pairs of Ryder Extreme Eyewear to protect me from the harshness of Canada.
JessicaGibson.jpg (12893 bytes)
John Durst at Patriot Computer Corporation in Toronto who originated my positive outlook on challenges back over 10 years ago. He eliminated the word "problem" from my vocabulary, and showed me how sheer enthusiasm can conquer anything.  
John Stanton at the Running Room in Edmonton who believed in me based on my past accomplishments. He has taken a chance that I will finish this trip and speak well of his stores all along the way. I will do both.  
Jonathan Willcocks in Vancouver who has been a wonderful and supportive friend who has also shown me the power of enthusiasm and passion. JonathanWillcocks.jpg (11365 bytes)
Kathleen Freemen at the Council for Canadian Unity in Toronto who has given me some fantastic support with ideas and contacts across Canada.  
Kuts Shoji at Vasque boots and Nanuk snowshoes in Vancouver who has a huge heart and has given me some great products for my little trip.  
Lea Thomson for being my weekend training partner, my good friend and my solid opinion giver when I really needed one. Also for setting me up with three nights of rooms through my BC tour!
leathomson.jpg (9555 bytes)
Lee MacInnis at Stage 5 Powder Coating in Surrey, BC who has coated the RoadRunner with his incredible Bright Mango Orange and only asked for a logo in a happy place. leemcinnis.jpg (9624 bytes)
Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East, who has taken the time to meet with me and provide me with contacts and good wishes.  
Lisa MacCormack in Vancouver who has applied her considerable french/english skills to create a bilingual package for the mayors in Eastern Canada. LisaMacCormack.jpg (17740 bytes)
Luke Von Maldeghem at Ludwig Sno-Bikes in Vancouver who has put me in touch with Billy at YESS Frames, and been my RoadRunner chauffeur as well as my sounding post on extra challenging days. luke.jpg (14538 bytes)
Mark Durst at Patriot Computer Corporation in Toronto who stepped up to the partnership plate within listening to me for 5 minutes about my vision of a happy positive Canada. Mark has been a source of inspiration to me for many years, and without his support, Running Into 2000 would be a far more difficult undertaking. markdurst.gif (27164 bytes)
Melanie Dekker in Vancouver has lived with me, sang for me, travelled with me, camped with me, jumped out of planes with me, run with me and laughed with me in such a way that she is a shining wonderful part of me, forever. Her dreaming fuels my dreaming. melaniedekker.jpg (13911 bytes)
Michael de Jong at DrYad Tents in Toronto who met with me for 30 minutes and decided to support the trip with his tent. His creativity and enthusiasm for life is captivating. So is the DrYad tent!  
Michael Leger at Turtle Island Spirit Designs in Vancouver who gave me an awesome deal for the Running Into 2000 t-shirts and was a pleasure to spend time with.  
Mike Lee at Miller Interactive Advertising in Toronto who got his head wrapped around the whole concept at John Durst’s bequest and came up with the look and feel of the trip.  
Mom & Dad Thomson in London, ON who showed me a Canada that had diversity, uniqueness, hope and fascination. They gave me curiousity to check it out. They always encouraged me to do my own thing. They showed me unconditional love and let me live my life, my way..  
Monisha Khanna of Kwantlen College in Richmond, BC who believes in me enough to spend a lot of time helping me explain my joy of Canada with others. monisha.jpg (16468 bytes)
Nancy Hogan for supporting my little idea right from the very start. Nancy has always been a beam of optimistic sunshine.
nancyhogan.jpg (12254 bytes)
Pam & Ray Hackett in Castlegar who have set me up like a king with internet, bathtub, food feasts, cold beer, garage space and even my own
personal stairmaster for staying in shape while I rest for one day! Excellent!
Randy Dokuchie at the Backpackers Shop in Vancouver who is building my weather dome and providing outdoor gear at wholesale prices to help me with the trip. randydokuchie.jpg (15095 bytes)
Rob Chernenko at Patriot Computer Corporation in White Rock, BC who has been my best friend for many years. His love of life and passion for living is contagiously huge and I cannot say enough about the impact he has had on my life. He also updates the website for me, so that’s really nice. robc.jpg (12488 bytes)
Rochelle Todosichuk for continuing to surprise and delight me with her incredible love of life, her passion for dreams and her wonderful friendship. Also for setting me up with some cozy accommodations along my route in BC.
rochelle.jpg (9477 bytes)
Sandy Thomson at Mead Johnson in Vancouver who sent me enough BOOST SPORT recovery drink to handle 3 months of training needs prior to departure.  
Scott Thomson, my brother in Fredericton, NB who tried to get me permission to cross the Confederation Bridge to PEI. Even though he failed and suggested I swim instead, I love him dearly, and hope he will let me stay with him in Fredericton.  
Seraj at the Backpackers Shop in Vancouver for creating the weather dome, despite his insistence that he could not do so.

seraj.jpg (15167 bytes)
Sue Savola and Henry for their extreme hospitality, the endless spaghetti and also
congratulations for their wedding on April 10th.
990320_suesavolasm.jpg (13615 bytes)
Ted Schredd in Vancouver who has cycled entirely around the circumference of North America. Even though based on his experience, he laughs at me for doing this trip, he is still one of the most inspiring, life loving people I have ever known. tedshredd.jpg (14293 bytes)
Terry Morrison at the Newfoundland Trailway Council in Gander who helped me plan my Trans Canada Trail portion of the trip.  
Vancouver Television (VTV) Crew Steve Saunders and Nicola Crosbie who shot a great spot for the Live News show!
vtvcrew.jpg (17371 bytes)
Wendy Hummel at McDonald's for understanding that I would crave some hearty beef sandwiches upon reaching civilization.  
Woody Blackford at Contour Outdoor in Foymount, ON who believed in the idea of the trip and supported it with three awesome garments to keep me cozy, warm and dry.  

And everybody else who didn’t laugh at me.

(if you have a picture of yourself email it to and we'll put it on)



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