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Stats & Stuff

Total Kilometres: 8078.6k
Total Days Running: 222
Rest Days: 68
10-19k Days: 20
20-29k Days: 34
30-39k Days: 75
40-49k Days: 77
50+k Days: 16
Longest Stretch of Running Without Rest: 23 Days (828k)
Biggest Gain Day: 975 metres over 33k (Blueberry Paulson Summit, British Columbia)
Motels/Friends/Camping Nights Ratio: 70/70/150
Most Scenic Sight: Canada at large
Most Unhelpful Advice: "Well, by car it's 12 hours, so running should take you, oh say, a day and a half." (to cover 900k from ferry to St. John's)
Ugliest Summer Day: to Upsala, Ontario, Day 110, July 4
Ugliest Winter Day: to Terra Nova, NF, Day 276, Dec 17
Biggest Surprise: Owen Davis & Chris Mager's surprise visits in Moosimin, Saskatchewan and Mount Pearl, NF.
Biggest Coincidence: the "Miss Manitoba" story in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Worst Campsite: Wind Tunnel Underpass at Butter Pot, NFLD
Best Campsite: Pancake Bay Provincial Park, Ontario
# of times I wanted to quit: 3
# of Cross Canada Cyclists I encountered: 120
# of walkers: 3
# of hand-cyclists: 1 (way to go John!)
# of runners: it's a lonely ol' road out there...
# of litres of water drank: 1300
# of Stealth Energy Bars eaten: 280
# of Fireball Energy Gel swallowed: 227
# of tents used: 4
# of blisters: 2 itty bitty ones
# of injuries incurred: 2 re-occurring ones (all
around soreness and constant brain failure)
# of times I cried: that's a secret...
# of shoes used: 9 pairs (New Balance 760's and 852's)
Longest Day: August 1st, 54.4k in 5:38 (9.6kph)
Fastest Day: December 9th, 27.3k in 2:34 (10.6kph)
Provinces where I received no snowfall: Manitoba and Ontario
Best political aspiration reason I came up with for doing this journey: "I always wanted to run the country!"

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